Dangerously Funny

The Uncensored Story of "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour"

Author: David Bianculli

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

View: 789

An unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the rise and fall of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour -- the provocative, politically charged program that shocked the censors, outraged the White House, and forever changed the face of television. Decades before The Daily Show, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour proved there was a place on television for no-holds-barred political comedy with a decidedly antiauthoritarian point of view. In this first-ever all-access history of the show, veteran entertainment journalist David Bianculli tells the fascinating story of its three-year network run -- and the cultural impact that's still being felt today. Before it was suddenly removed from the CBS lineup (reportedly under pressure from the Nixon administration), The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was a ratings powerhouse. It helped launch the careers of comedy legends such as Steve Martin and Rob Reiner, featured groundbreaking musical acts like the Beatles and the Who, and served as a cultural touchstone for the antiwar movement of the late 1960s. Drawing on extensive original interviews with Tom and Dick Smothers and dozens of other key players -- as well as more than a decade's worth of original research -- Dangerously Funny brings readers behind the scenes for all the battles over censorship, mind-blowing musical performances, and unforgettable sketches that defined the show and its era. David Bianculli delves deep into this never-told story, to find out what really happened and to reveal why this show remains so significant to this day.

Mock Stars

Indie Comedy and the Dangerously Funny

Author: John Wenzel

Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing


Category: Humor

Page: 311

View: 895

Mock Stars traces the evolution of indie comedy from the underground music circuit into mainstream America. Through candid interviews with major players, including David Cross, Patton Oswalt, Neil Hamburger, Maria Bamford, Fred Armisen, Aimee Mann, and dozens of others, John Wenzel reveals how comedy is becoming relevant—and dangerously funny—again.

Dangerously Funny Jokes for Kids

Joke Book for Boys and Girls Ages 7 to 9

Author: Tobias Longbottom

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 74

View: 733

Welcome. My name is Professor Tobias Longbottom and I am the head of the Institute of Dangerously Funny Jokes. Inside my hilariously illustrated joke book you'll find stacks of laboratory tested rib-ticklers. Young readers will have a blast sharing these fresh jokes with family, friends and other kids at school.

The Funniest Joke Book Ever

Author: Lisa Regan

Publisher: Arcturus Publishing


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction


View: 944

Q: What time should you go to the dentist? A: Tooth hurty! This fully illustrated joke book is packed with wicked wisecracks, knee-slapping new jokes, and timeless rib-ticklers. The brilliantly anarchic illustrations take the humour to a whole new level. It's a barrel of laughs for children aged 8+.

The Platinum Age of Television

From I Love Lucy to The Walking Dead, How TV Became Terrific

Author: David Bianculli

Publisher: Anchor


Category: Social Science

Page: 592

View: 329

Television today is better than ever. From The Sopranos to Breaking Bad, Sex and the City to Girls, and Modern Family to Louie, never has so much quality programming dominated our screens. Exploring how we got here, acclaimed TV critic David Bianculli traces the evolution of the classic TV genres, among them the sitcom, the crime show, the miniseries, the soap opera, the Western, the animated series, the medical drama, and the variety show. In each genre he selects five key examples of the form to illustrate its continuities and its dramatic departures. Drawing on exclusive and in-depth interviews with many of the most famed auteurs in television history, Bianculli shows how the medium has evolved into the premier form of visual narrative art. Includes interviews with: MEL BROOKS, MATT GROENING, DAVID CHASE, KEVIN SPACEY, AMY SCHUMER, VINCE GILLIGAN, AARON SORKIN, MATTHEW WEINER, JUDD APATOW, LOUIS C.K., DAVID MILCH, DAVID E. KELLEY, JAMES L. BROOKS, LARRY DAVID, KEN BURNS, LARRY WILMORE, AND MANY, MANY MORE

