Dare to Dream

If you can see the invisible today, God will make if visible tomorrow

Author: Mattheus Van Der Steen

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 175

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Dare to Dream is a book based on the Word of God and on the author's personal journey from burnout and depression to reaching millions of people across the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This book contains keys to help you overcome those things which are causing you to walk in mediocrity and to miss God's best for your life. It will help you discover who you are in Christ, how to discover your God given purpose, and then how to set about achieving it. This book will help you realize that if you can see the invisible today, God will make it visible tomorrow.

Dare to Dream

A Novel

Author: Heidi Thomas

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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At the start of the 1940s, Montana cowgirl Nettie Brady Moser has overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles on the journey toward her dream of being a professional rodeo rider. In the 1920s, she struggled against her family's expectations and social prejudice against rodeo cowgirls. During the Great Depression, falling in love and marrying Jake Moser, then raising their son Neil took priority over rodeos, as did the constant struggle in search of grass for their horses in the drought-stricken dust bowl years. And then when Nettie did resume riding, she was devastated by the death of her friend and mentor, Marie Gibson, in a rodeo accident. In the spring of 1941, Nettie, now 36, has grieved the loss of her friend. To regain her heart and spirit, Nettie is determined to ride again at a Cheyenne, Wyoming. To her dismay, the male-dominated Rodeo Association of America (RAA) enforces its rule barring women from riding rough stock and denies her the chance to ride. Her fury at the discrimination can’t change things for women—yet.

Dare To Dream!

25 Extraordinary Lives

Author: Sandra Mcleod Humphrey

Publisher: Prometheus Books


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 115

View: 338

Magical heroes like Harry Potter, Spiderman, or Catwoman provide plenty of entertainment for kids, but in real life heroes are made of sterner stuff than celluloid fantasies. In this inspiring collection of biographies—covering historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln and Helen Keller as well as contemporary figures such as Toni Morrison and Michael Jordan—critically acclaimed writer and psychologist Sandra McLeod Humphrey teaches young people that heroes were once ordinary people whose strength of character helped them to achieve extraordinary things. Starting with only their dreams, they worked hard and overcame obstacles to make their dreams come true. Some overcame physical handicaps, others psychological barriers like extreme shyness or feelings of inferiority; some faced racial discrimination or educational disadvantage, others financial burdens. In spite of these frustrations and discouragements, all of these people discovered in themselves the patience, perseverance, and determination to pursue their dreams beyond every obstacle. The message is clear: No matter who you are or where you come from, you too can accomplish extraordinary things, as long as you dare to dream and never, never, never give up!

Dare to Dream

Creating a God-Sized Mission Statement for Your Life

Author: Mike Slaughter

Publisher: Abingdon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 144

View: 418

Discover and live out God s dream for your life."

Dare to Dream Again!

Author: Mary L. Tate

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Religion

Page: 83

View: 550

DARE TO DREAM AGAIN! is an inspiring and yet practical book to energize every reader to make a decision to explore all the awesome hidden potentials within. It is also to alert each individual to the urgency of moving out into their divine destiny. You were born to the wonderful exploits to the glory of God. God has placed dynamic skills, strategies, goals, potentials, gift, talent, and DREAMS in you. Too often, because of circumstances, fear, low self-esteem, and negative thoughts, many have allowed their dreams to die. Know that it is not too late! THE LORD HAS NEED OF YOU. So go ahead, and allow your DREAMS to be resurrected by the Spirit of the living God. Yes, GO FORTH AND DARE TO DREAM AGAIN!

Dare to Dream

Author: Valerie Lilian

Publisher: Tate Publishing


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 184

View: 518

Dreams only lead to disappointment. I've had dreams of finding a family and of having my own horse. Something always goes wrong. Look what happened when I took a ride with those boys. The main reason I went was to see some dumb horses; horses that landed me in the hospital and are soon to land me in that hole they call a home. My dreams are history. If I expect the worst I won't be disappointed. Jan Allen wakes up in the hospital after a drunk-driving accident with high school friends. Although innocent, Jan is no longer wanted by her foster parents and is forced to return to the horrible girl's home upon her recovery. Jan used to live in a dream world, but after twelve years of foster-homes and countless foster families, she's convinced herself that dreams do not come true. When Jan meets Tammy, a competitive horse rider, her life is changed forever. Tammy's elaborate schemes present Jan with her dream horse and a compassionate young cowboy. But Jan's dream becomes a nightmare when she crosses paths with Celia, a jealous and vengeful girl who stops at nothing to see Jan ruined. Dare to dream is an exhilarating story filled with the magic of horses, teenage romance, and the struggles of a young girl who Dared to Dream.

Dare to Dream

Author: John Robertson

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 562

View: 636

This book does not do full justice to the many memories that were provided to me by the extraordinary characters that were my shipmates, but in recording those great times, I have now relived most of those fantastic experiences that time has not dimmed and enjoyed them as if they had just happened. Now, I would like to share them with you, the reader.

Dare to Dream

Author: Karen Offord

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 250

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When we are alone, our shields can come down. We no longer need to hide behind the many masks we wear. We don't have to waste energy hiding our flaws from others. But in the apparent safety of that solitude, there lurks a trap. Too many of us choose to focus on past traumas and dramas. It's easy to get trapped by the regrets, pains, and failures of the past?and fears of what disappointments may await in the future. Why do we choose to allow what has happened and what may happen to destroy any hope of a happy life today? There is a way to escape this negative, unproductive, and self-destructive way of life?and you won't believe how much your life will change when you decide you?ve had enough of being your own worst enemy. Dare to Dream: Your Journey of a Lifetime focuses on developing the most important and valuable relationship you will ever have?the relationship you have with yourself. When you can embrace yourself, you can embrace others. When you can forgive yourself, you can forgive others. When you can accept yourself, you can accept others. When you can love yourself, you can love others. Throughout Dare to Dream, you will fi nd simple truths, tools, techniques, and resources to start living an authentic life you can love, starting right now?authentically. One step at a time, each step consciously leads you in the direction you choose to go with love and with joy.

Dare to Dream

Author: Donna Hill

Publisher: Kimani Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 297

View: 831

Unable to paint after a fire destroyed her SoHo art studio, gallery owner Desiree Armstrong seeks inspiration in the embrace of her ex-fiance, Lincoln Davenport, when she escapes to his bed and breakfast to relax and recover.

Dare to Dream

Author: Yvonne Whittal

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 392

View: 810

After five years, Jenna Reeves was still haunted by the tragedy of her husband's death. As a journalist in Cape Town, she worked long hours and pushed herself to the limit. Forced, eventually, to take a break, she finds herself staying in her aunt's cottage on a wine farm and very quickly makes the acquaintance of the owner, Robert Rousseau. The attraction between them is instantaneous and powerful, and no matter how much they try, they can't seem to stay away from each other. The relationship between them does not run smoothly, mainly because Jenna cannot conform to Robert's preference for a relationship without ties. They finally walk away from each other, but fate brings them back together again when Jenna is assigned the task of interviewing Robert, and the attraction between them flares up stronger than before. It finally takes another tragedy to shake the foundations of their world.