CSA Cases Workbook for the MRCGP

Author: Ellen Welch

Publisher: Scion Publishing


Category: Medical

Page: 466

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Winner of the BMA Young Authors Award, Highly Commended in the Primary Health Care category, September 2015! This is a uniqueresource for trainee GPs written by three GPs who recently passed the CSAhaving put together these cases as part of their preparation for the exam. Designed to be usedby GP revision groups, the ring-bound pack provides 64 cases structured aroundthe RCGP curriculum statement areas. The book is designed to allow each memberof the revision group to act as ‘doctor’, ‘patient’ or ‘observer’ and to takeout just the pages they need ahead of the next revision session – this makesthe practice consultations as exam-like as possible. Each case features: informationfor the doctor – thispage provides the doctor with a brief summary of their patient informationfor the patient – thispage provides all the background information (including ICE, informationdivulged freely and information only divulged if specifically asked about) toallow the person in your group to ‘act’ as the patient; on the back of thispage are any results and examination findings that you can provide to thedoctor if they ask for it appropriately markingscheme for the observer – this page provides the observer in your group with asimple checklist of positive and negative descriptors in each of the threedomains (data gathering, clinical management and interpersonal) To help further withrevision, each curriculum area is split up into: possiblecases – liststhe cases most likely to come up in the CSA (including emergency and ‘special’cases, where there may be an ethical dilemma, an angry patient or scenariowhich focuses more on consultation skills than clinical content) revisionnotes – theseprovide the key NICE and SIGN guidelines, along with other helpful referencesand websites, that the whole group can read ahead of a revision session on thatcurriculum area materialfor the patient –a list of resources that you could usefully guide the patient towards in theconsultation practiceexplanations –topics, tests and procedures that you should be able to describe to the patientin a couple of minutes practiceexaminations –procedures you should be able to undertake confidently Your revision group needs just a single copyof CSA Cases Workbook rather than multiple copies of any other book, andno photocopying needed either!

The Naked Consultation

A Practical Guide to Primary Care Consultation Skills, Second Edition

Author: Liz Moulton

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Medical

Page: 214

View: 864

Don’t Wait Until Something Goes Wrong to Think About Your Consultation Skills Designed specifically for busy health professionals working in primary care, The Naked Consultation: A Practical Guide to Primary Care Consultation Skills covers all aspects of the primary care consultation in a clear, concise, and highly readable manner. The book begins by breaking the primary care consultation into its components, making it easier to focus on particular areas and practise skills such as encouraging patients to explain what’s wrong, summarising and reflecting, and giving information to patients. The book then describes how to effectively use educational tools—such as videoing, random case analysis, problem case debriefing, and feedback—to improve consultations. It also explains in detail how to demonstrate proficient consultation skills in the Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP) exam and the importance of these skills in appraisal/revalidation. Certified for continuing professional development (CPD®) by The CPD Certification Service, this fully updated and revised Second Edition incorporates new thinking and consultation models, including the 6 S model and the new doctor, patient, illness model. It also provides detailed analysis of the latest Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) assessment tools, such as the clinical skills assessment exam (CSA) and the consultation observation tool (COT). Complete with illuminating case studies, photocopiable forms, and a jargon-busting appendix, The Naked Consultation: A Practical Guide to Primary Care Consultation Skills, Second Edition offers valuable insight into the key phases of the primary care consultation, the best features of common consultation models, and the real-world application of popular consultation techniques.

CSA Revision Notes for the MRCGP

Author: Stannett

Publisher: Scion Pub Limited


Category: Medical

Page: 236

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This bookhelps you to revise and prepare for the CSA part of the MRCGP exam. The new edition features an additional 11clinical scenarios, all presented in the same standardised format to helpyou to improve your: * data gathering – a broad range of appropriate questions to ask the patient are provided and red flags are highlighted where appropriate * interpersonal skills – eachclinical problem is described using terms that you can use in your explanationsto patients * clinical management – tellsyou which examinations to consider, which investigations to order, and how tomanage each clinical problem based on the latest guidelines and current bestpractice * consultations – to help youpractise, every clinical case features a realistic role play scenario, all of which have been extended withadditional information in the new edition. Every clinical scenario in this new editionhas been updated and new appendices have been added to cover driving and thelatest DVLA guidelines, and when to suspect child maltreatment. The book isdesigned to be used as a workbook, with wide margins to allow you to add inyour own notes, questions and other aides-memoires. Used in this way, CSA Revision Notes for the MRCGPis the ideal book to help you successfully prepare for the exam. From reviews of the first edition: “Following the glowing reviews of this book I bought it for my CSApreparation. It is a very well written book and a good resource for the CSA. Ilike the lay out with different case scenarios presented in the CSA style of –data gathering, interpersonal skills and clinical management. I like the openquestions and focused questions for each scenario and the role play idea at theend of each case scenario. Interestingly this is the recommended read from ourVTS programme.”

The MRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) Workbook

Author: Monal Wadhera

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing


Category: Medical

Page: 294

View: 849

Includes a range of scenarios representative of those MRCGP CSA candidates will encounter, each created with direct input from an MRCGP examiner