Milking the Rhino

Dangerously Funny Lists

Author: Chris Rush

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing


Category: Humor

Page: 112

View: 120

"Chris Rush promised that if I gave him a favorable blurb, he would agree to be placed in a secure, isolated neuropsychiatric facility, away from the rest of us. Here goes: 'Chris's book is crammed with good, big, sick belly laughs.' Your turn, Chris." --George Carlin "I first saw Chris Rush thirty years ago, and he killed me. He has a bizarre, funny way of looking at things, and this book is proof of that." --Jay Leno "Chris Rush combines the stream-of-consciousness of a Lenny Bruce, a Monty-Pythonesque appreciation of the surreally absurd, and the mental energy of a Robin Williams." --New York Times "He is universal and intellectual without being elitist." --Variety Comedian Chris Rush was one of the original contributors to National Lampoon magazine. He can be heard on Sirius and XM satellite radio and on the Joey Reynolds radio show every Friday at 1 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. In Milking the Rhino, Rush uses a series of unforgettable surreal images to create hilarious verbal cartoons presented in a seductive list form to transport you into a world of nonstop laughter. Lists include: * Seven Examples of Truth in Advertising You Will Never See * Twenty-Five Really Lousy Jobs * The Ten Worst Pickup Lines * Ten Bizarre Hobbies * Fourteen Novelty Items That Never Took Off * Four Things You Shouldn't Do in Zero-Gravity Conditions * Four UFO Incidents That Are Weirder Than Usual

Me Talk Pretty One Day

Author: David Sedaris

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Humor

Page: 288

View: 579

A new collection from David Sedaris is cause for jubilation. His recent move to Paris has inspired hilarious pieces, including Me Talk Pretty One Day, about his attempts to learn French. His family is another inspiration. You Cant Kill the Rooster is a portrait of his brother who talks incessant hip-hop slang to his bewildered father. And no one hones a finer fury in response to such modern annoyances as restaurant meals presented in ludicrous towers and cashiers with 6-inch fingernails. Compared by The New Yorker to Twain and Hawthorne, Sedaris has become one of our best-loved authors. Sedaris is an amazing reader whose appearances draw hundreds, and his performancesincluding a jaw-dropping impression of Billie Holiday singing I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weinerare unforgettable. Sedariss essays on living in Paris are some of the funniest hes ever written. At last, someone even meaner than the French! The sort of blithely sophisticated, loopy humour that might have resulted if Dorothy Parker and James Thurber had had a love child. Entertainment Weekly on Barrel Fever Sidesplitting Not one of the essays in this new collection failed to crack me up; frequently I was helpless. The New York Times Book Review on Naked

Blood Lite III: Aftertaste

Author: Kevin J. Anderson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 528

View: 494

Sink your teeth into a smorgasbord of macabre morsels laced with horrific humor in this all-new Blood Lite collection! Whether you shriek with laughter or scream in fear . . . well, that’s simply a matter of taste. Jim Butcher’s wizardly PI Harry Dresden pranks some high-tech monster seekers—and attempts to save a friend’s son whose life-energy is slowly being drained by an unknown adversary in “I Was a Teenage Bigfoot.” The Author from Hell has dropped dead, but a stressed-out editor is harassed by her emails from beyond the grave in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s “A Day in the Life.” The flesh is weak— and possibly even rotting—as a teenage virgin werewolf discovers on a visit to a brothel in Kelley Armstrong’s “V Plates.” Murder comes alive in “Mannequin,” by Heather Graham, as two thrill-seeking couples “axe” for trouble at a B&B with a bloody history. Plus twenty-six other tales to tempt and terrorize you. . . .

Letter from America


Author: Alistair Cooke

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 544

View: 660

When Alistair Cooke retired in March 2004 and then died a few weeks later, he was acclaimed by many as one of the greatest broadcasters of all time. His Letters from America, which began in 1946 and continued uninterrupted every week until early 2004, kept the world in touch with what was happening in Cooke's wry, liberal and humane style. This selection, made largely by Cooke himself and supplemented by his literary executor, gives us the very best of these legendary broadcasts. Over half have never appeared in print before. It is a remarkable portrait of a continent - and a man.

A Conservative Walks Into a Bar

The Politics of Political Humor

Author: A. Dagnes

Publisher: Springer


Category: Political Science

Page: 239

View: 902

This book examines why there are so few conservative political satirists today and explores the consequences of this imbalance.

Neilson Plays:1

Normal; Penetrator; Year of the Family; Night Before Christmas; Censor

Author: Anthony Neilson

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Drama

Page: 304

View: 586

Anthony Neilson's plays collected in one volume Includes the plays: Normal "a tight, powerful, three-hander...achieved with a sense of discipline and thematic energy" (Guardian), Penetrator "This is one of the blackest, funniest and most shocking comedy dramas you will ever see" (Sunday Times), Year of the Family "His writing is as tight and courageous as ever...highly recommended for those who like to think" (What's On), The Night Before Christmas "is a smutty, dangerously funny but ultimately warm-hearted cri de coeur against the Christmas Industry" (Stage); The Censor "is a profound and tragic vision of humanity at its bare forked basics" (Evening Standard).

