Deep Thinkers

Inside the Minds of Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises

Author: Janet Mann

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Category: Nature

Page: 192

View: 113

Introduction -- Beneath the surface / Janet Mann and Andrew Read -- The cetacean brain / Camilla Butti and Patrick R. Hof -- Cetacean cognition / Harley -- Cetacean communication / Laela Sayigh and Vincent M. Janik -- Quintessentially social cetaceans / Janet Mann -- Deep culture / Luke Rendell and Hal Whitehead -- Cetacean tool use / Eric Patterson and Janet Mann -- Us & them / Andrew Read

Questions for Deep Thinkers

200+ of the Most Challenging Questions You (Probably) Never Thought to Ask

Author: Henry Kraemer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Humor

Page: 256

View: 566

Blending philosophy and humor, here are 250 thought-provoking, challenging, and strange questions—from the profound “what is the meaning of life?” to the playful “is a hotdog a sandwich?” and everything in between. Life is complex, confusing, and weird. But have you ever stopped to think about just how weird the world around you can be? For example: Which invention has caused the most unhappiness: fire, the wheel, or the internet? If a werewolf landed on the moon, would it touch down as a man or a wolf? When sitting at a movie theater, which armrest is yours? What’s the most untrustworthy animal? Would you rather kiss a person with jellybeans for teeth or a banana for a tongue? In Questions for Deep Thinkers, you’ll find 250 thought-provoking, challenging, and sometimes completely ridiculous questions that you (probably) never thought to even ask. Perfect for large group parties, hanging out with friends, or if you just want a moment to ponder some of life’s absurdities, this collection of head-scratching “deep questions” will leave you either in an argument or saying, “hmm, I never thought of that…” Don’t let the world’s most pressing mysteries pass you by!

Careers for Scholars & Other Deep Thinkers

Author: Blythe Camenson

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 192

View: 619

Careers for Scholars and Other Deep Thinkers lets career explorers look at the job market through the unique lens of their own interests. The book reveals dozens of ways to pursue a passion and make a living--including many little-known but delightful careers that will surprise readers.

Unstable Thoughts

A Journal for Deep Thinkers Creative People Weird Guys and Girls Gift for Unique People (First Edition)

Author: Unsteady Thoughts




Page: 120

View: 200

Unstable Thoughts Journal This journal is only made for the unique thinkers, for those who aren't afraid to express their emotions and to say what their heart thinks. -6x9 Journal.-120 Lined Pages.

Critical Thinking

Intelligent Estimations and Specifics for Deep Thinkers

Author: Alex Houston




Page: 76

View: 502

As you go through life, you may have discovered that some people just have a keen sense of being "on to something." They see through deceitful analyses or wrong conclusions easily and are prone to find the correct ones quickly.Since you are looking at this book, it is clear that you are already somewhat like that, but that you're interested in becoming even better at that. Moreover-and this is one of the main points in this book-some of those skills will get you better jobs, businesses, or positions at your company. In this book, a wealth of information awaits you, including those important job skills of critical thinkers. Several ones will be highlighted that are specifically designed for certain positions. Hard skills, soft skills, and other critical thinking skills will be addressed.Last but not least, you will be enlightened with more insights into relevant reasoning, predispositions and biases, the meaning of language and words that shape our thinking, and various other smaller topics.Get ready to be inspired. Get the book now!

