Sprache--System und Funktion

Festschrift für Günter Weise

Author: Rudolf Beier



Category: Diskursanalyse

Page: 262

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Diese Festschrift thematisiert Zusammenhänge zwischen Sprachsystem und Sprachfunktion aus unterschiedlichsten Perspektiven: Eher theoretisch orientiert sind u.a. Beiträge zu semantischen und aktionalen Strukturen, semantischen Verbklassen (im Englischen), zum Stereotypbegriff, zu Fragen der Feldtheorie und der kognitiven Linguistik. Mehrfach behandelt werden Aspekte der Fachsprachen ('extended abstract', Sprachspiel, kognitive Kohärenz, Übersetzung, Unterricht) und der Sprachverwendung in den Medien (öffentliche Diskussion, Leserbrief, Kommentar). Zu den konkret diskutierten sprachlichen Erscheinungen zählen: Gradadverbien im Englischen, Rede- und Gedankenwiedergabe, adverbiale Partizipialkonstruktionen (im Litauischen), Genus und Numerus (in romanischen Sprachen).

Die DDR erzählt

nine stories from the German Democratic Republic

Author: Peter Hutchinson

Publisher: Chambers Harrap Publishers


Category: Fiction

Page: 186

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From Ethical Person to Dialogical Society

Challenges of Global Society

Author: Janez Juhant

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster


Category: Philosophy

Page: 195

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A person as an ethical being establishes herself/himself through dialogue with others. Dialogue is also an anthropological basis of a woman/man and of her/his growth as a person. The first years of life are particularly decisive. In these years, a young person assimilates the codes necessary to perceive the self, others, and, through them, the whole world. Dialogue is a basic task by which one's personal life is organized and how one acts in a human way. The emotional dimension is more important than the grammatical-symbolic one. Yet, a one-sided socio-cultural development hinders such personal dialogue. This is the very case in totalitarian systems, as well as in the consumer-society. Because of such obstacles, the global society needs a global dialogue to secure the life for future generations. This book examines the challenges of a dialogical development in a global society. (Series: Philosophy of Religion Forum / Forum Religionsphilosophie - Vol. 32)


Erfahrungen - Erlebnisse - Ergebnisse

Author: Julia Ahamer

Publisher: Austrian Academy of Sciences


Category: Science

Page: 350

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This anthology deals with the "environment" of "research" in a wider empirical sense, taking "field research" as the basis and looking at its contexts within the whole process of research. The book focuses on the experiences and results of field researchers from various disciplines who for many years cooperated with the Phonogrammarchiv, where their audiovisual recordings are preserved and kept for further study. Five chapters highlight the following topics: "general individual: field research", "oral tradition spiritual experience surreal communication: ethnology", "multi-dimensional: ethnomusicology", "documentation standardisation analysis: linguistics and discourse analysis" and "traditional structure virtual access permanent availability: archivistics". The book serves as an impetus to revive and broaden the discussion of field research as a tool in cultural studies. As Andre Gingrich put it in his introductory essay: "On the one hand, we have become more modest and self-critical in our scholarly self-image. Yet at the same time this means that we have learnt to listen and watch more carefully and flexibly. Numerous contributions in this book point to such self-reflective new forms of realism.