101 Amazing Knock Knock Jokes

Author: Jack Goldstein

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 28

View: 990

This side-splitting collection of 101 of the best knock knock jokes you have ever heard is dangerously funny! Jack Goldstein caters for children of all ages with this hilarious joke book with over one hundred jokes that will have all the family laughing. Organised into categories so you have a knock knock joke for every occasion, this is an ideal addition to any budding comedian’s bookshelf.

Brothers Under The Skin

Travels in Tyranny

Author: Christopher Hope

Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Category: Political Science

Page: 288

View: 195

A brilliant examination of Robert Mugabe dictatorship and the nature of modern tyranny, written by an award winning novelist and journalist.Christopher Hope met his first dictator when he was 6 years old. Dr Henrik Verwoerd was a neighbour of the Hope family and went on to become the architect of apartheid. He was the first, but not the last. In this remarkable book, Christopher Hope searches out the unmistakable 'perfume' that marks out a tyrant, a tyrant like Robert Mugabe. Hope though the days of Verwoerd were gone until Robert Mugabe began to mimic the old Doctor. Hope dissects the person and presumption of Mugabe, the mixture of terror and comedy that makes up his dictatorship. Furthermore Perfume of a Tyrant describes the nature of modern tyranny, its wild paranoia, its murderous conviction of righteousness, its narrow depleted vocabulary and its inability to concede power, however small. Even though modern tyranny is not exclusively Zimbabwean, African or European, in Robert Mugabe is its leading exponent

The Wrecking Crew

The Inside Story of Rock and Roll's Best-Kept Secret

Author: Kent Hartman

Publisher: Macmillan


Category: Music

Page: 304

View: 801

Winner of the Oregon Book Award for General Nonfiction and Los Angeles Times bestseller "It makes good music sound better."-Janet Maslin in The New York Times "A fascinating look into the West Coast recording studio scene of the '60s and the inside story of the music you heard on the radio. If you always assumed the musicians you listened to were the same people you saw onstage, you are in for a big surprise!"-Dusty Street, host of Classic Vinyl on Sirius XM Satellite Radio If you were a fan of popular music in the 1960s and early '70s, you were a fan of the Wrecking Crew-whether you knew it or not. On hit record after hit record by everyone from the Byrds, the Beach Boys, and the Monkees to the Grass Roots, the 5th Dimension, Sonny & Cher, and Simon & Garfunkel, this collection of West Coast studio musicians from diverse backgrounds established themselves in Los Angeles, California as the driving sound of pop music-sometimes over the objection of actual band members forced to make way for Wrecking Crew members. Industry insider Kent Hartman tells the dramatic, definitive story of the musicians who forged a reputation throughout the business as the secret weapons behind the top recording stars. Mining invaluable interviews, the author follows the careers of such session masters as drummer Hal Blaine and keyboardist Larry Knechtel, as well as trailblazing bassist Carol Kaye-the only female in the bunch-who went on to play in thousands of recording sessions in this rock history. Readers will discover the Wrecking Crew members who would forge careers in their own right, including Glen Campbell and Leon Russell, and learn of the relationship between the Crew and such legends as Phil Spector and Jimmy Webb. Hartman also takes us inside the studio for the legendary sessions that gave us Pet Sounds, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and the rock classic "Layla," which Wrecking Crew drummer Jim Gordon cowrote with Eric Clapton for Derek and the Dominos. And the author recounts priceless scenes such as Mike Nesmith of the Monkees facing off with studio head Don Kirshner, Grass Roots lead guitarist (and future star of The Office) Creed Bratton getting fired from the group, and Michel Rubini unseating Frank Sinatra's pianist for the session in which the iconic singer improvised the hit-making ending to "Strangers in the Night." The Wrecking Crew tells the collective, behind-the-scenes stories of the artists who dominated Top 40 radio during the most exciting time in American popular culture.


Author: Lois Greiman

Publisher: Dell


Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 633

Christina McMullen, psychologist extraordinaire, has problems–not least of which are her needy clients, a schizophrenic septic system, and her sizzling-then-fizzling romance with Lieutenant Jack Rivera. But Chrissy has yet another problem she’d like to ignore: finding her secretary’s missing boyfriend. Okay, so she secretly hopes the vertically challenged computer geek has harmlessly departed from Elaine’s life–after all, there’s no evidence to suggest foul play. But when her razor-sharp instincts, honed by years as a cocktail waitress, start screaming, she’ll have to use all her skills to protect Laney and herself from a fate far worse than heartbreak…and a little more like murder. From the Paperback edition.

