Creating Dorset Buttons

A Classic Craft Made New

Author: Pat Olski

Publisher: Dover Publications



Page: 96

View: 530

A history of this centuries-old craft presents step-by-step instructions with full-color illustrations for 30 variations on the basic procedure. Ideal for knitting, sewing, and needlepoint aficionados wishing to embellish handmade items.

The Weaving Explorer

Ingenious Techniques, Accessible Tools & Creative Projects with Yarn, Paper, Wire & More

Author: Deborah Jarchow

Publisher: Storey Publishing


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 320

View: 135

Weaving is a highly accessible craft — over, under is the basic technique — but the stumbling block for many would-be weavers has been the high cost of a commercial loom. The Weaving Explorer removes that barrier, inviting crafters and artists to try out an amazing range of techniques and creative projects that are achievable with a simple homemade loom, or no loom at all! Weavers Deborah Jarchow and Gwen W. Steege take inspiration from the world of folk weaving traditions, adding a contemporary spin by introducing an unexpected range of materials and home dec projects. From sturdy rag fabric grocery bags to freeform wire baskets, delicately woven thread bracelets to colorful woven rugs, crafters will delight in exploring the opportunities to make their own personal variations on these beautiful — and functional — creations.

The Button Maker

30 Great Techniques and 35 Stylish Projects

Author: Sarah Beaman

Publisher: Anova Books


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

View: 532

For anyone who enjoys finding the fun in the everyday, Sarah Beaman's delightful new compendium of button making techniques is a treasure trove of inspiration. Using a diverse array of materials--from clay and fabric to wood and shells--Beaman teaches readers how to produce buttons that transcend their function to become works of art. Turn off-the-rack shirts into personalized fashion statements, or add the perfect adornment to a handcrafted purse. Hundreds of illustrations guide the reader through the various techniques, with over 30 projects focusing on different materials and effects. Whether creating ladybug buttons from clay or colorful spotted fasteners from felt, Beaman makes button making easy, and ensures that no buttonhole need go unadorned again.

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Color Knitting

Author: Mary Scott Huff

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 304

View: 733

Each illustrated resource offers visual learners a great beginner's guide to a particular topic, augmenting step-by-step instructions with full-color screen shots.

Take a Tea Towel

Author: Jemima Schlee



Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

View: 622

Clean, crisp and practical. That sums up the classic linen tea towel, and also this innovative new title. Take a tea towel contains 16 projects, four for each of the main four areas in the home: bathroom, kitchen, laundry and workroom, all using hardwearing Irish linen tea towels. Embellishing the pieces with different techniques such as dip dying, embroidery, fabric painting, and photo transfers each project has an aesthetic simplicity and is practical and hardwearing. Linen is a very durable, strong fabric. The author, Jemima Schlee, has used the beautiful, timeless Irish linen glass cloth because the nostalgic, striped glass cloth sits comfortably in any interior as simple, practical and timeless. But, of course any natural-fibre cloth in linen, cotton or a linen-cotton mix, and of roughly the same dimensions, can be substituted to make the reader's projects more personal. The humble tea towel is a wonderful thing. Classic gingham or striped cloths, bright French jacquard, kitsch maps of childhood holiday destinations - whether made from cotton or linen they are hard wearing and iron to a crisp fresh finish. The book will appeal to people who want to learn to sew, those who want to develop their sewing skills, for those with a love of simple, clean design and an appreciation of the utilitarian simplicity of Shaker design. This multi-craft project book teaches machine- and hand-sewing techniques and also includes different ways of adorning fabrics: dying, embroidery, fabric painting, photo transfers, Dorset button making, and many more.

Stitch, Fabric & Thread

An Inspirational Guide for Creative Stitchers

Author: Elizabeth Healey

Publisher: Search Press(UK)


Category: Sewing

Page: 160

View: 671

This inventive book is a treasure trove of over 40 inspiring practical exercises, a rich and creative exploration of fabric and stitch, and a fascinating all-round read. The exercises draw inspiration from around the world: create corded works of art inspired by Milton Glaser's iconic Bob Dylan album cover; create bold embroidered African masks; layer up and cut away to create Mola applique; use bleach and fabric paint to create Aboriginal dreamtime lizards; create knotted works of art inspired by ancient Mayan counting systems; embroider varsity cross-stitch letters or try out decorative Japanese book binding. Alternatively, try a host of other techniques such as quilting, printing, dyeing, couching tumbled crockery, creating pleats and puckers and needlelace. The book also contains 'behind the stitches' features: illuminating insights into sewing movements such as Boro textiles, Gee's Bend quilting and Dorset buttons.