Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere

Author: Jeanette Winterson

Publisher: Canongate Books


Category: Social Science

Page: 128

View: 129

Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere is a timely and inspiring call to arms by one of Britain’s most acclaimed and important writers. Whilst recognising how far women have come in the hundred years since getting the vote, Jeanette Winterson also insists that we must all do much more if we are to achieve true gender equality. Examining recent women’s rights movements, the worlds of politics, technology and social media and changes in the law, Winterson calls out all the ways in which women still face discrimination and disadvantage. Like the women who won the right to vote, we need to shout up, reach out, be courageous and finish the job. Also included in this volume is Emmeline Pankhurst’s landmark Suffragette speech, ‘Freedom or Death’, which she delivered in 1913.

Quintessence...Realizing the Archaic Future

A Radical Elemental Feminist Manifesto

Author: Mary Daly

Publisher: Beacon Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 392

"Suffused with her inimitable word play and stunning intelligence, and embodying a balance of mysticism and critical theory, Daly's clarion call to uncover the quintessence of the universe is quite an intriguing tune." -On the Issues

Chasing the Scream

The Search for the Truth About Addiction

Author: Johann Hari

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Social Science

Page: 400

View: 176

THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER THE INSPIRATION FOR THE FEATURE FILM THE UNITED STATES VS. BILLIE HOLIDAY 'Screamingly addictive' STEPHEN FRY 'Superb ... Thrilling story-telling' NAOMI KLEIN 'A powerful contribution to an urgent debate' GUARDIAN What if everything we've been told about addiction is wrong? One of Johann Hari's earliest memories is of trying to wake up one of his relatives and not being able to. As he grew older, he realised there was addiction in his family. Confused, he set out on a three-year, thirty-thousand mile journey to discover what really causes addiction – and how to solve it. Told through a series of gripping human stories, this book was the basis of a TED talk and animation that have been viewed more than twenty million times. It has transformed the global debate about addiction.

Abc of Quotes

Author: Vincent Thnay

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Self-Help


View: 283

‘ABC of Quotes’ is a compilation of quotes on various topics / subjects, alphabetically arranged for easier reference.

Remembering Women’s Activism

Author: Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

Publisher: Routledge


Category: History

Page: 254

View: 683

Remembering Women’s Activism examines the intersections between gender politics and acts of remembrance by tracing the cultural memories of women who are known for their actions. Memories are constantly being reinterpreted and are profoundly shaped by gender. This book explores the gendered dimensions of history and memory through nation-based and transnational case studies from the Asia-Pacific region and Anglophone world. Chapters consider how different forms of women’s activism have been remembered: the efforts of suffragists in Britain, the USA and Australia to document their own histories and preserve their memory; Constance Markievicz and Qiu Jin, two early twentieth-century political activists in Ireland and China respectively; the struggles of women workers; and the movement for redress of those who have suffered militarized sexual abuse. The book concludes by reflecting on the mobilization of memories of activism in the present. Transnational in scope and with reference to both state-centred and organic acts of remembering, including memorial practices, physical sites of memory, popular culture and social media, Remembering Women’s Activism is an ideal volume for all students of gender and history, the history of feminism, and the relationship between memory and history.

Talk Art

Everything you wanted to know about contemporary art but were afraid to ask

Author: Russell Tovey

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Art

Page: 224

View: 188

*** 'As rabid admirers and collectors of contemporary art and photography we wholeheartedly recommend this passionate and joyous book. Without art the human soul is unfulfilled. This collection by Russell and Robert fully explains why.' Sir Elton John and David Furnish 'Russell and Robert have made talking art not just pleasurable but necessary.' Lena Dunham 'As witty, wise and well informed as Russell and Robert's excellent podcast.' Edward Enninful, OBE When launching the Talk Art podcast in 2018, actor Russell Tovey and gallerist Robert Diament had one clear aim: to make the art world more accessible. Since then, the podcast has grown to be a global hit, featuring exclusive interviews with leading artists, curators, gallerists, actors, musicians and fellow art lovers such as Lena Dunham, Sir Paul Smith, David Shrigley, Noel Fielding, Edward Enninful, Rose Wylie and Sir Elton John. Talk Art, the book, is a beautiful and accessible celebration of contemporary art, and a guidebook to navigating and engaging with the art world. Covering a range of different media from photography and ceramics to performance and sound art, the book explores the way art interacts with our society, highlights lesser-known artists, and provides a snapshot of the art world as it is today. With a wealth of imagery - some never before seen in print and some created exclusively for the book - and an informative, engaging narrative, Talk Art will become the must-have book art lovers return to again and again. The book features highlights from interviews with: Tracey Emin, Jordan Casteel, Jerry Saltz, Elton John, Grayson Perry, Ian McKellen, Alasdair McLellan, Helen Cammock, Somaya Critchlow and many more. Praise for the podcast: "lively, accessible and enthusiastic" - Financial Times "as fast-paced and gossipy as it is genuinely interesting" - Dazed "trendy, gossipy, fast-paced conversational fun" - New York Times "It's an education, but not in an alienating highbrow way" - NME

The Book of Courage

Author: John Thomson Faris

Publisher: Binker North


Category: Philosophy

Page: 219

View: 573

The Book of Courage is a self-help classic about overcoming fear by John Thomson Faris.

