Deadly Decisions

Author: Kathy Reichs

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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When innocent blood is spilled, forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan deciphers the shattering truth it holds in this newly repackaged thriller from New York Times bestselling author Kathy Reichs. Nine-year-old Emily Anne Toussaint is fatally shot on a Montreal street. A North Carolina teenager disappears from her home, and parts of her skeleton are found hundreds of miles away. These shocking deaths propel Tempe Brennan from north to south, and deep into a shattering investigation inside the bizarre culture of outlaw motorcycle gangs—where one misstep could bring disaster for herself or someone she loves.

Deadly Decisions

5 Tales of Crime and Suspense

Author: BV Lawson

Publisher: Crimetime Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 37

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From Derringer Award winner BV Lawson comes five short tales of crime and suspense about the dark choices people make when their backs are against a wall: A sheriff's deputy and a nun hold the fate of a meth dealer in their hands; A down-on-his-luck former violinist takes fate into his own, scarred hands; A forensic linguist becomes obsessed with solving the puzzle of a missing Moravian deed that might be the key to murder; A homeless man killed by a hit-and-run finds unusual after-death advocates in a minister and his cat; And a hitman with unusual skills just wants to be left alone.

Deadly Decisions: A Natalie North Novel

Author: Nancy Mangano

Publisher: America Star Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 276

View: 106

Super sleuth Natalie North is tired of catching cheating husbands with their pants down, then worse, having to report to the wives what they hired her to find out, photos and all. Quick on her feet and smart in her head, Natalie aches to use her training to solve real crimes, criminal cases, the grittier the better. When her client Victoria Belmont’s billionaire husband is found dead, Natalie puts her life on the line to find the killer, determined to beat the Los Angeles Police Department at their own game. Toss in Natalie’s unsettled love life, torn between Darren McAllister, a prosecuting attorney, LAPD officer Vincent Sherburne and a mysterious taxi driver, Alfonso Di Paolo, and explore what happens when betrayal, greed, passion and murder collide.

Food for Thought. Resource Sheets

Author: Schools Council (Great Britain). Health Education 5-13 Project



Category: Health

Page: 42

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Deadly Decisions

Author: Starr Gardinier Reina

Publisher: CreateSpace


Category: Fiction

Page: 252

View: 936

Trouble can be part of life, but for Ivanovich and Mancini it's an everyday concern. Pavel Ivanovich is trying to find a new direction. Instead, his days are upended with drama from Teresa Mancini thrown in the mix. Bullets fly, bombs explode and people get hurt. Ivanovich's existence is encircled by murder, mayhem and narrow escapes while Mancini tries to become involved in all Pavel's cases.

Think Well

Teacher's Guide. Deadly decisions

Author: Schools Council (Great Britain)




Page: 54

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Cartel Wives

A True Story of Deadly Decisions, Steadfast Love, and Bringing Down El Chapo

Author: Mia Flores

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 139

An astonishing, revelatory, and redemptive memoir from two women who escaped the international drug trade, with never-before-revealed details about El Chapo, the Sinaloa Cartel, and the dangerous world of illicit drugs. Olivia and Mia Flores are married to the highest level drug traffickers ever to become US informants. Their husbands worked with--and then brought down--El Chapo, as well as dozens of high-level members of the Mexican cartels. They had everything money could buy: luxury cars, huge houses, and expensive jewelry--but they chose to give it all up when they cooperated with the US government. They knew that life was about more than wealth; it was about love, family, and doing what's right. CARTEL WIVES is a love story, a "Married to the Mob" story, an insider's look into the terrifying but high-flying empire of the new world of drugs, and, finally, the story of a major DEA and FBI operation.

Shyt List 5

Smokin' Crazies The Finale (The Cartel Publications Presents)

Author: Reign

Publisher: The Cartel Publications


Category: Fiction

Page: 316

View: 289

When Yvonna decides to take revenge on the organization which sold her into sexual slavery, resulting in a lifelong battle with a mental illness, she enlists her boyfriend Bricks, her best friend Ming, and her archrival Swoopes. The plan sounded like a good idea until she realizes their personalities crash harder than a drunken driver with his eyes closed. As the mission continues, Yvonna s rapidly deteriorating health threatens success. Will she complete what she set out to achieve, or turn against the people who swore to help her? Does she make it out alive? Or will she finally succumb to death? For the first time in the HISTORY of urban literature, the choice is yours. Choose wisely as this is, Shyt List 5: The Finale.

Getting it Right

Avoiding the High Cost of Wrong Decisions

Author: Deborah C. Sawyer

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 706

In the rush to make decisions, many business professionals overlook an invaluable resource... one that could mean the difference between overwhelming success and outrageous failure. Readily available information is becoming the key factor behind better decision-making-especially as businesses prepare for the 21st century. Getting it Right: Avoiding the High Cost of Wrong Decisions is the first book to link information and decision making as a single powerful tool. Drawn from Deborah C. Sawyer's 20+ years of research to support business decisions, she now invites readers to consider and learn decision-making strategies once known only to a few professionals. Going behind the scenes, Sawyer leads you through a review of recent and past business decisions. Some were disasters-others were triumphs. In each case, Sawyer can show you where information would have prevented catastrophe-and how it ensured success. Also noting the many situations that keep recurring in business and industry today, Getting it Right: Avoiding the High Cost of Wrong Decisions emphasizes that today's actions are tomorrow's consequences. Sawyer explains how information currently being ignored or excluded from decision-making will have a negative impact over the next 10 to 25 years. Fortunately, Sawyer knows when a simple infusion of the right information can save companies a bundle. Let her experiences and observations empower you to build the same abilities-and make better decisions for now and the future!