A Psychotherapist's Dark Journey Into the Suicidal Mind

A Relationship Approach to Understanding and Healing

Author: Ronald Bonner Psy.D.

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Psychology

Page: 100

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This work approaches the mind of the suicidal person from the perspective of a person on a dark journey that involves the suicide life story, stress and problems of living, dark ideas, dark emotions, dark physiology, hopelessness, and psychache. The work of the psychotherapist is to join the suicidal person on the dark journey, understand from the person's experience how suicide has come to make experiential sense, and finally affirm and validate the dark journey. In so doing, the psychotherapist builds a healing relationship that offers hope, relief, and skills to redirect the journey to one of light, hope, and possibilities. A multimodal, stage process model of suicide risk assessment and intervention is provided to guide the therapist. Case vignettes are used to illustrate the application of this model to therapeutic practice. Finally, the critical areas of risk management and self-care for the psychotherapist are covered to protect him or her from the emotional and legal challenges of this most difficult work.

Dark Journey

Author: Bruce Hammer

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 94

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A Dark Journey is a poignant autobiography account of a man and woman who come from different lifestyles, mind-sets, and paths. The story details the true account of Bruce’s struggle with addiction and the painful consequences he suffered and Kathy's unconditional love that gave her the strength to persevere and not give up. Bruce’s journey started in Detroit, Michigan, in 1954, where he encountered a painful life of criminal activity that led the way to the harsh reality of what it was like living inside the incarceration system. He fought battles to stay alive. The story goes on to tell how Bruce and Kathy met at a medical clinic and the love Bruce had for Kathy that persuaded him to pursue her despite all odds. Kathy came from a small town and had always waited on her soul mate to find her. She never would have believed it would have been a man so different from her. Kathy never knew of Bruce’s addiction because he withheld it from her. She believed everything Bruce told her about his past. She took it as face value because she loved him. Bruce and Kathy got married, and the battle of crack cocaine took a toll on their marriage and put Kathy into situations that the average person would not have been able to overcome. However, Kathy believed that Almighty God would protect her from Bruce’s ongoing substance abuse encounters. Bruce faced many battles at home and did unspeakable things in his home and abroad to pursue the drugs he craved. Many people wonder what is true love and what does it really mean to love someone unconditionally the way God loves them. A Dark Journey gives a detail account of true love. It is a story that even when it is read, it will never be forgotten. Almighty God promised Bruce and Kathy that they would come into the light out of their own dark journey, and the prophecy had become a reality.

Dark Journey

Black Mississippians in the Age of Jim Crow

Author: Neil R. McMillen

Publisher: University of Illinois Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 430

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"Remarkable for its relentless truth-telling, and the depth and thoroughness of its investigation, for the freshness of its sources, and for the shock power of its findings. Even a reader who is not unfamiliar with the sources and literature of the subject can be jolted by its impact."--C. Vann Woodward, New York Review of Books "Dark Journey is a superb piece of scholarship, a book that all students of southern and African-American history will find valuable and informative."--David J. Garrow, Georgia Historical Quarterly Winner of the Bancroft Prize in American History and the McLemore Prize of the Mississippi Historical Society. Also named an Outstanding Book by the Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Human Rights in the United States.

The Dark Journey

Inside the Reeducation Camps of Viet Cong

Author: Hoa Minh Truong

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 238

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Two days after Saigon fell to the communists, Hoa Minh Truong walked along the path leading to the Tan Xuyen village council. He had been there many times during his army service but this time he was filled with fear. The extra-tight security included a young Viet Cong trooper who clutched a Russian-made AK-47 automatic rifle in his small hands. The gun was just one of many multi-death tools supplied in the name of revolution by the major communist powers to Vietnam's communists. The trooper could not have been more than fifteen years old. In the yard next to the building Hoa noticed a huge heap of uniforms, helmets, boots, belts and ammunition. All of these items had been dumped there when the South Vietnam government surrendered and ordered its forces to disarm. Hoa was on the losing side of the war for reasons that, to him, remained unclear and unacceptable. Now, he and many thousands of others were being forced into so-called re-education camps. Held there without trial, these prisoners faced terrible conditions and cruel punishments. Many did not survive, but Hoa did. In this remarkable book, he offers his story to the world. Author Hoa Minh Truong is a well-published author of fiction, non-fiction and poetry in the Vietnamese language. He now lives in Perth, Australia with his wife and daughter.

