Bundle: Stohr: Corrections: The Essentials 2e + Davis: The Concise Dictionary of Crime and Justice 2e

Author: Mary K. Stohr



Category: Social Science


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We offer these texts bundled together at a discount for your students! Mary K. Stohr, Corrections: The Essentials, Second Edition Corrections: The Essentials, is a comprehensive, yet compact version of corrections by two esteemed authors who are experts in the field. The text addresses the most important topics in corrections in a shorter and more cost-effective format. The Second Edition continues to cover the history, development, and future of corrections as well as provides new coverage of Ethics and the Death Penalty. The book's brevity makes it an excellent core textbook that can easily be supplemented with additional reading materials. Mark S. Davis, The Concise Dictionary of Crime and Justice, Second Edition A useful reference work for faculty and students, criminal justice professionals, writers, and anyone else interested in criminal justice and criminology, The Concise Dictionary of Crime and Justice, Second Edition, is an excellent, wide-ranging resource with clear definitions for over 3,000 key criminal justice terms. Often going beyond simply definitions, the dictionary places the entries in a meaningful context, connecting the definitions with other concepts. The dictionary uniquely presents common misperceptions for selected terms, along with additional relevant information to clarify a term's use or derivation. Please contact your Sales Representativefor more information.