Becoming Young Thinkers

Deep Project Work in the Classroom

Author: Judy Harris Helm

Publisher: Teachers College Press


Category: Education

Page: 145

View: 491

Continuing the exploration of project work in the author’s bestselling book, Young Investigators, Second Edition, this book is designed for preschool through primary grade teachers who know how to do project work but are ready to move to the next level. Focusing on how children become young thinkers, the book begins with mind, brain, and education science and instructional guidelines for all learning experiences, and then connects these to the rich foundation of the project approach. Helm provides specific strategies for deepening project work, including how to select meaningful topics, plan for projects, integrate standards (including the Common Core), support children's questioning, create provocations to promote engagement, and help children represent their ideas. This practical resource will extend practitioners’ knowledge about project-based learning so they can move beyond the basics to create project work that is more engaging, meaningful, and productive. Book Features: Vivid examples of deep project work from real classrooms (pre–K through 2nd grade). An analysis worksheet for applications of Dewey's vision of child-centered learning. Charts for integrating CCSS for English Language Arts and Mathematics in kindergarten projects. A teacher reflection form for evaluating the depth of project work. “Throughout the book, examples and suggestions make clear the important distinctions between the deep investigations involved in project work versus the fairly common superficial theme activities too often seen in preschool and elementary school classes.” —From the Foreword by Lilian G. Katz, past president, National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and professor emerita at the University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign

Thoughts for Deep Thinkers and Curious Space Travelers: Living Lessons God Taught Me

Author: Tom Blubaugh

Publisher: Independently Published


Category: Religion

Page: 200

View: 169

Life lessons are hard to acquire. Mostly we learn through the school of Hard Knocks especially if we are a bit stubborn. Tom is no exception, but he did learn and he is sharing some of the most important living lessons that God ever taught him with you today. From awe over God's creation to living honestly with God to great ways to save money and other useful living wisdom. Join Tom on his wisdom journey of Thoughts for Deep Thinkers and Curious Space Space Travelers.

Into Deep Waters

Finding Christ on the High Seas

Author: John Shehan

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 80

View: 139

Crew member John Shehan reflects on his personal growth with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and documents his transition from a sinful sailor to a soul saved. Witness how a man easily compromised by the temptations of ship life is broken down systematically by the Hand of God before being rebuilt as a vessel for the Holy Spirit. It is in the rebuilding process that the ship becomes the training ground for John spiritually and mentally, during which time all forms of bondages are capsized and every oppression under siege. It is a full-blown battle at sea over one man’s soul. With personal stories and spiritual insight, John Shehan navigates his way through the channel of purpose and discovers God waiting on the other side, like a beacon of light coming from the lighthouse. God senses his distress and maneuvers him into a position of steadiness, whereby he remains anchored in Christ. It is in this position that John begins his ministry at sea, spreading the gospel to fellow crew members in an upper room of a cruise ship. Believers from all nations gather as testimonies are declared and the New Testament of Jesus is spread throughout the ship.

The Discourse of Sensibility

The Knowing Body in the Enlightenment

Author: Henry Martyn Lloyd

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Science

Page: 215

View: 261

This volume reconstructs the body of sensibility and the discourse which constructed it. The discourse of sensibility was deployed very widely throughout the mid- to late-eighteenth century, particularly in France and Britain. To inquire into the body of sensibility is then necessarily to enter into an interdisciplinary space and so to invite the plurality of methodological approaches which this collection exemplifies. The chapters collected here draw together the histories of literature and aesthetics, metaphysics and epistemology, moral theory, medicine, and cultural history. Together, they contribute to four major themes: First, the collection reconstructs various modes by which the sympathetic subject was construed or scripted, including through the theatre, poetry, literature, and medical and philosophical treaties. It secondly draws out those techniques of affective pedagogy which were implied by the medicalisation of the knowing body, and thirdly highlights the manner in which the body of sensibility was constructed as simultaneously particular and universal. Finally, it illustrates the ‘centrifugal forces’ at play within the discourse, and the anxiety which often accompanied them. At the centre of eighteenth-century thought was a very particular object: the body of sensibility, the Enlightenment’s knowing body. The persona of the knowledge-seeker was constructed by drawing together mind and matter, thought and feeling. And so where the Enlightenment thinker is generally associated with reason, truth-telling, and social and political reform, the Enlightenment is also known for its valorisation of emotion. During the period, intellectual pursuits were envisioned as having a distinctly embodied and emotional aspect. The body of ‘sensibility’ encompassed these apparently disparate strands and was associated with terms including ‘sentimental’, ‘sentiment’, ‘sense’, ‘sensation’, and ‘sympathy’.