Surrender my Heart

Author: Lois Greiman

Publisher: NYLA


Category: Fiction

Page: 376

View: 994

“Lois Greiman delivers!” –Christina Dodd, New York Times bestselling author Tall, wickedly handsome and genteel, Southern gentleman Justin Stearns is shocked when he overhears a scoundrel offering to sell his sister for $700. Always the hero, Justin pays the rascal and saves the innocent waif... But that innocent waif turns out to be a sensuous, spirited, flame-haired seductress named Megan O’Rourke...who upon first meeting Justin, holds him up at gunpoint, steals his trousers and disappears into the South Carolina night! Enraged at playing the fool, Justin vows vengeance on the stunningly beautiful Yankee con woman...though he’s not entirely sure himself if he’s searching for revenge or another carnal moment with the voluptuous redhead... But Justin is skilled in the art of seduction too! And with passionate caresses and red-hot kisses, the plantation owner intends to show this sexy redheaded Yankee the error of her ways—and just how sweet surrender in his arms can be...

The Great Parade

Broadway's Astonishing, Never-to-Be-Forgotten 1963-1964 Season

Author: Peter Filichia

Publisher: St. Martin's Press


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 304

View: 888

It was the Broadway season when Barbra Streisand demanded "Don't Rain on My Parade" and Carol Channing heard the waiters at the Harmonia Gardens say "Hello, Dolly!". From June 1, 1963 through the final day of May 31, 1964, theatergoers were offered 68 different productions: 24 new plays, 15 new comedies, 14 new musicals, 5 revivals of plays, 3 revues, 3 plays in Yiddish, 2 in French, 1 double-bill and even 1 puppet show. Peter Filichia's The Great Parade will look at what a Broadway season looked like a half-century ago analyzing the hits, the flops, the trends, the surprises, the disappointments, the stars and even how the assassination of JFK and the arrival of the Beatles affected Broadway. The Great Parade is a chronicle of a Broadway season unprecedented in the star power onstage: Barbara Streisand, Carol Channing, Claudette Colbert. Colleen Dewhurst, Hal Holbrook, Mary Martin, Christopher Plummer, Robert Preston, Julie Harris, Jason Robards, Jr., Carol Burnett, Tallulah Bankhead, Alec Guinness, Kirk Douglas, Albert Finney, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Richard Burton, Mary Martin, Beatrice Lillie, Hermione Gingold, Robert Redford and many more. Neil Simon and Stephen Sondheim burst on to the Broadway stage with Barefoot in the Park and Anyone Can Whistle. The '63-'64 season was one of Broadway's greatest and in The Great Parade, Peter Filichia gives us another classic.

My Year of Living Dangerously: An American Soldier in Afghanistan, revised B&W edition

An American Soldier in Afghanistan

Author: William Jones

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Afghan War, 2001-

Page: 165

View: 784

What is it like to deploy to Afghanistan? Take a glimpse inside a yearlong experience told through photos and uncensored commentary. Bill "Rooster" Jones volunteered for duty in Afghanistan in September 2007 through August 2008 and served as an Engineer in both the mountainous Hindu-Kush region in the north and the violent and dangerous Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan. He kept in touch with friends and family religiously, chronicling his journey through photos and a running commentary that is direct, descriptive, and often humorous. This book captures what he saw, felt, and thought throughout his tour. Unlike most books about war, this story is not about politics, strategy or tactics. It explains what it was like to be there. Rooster captures the essence of place - the smells, sights, and feelings that we would all experience if we had been in his boots. Join Lieutenant Colonel Jones and see what it is like to work and travel in a war-torn country.--Book review.

The Year of Eating Dangerously

A Global Adventure in Search of Culinary Extremes

Author: Tom Parker Bowles

Publisher: St. Martin's Press


Category: Cooking

Page: 400

View: 834

Fugu. Dog. Cobra. Bees. Spleen. A 600,000 SCU chili pepper. All considered foods by millions of people around the world. And all objects of great fascination to Tom Parker Bowles, a food journalist who grew up eating his mother's considerably safer roast chicken, shepherd's pie and mushy peas. Intrigued by the food phobias of two friends, Parker Bowles became inspired to examine the cultural divides that make some foods verboten or "dangerous" in the culture he grew up with while being seen as lip-smacking delicacies in others. So began a year-long odyssey through Asia, Europe and America in search of the world's most thrilling, terrifying and odd foods. Parker Bowles is always witty and sometimes downright hilarious in recounting his quest for envelope-pushing meals, ranging from the potentially lethal to the outright disgusting to the merely gluttonous—and he proves in this book that an open mouth and an open mind are the only passports a man needs to truly discover the world.