Sydney's Outer Banks Blast

Author: Jean Fischer

Publisher: Barbour Publishing


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 160

View: 250

Elizabeth, Alexis, Bailey, Sydney, Kate, and McKenzie come from different parts of the country and different backgrounds. But when they meet at Camp Discovery, they learn they all share one thing: an aptitude for intrigue! Soon they’re embroiled in a search for lost jewels…and that’s only the beginning! Whether it’s foiling terrorist plots or finding missing millionaires or rescuing sea lions, you’ll love joining the adventure with these precocious preteens, as they pitch in their personal skills to solve the mysteries and save the day! The perfect blend of mystery and mayhem—just for you!

Outer Banks Robber

Author: Jack Teeter

Publisher: Jack Teeter


Category: Bank robberies

Page: 98

View: 154

Kyle and Kasi Woods are off on another adventure. This time they're taking a working vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Kyle has finagled the use of a handicap-equipped motor home for the duration. They're off to see their first lighthouse -- when Kyle witnesses a bank robbery getaway -- this should be fun!

The Outer Banks Sea Gypsies

Author: Capt. Gardner Martin Kelley

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 396

View: 627

This story of adventure is of the last days of the cargo sailing schooners that carried freight to all ports of the world. Captain Fickett’s son, Ron is swept overboard, to drift ashore on the desolate Outer Banks of North Carolina. The ship is wrecked, later several miles below Cape Hatteras (The Graveyard of the Atlantic). The captain is murdered as he tries to get ashore. Johnny Mapp, one of the many squatters, remnants of Sir Walter Raleigh’s Lost Colony, sees the murder. He was worried of being implicated should an investigation begin. He uses the ship tool chest loot and his share of the lumber cargo to build a raft houseboat. He liked the simple way of life here on this barrier of ocean side sand with oak trees and myrtle bushes. Johnny, with his family leaves it all behind; they have adventure and learning to do as the raft moves south. The young daughter is kidnapped by hard case rum runners from Cuba; to sell to the White Slave Market. She escapes her abusers, and adapts to the roll of a mute, “Tiar of the Street Kids”. She does what is necessary to stay alive, hoping to get back to her family, somewhere along the waterway. Now the young girl is with child; she wants to go home and see her mother. She has acquired the carnal knowledge of a Havana Whore. Some good luck comes her way. She hears of a plot to kill an old sea dog for his small sailing yacht. She saves the old captain’s life and he rewards her by sailing her home to her mother, to care for and raise the boy child. Cissy becomes “Queen Tiar” of the Rum Runners. She returns to her mother at the “Pink Plantation” that she bought with her captor’s money to live with her family. This is her story too. Ron hears the truth of his father’s murder from Johnny Mapp, he gets revenge and justice. The waves roll up and down the sand at the Outer Banks as it has done, and will do, forever more.

The Lost Colony Murder on the Outer Banks

Seeking Justice for Brenda Joyce Holland

Author: John Railey

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing


Category: History

Page: 208

View: 151

In the summer of 1967, nineteen-year-old Brenda Joyce Holland disappeared. She was a mountain girl who had come to Manteo to work in the outdoor drama The Lost Colony. Her body was found five days later, floating in the sound. This riveting narrative, built on unique access to the state investigative file and multiple interviews with insiders, searches for the truth of her unsolved murder. This island odyssey of discovery includes séances, a suicide and a supposed shallow grave. Journalist John Railey cuts through the myths and mistakes to finally arrive at the long-hidden truth of what happened to Brenda Holland that summer on Roanoke Island.

Dialect Change and Maintenance on the Outer Banks

Author: Walt Wolfram

Publisher: Duke University Press


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 209

View: 855

This is a socio-linguistic study of the two small, insular societies of North Carolina's Ocracoke and Harkers Islands. Features examined of these island dialects include subject-verb concord, weren't-regulization, and the complex relationship between southern and Outer Banks vowels.