Dark Journey Deep Grace

Jeffrey Dahmer's Story of Faith

Author: Roy Ratcliff

Publisher: ACU Press


Category: Religion

Page: 176

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Crimes unspeakable. A name synonymous with twisted brutality and perversion. Jeffrey Dahmer. The most notorious serial killer of our time. A decade ago his story shocked and gripped our nation and the world. But we didn't get the whole story. In prison, Dahmer's dark journey crossed paths with deep grace. Here is the whole story, told by the man who befriended him and showed him the light of God's love. It's an unexpected story of first steps in faith, of surprising questions about the Bible, of light breaking into darkness. A story that will change what you thought you knew about grace. Jeffrey Dahmer. Christian. Grace unspeakable.

A Dark Journey to a Light Future

Author: Tommie Mabry

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Self-Help

Page: 110

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I knew since I was young I would get out. The judge told me that with my attitude I would be dead or locked up in five years, and I said “okay” with a grin. When I was released the next day, the judge did not know that he created a monster within me—his word fueled a fire inside me that was burning all along. God has ordained each of us for greatness. Unfortunately, the wiles of worldly convictions and possessions provide detours and stumbling blocks. This is the true story of the experiences of a young, African-American child, destined by God—fighting against the status quo of his violent and discouraging surroundings—to walk in the path of greatness. This is the story of Tommie Mabry—a boy who discovers that he can rise above his surroundings and situations to be the man that God intended him to be.

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order - Dark Journey

Author: Elaine Cunningham

Publisher: Random House


Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Following intense personal loss, Jaina Solo descends to the dark side, determined to take her revenge on the Yuuzhan Vong. In the process, she learns something new about how to fight the alien invaders, but she must also remember that revenge is not the way of the Jedi - even which it seems the only way to fight the enemy.

Missy Hyatt

First Lady of Wrestling

Author: Missy Hyatt

Publisher: ECW Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 176

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Missy tells all ... and there is a lot to tell. First came Missy. Then came Sable, Sunny, Chyna, and the rest. Missy Hyatt was professional wrestling's first character -- the original sexy "socialite" sidekick whose trademark Gucci purse and tough-girl attitude made her the most loved -- and most hated -- woman in wrestling. Now, fifteen years after she first shimmied up to the ring, Missy Hyatt takes fans inside the world of wrestling. From her high school days as a hard-core fan, cheering from her living room, to the cover of Wrestler magazine, Missy has done it all. In this no-holds-barred memoir, Missy discloses the behind-the-scenes secrets of table-throwing, chair-smashing, hair-pulling, and the technique of "juicing" -- how wrestlers make themselves bleed on cue. Find out about her intimate relationships with Jake the Snake, Wonder Years' Jason Hervey, Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert, and many many more. Missy has worked with wrestling's biggest stars, from Hulk to Jesse, from Vince to the Rock, and she tells everything.

The Greatest Criminal Cases: Changing the Course of American Law

Author: J. Michael Martinez

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Social Science

Page: 266

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This fascinating book recounts the compelling stories behind 14 of the most important criminal procedure cases in American legal history. • Includes 20 photographs of key participants and scenes • Explains legal principles through engaging, jargon-free prose • Connects the importance of the cases to constitutional criminal procedure • Explores the impact of Supreme Court decisions

A Chance for Change

Head Start and Mississippi's Black Freedom Struggle

Author: Crystal R. Sanders

Publisher: UNC Press Books


Category: Social Science

Page: 266

View: 572

In this innovative study, Crystal Sanders explores how working-class black women, in collaboration with the federal government, created the Child Development Group of Mississippi (CDGM) in 1965, a Head Start program that not only gave poor black children access to early childhood education but also provided black women with greater opportunities for political activism during a crucial time in the unfolding of the civil rights movement. Women who had previously worked as domestics and sharecroppers secured jobs through CDGM as teachers and support staff and earned higher wages. The availability of jobs independent of the local white power structure afforded these women the freedom to vote in elections and petition officials without fear of reprisal. But CDGM's success antagonized segregationists at both the local and state levels who eventually defunded it. Tracing the stories of the more than 2,500 women who staffed Mississippi's CDGM preschool centers, Sanders's book remembers women who went beyond teaching children their shapes and colors to challenge the state's closed political system and white supremacist ideology and offers a profound example for future community organizing in the South.