The Outer Banks House

A Novel

Author: Diann Ducharme

Publisher: Crown


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 105

As the wounds of the Civil War are just beginning to heal, one fateful summer would forever alter the course of a young girl’s life. In 1868, on the barren shores of post-war Outer Banks North Carolina, the once wealthy Sinclair family moves for the summer to one of the first cottages on the ocean side of the resort village of Nags Head. Seventeen-year-old Abigail is beautiful, book-smart, but sheltered by her plantation life and hemmed-in by her emotionally distant family. To make good use of time, she is encouraged by her family to teach her father’s fishing guide, the good-natured but penniless Benjamin Whimble, how to read and write. And in a twist of fate unforeseen by anyone around them, there on the porch of the cottage, the two come to love each other deeply, and to understand each other in a way that no one else does. But when, against everything he claims to represent, Ben becomes entangled in Abby's father's Ku Klux Klan work, the terrible tragedy and surprising revelations that one hot Outer Banks night brings forth threaten to tear them apart forever. With vivid historical detail and stunning emotional resonance, Diann Ducharme recounts a dramatic story of love, loss, and coming of age at a singular and rapidly changing time in one of America’s most beautiful and storied communities.

Surfing Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks

Author: Tony Lillis

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 176

View: 539

Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks share an incredibly rich surfing history. Virginia Beach is home to major surfing institutions so iconic and long lasting they are simply referred to as "ECSC," "WRV" and "17th Street." Of course, the Outer Banks has the consistent waves. The barrels. The lighthouse. Its beaches have been the setting for iconic moments in the history of the Eastern Surfing Association. Local surfing historian Tony Lillis chronicles the rich history of surfing along Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks from the early twentieth century, when world travelers brought home tales of Hawaiian surfing, through the heyday of the 1960s and into the twenty-first century.

Hoi Toide on the Outer Banks

The Story of the Ocracoke Brogue

Author: Walt Wolfram

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 184

View: 531

As many visitors to Ocracoke will attest, the island's vibrant dialect is one of its most distinctive cultural features. In Hoi Toide on the Outer Banks, Walt Wolfram and Natalie Schilling-Estes present a fascinating account of the Ocracoke brogue. They trace its development, identify the elements of pronunciation, vocabulary, and syntax that make it unique, and even provide a glossary and quiz to enhance the reader's knowledge of 'Ocracokisms.' In the process, they offer an intriguing look at the role language plays in a culture's efforts to define and maintain itself. But Hoi Toide on the Outer Banks is more than a linguistic study. Based on extensive interviews with more than seventy Ocracoke residents of all ages and illustrated with captivating photographs by Ann Ehringhaus and Herman Lankford, the book offers valuable insight on what makes Ocracoke special. In short, by tracing the history of island speech, the authors succeed in opening a window on the history of the islanders themselves.

Queen Anne's Revenge

Author: Thomas Jackson Hawes

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 186

View: 492

Sam and Maggie are off on their honeymoon to the Virgin Islands on a sailing catamaran that he has been building for the last three years on the Potomac River near Washington. After tangling with a bad storm, that knocks out his electronics, thirty miles off of Cape Hatteris. Sam soon has mixed emotions about going on a shakedown cruise of this magnitude with a new boat and a wife who has never been to sea before. He decides to go back in for repairs, but only compounds his troubles when he sails into Seventeenth Century Bath which was the first capital of North Carolina and Blackbeard’s stomping grounds. Sam finely takes things in his own hands after Blackbeard takes his binoculars, his rolex watch, a Bic cigarette lighter. and his stash. Sam has a twelve gauge, nine shot, stainless steel shot gun on board his catamaran, which he feels will level the playing field between him and Blackbeard, but Maggie talks Sam into going to see Spottwood the governor of Virginia and ask him to come down to Bath and run Blackbeard off. At first the Governor turns him down, until Lieutenant Maynard of the British Navy comes along.