Culture of Courage

Author: Frank Channing Haddock



Category: Courage

Page: 450

View: 489

Silent Courage

An Indian Story : the Autobiography of George P. Lee, a Navajo

Author: George P. Lee

Publisher: Shadow Mountain


Category: Indians of North America

Page: 359

View: 310

"George P Lee was taught by his father in all ways of the Navajo. He grew up on the reservation just like other Navajo boys. He learned to hunt prairie dogs for food, to herd sheep, to work in the bean fields of Colorado to help support his family, and to worship the Navajo religion - a religion that pervaded every aspect of life. But George P. Lee was different from other boys, too. His sacred name was Boy Who Is Well Behaved and Good, and he tried to live up to that name by honoring his parents and working hard. He was receptive to things of the Spirit, and through the example and help of faithful Latter-day Saints, he was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This young Navajo became one of the first students on the Church's Indian Student Placement program, and he rapidly became a leader at school. Seeing the value of a good education and wanting to help his people, he attended Brigham Young University and eventually earned a doctorate in education. He served as the president of a college in Arizona and as a mission president. Finally, he was called as a General Authority of the Church. Silent Courage is the fascinating autobiography of this great man. The book will be of great value to the Indians, showing them that they can overcome their problems and succeed, both on and off the reservation. And it will help all Church members better understand the problems, needs, and destiny of the Lamanite people."--Book jacket.

International Woman Suffrage: October 1918-September 1920

Author: Sybil Oldfield

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Women

Page: 404

View: 685

As the monthly periodical of the early twentieth century women's movement, "International Woman Suffrage" (originally "Ius Suffragii") was read by the leading figures of the suffrage movement in more than thirty countries. Featuring an in-depth introduction to the material and its social and historical context, this four-volume set reprints eight years of the journal, making this rare resource available to students and researchers in a variety of disciplines. In addition to women's fight for the vote, "International Woman Suffrage 1913-1920" covered such highly controversial topics as the age of consent for girls, alcohol control, education of girls, new employment openings for women, divorce law reform, health insurance for mothers, maternity benefits, minimum wages, prostitution, women medical workers, women police, women politicians, and other subjects of debate. Truly global for its time, issues included articles by women from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bohemia, British India, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Rumania, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA.


Author: Barbara Darling-Smith



Category: Philosophy

Page: 150

View: 213

This timely book brings together ten scholars in the varied fields of philosophy, theology, history, anthropology, and literature to reflect on the theme of courage. Contributors to this volume agree that courage is not just for the few or the dramatically heroic. While some of the authors do invoke awe-inspiring instances of death-defying courage, all recognize that courage is required of every one of us. The first section of Courage, entitled "Courage in Philosophy and Literature," begins with William Desmond's exploration of the transcendent dimension of courage, which comes to us not from within ourselves but from beyond ourselves. Leroy Rouner's essay utilizes Paul Tillich's interpretation of faith as courage in The Courage to Be and then goes on to suggest that original sin be understood in today's terms as ontological loneliness. Remi Brague, following Nietzsche, finds that the virtue called for in modern times is intellectual honesty--the courage to face the truth. Geoffrey Hill's essay looks at depictions of courage in the writings of Shakespeare and his immediate predecessors. Philip Ivanhoe suggests that Aristotle's understanding of courage can be deepened by the writings of the Confucian thinker Mengzi (Mencius), who insisted that "great courage"--courage directed toward morally praiseworthy ends--is the result of a continuing process of self-cultivation. The second section, "Courage in War, Peace, and Nation Building," includes John Taylor's study of courage in wartime, which focuses particularly on Robert E. Lee and his courage. Daniel Berrigan's piece, on the other hand, finds in the famous Isaiah text "And they will hammer their swords into plowshares" a summons to peace making. Lucius Outlaw calls for courage from each of us in constructing a multiracial, multiethnic democracy with "justice for all." "Courage Every Day" is the theme of the final section. Robert Neville illuminates the many varieties of courage called for each day of our lives, including the courage to dare, the courage of self-identity, the courage to love, and the courage to be alone. Katherine Platt concludes these explorations of courage with the hope-inspiring suggestion that courage is a habit we can practice.


A Book for Champions

Author: Edwin Louis Cole

Publisher: Harrison House


Category: Courage

Page: 164

View: 748

Father Courage

What Happens when Men Put Family First

Author: Suzanne Braun Levine

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 264

View: 514

An analysis of the difficulties of balancing fatherhood and a career draws from scores of interviews with men, delineating the problems of parenting and offering solutions to the stresses involved

Mother Courage

Author: Hans Jakob Christoph von Grimmelshausen

Publisher: London : Folio Society


Category: Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648

Page: 151

View: 962

Courage America

Author: Sheridan Downey



Category: Social problems

Page: 47

View: 842

Courage and Service

Chinese Australians and World War II

Author: Diana Giese



Category: Chinese

Page: 53

View: 727

Lamps of Courage

Four Novellas Honoring the Valor of Nurses Who Served Both God and Country

Author: Renee DeMarco

Publisher: Barbour Pub Incorporated


Category: Fiction

Page: 343

View: 361

When life seems most hopeless, Lucy Danielson starts a journal and collection of letters By Dim and Flaring Lamps. The Civil War is pressing upon her and all she holds dear, and it seems she must sacrifice her childhood love for the sake of honor and duty. Can serving the sick and wounded alongside her father fill the void in her life? Both of Lucy's twin granddaughters wanted to be nurses, but only Glorie actually finished the training. Stuck in a hometown hospital, she feels cheated that she isn't serving overseas with the doughboys in the Great War. Can she find her purpose while keeping the Home Fires Burning? Elisabeth Baker hoped that serving with the Red Cross would keep her away from the devastation of World War II, but she finds herself stationed at a northeastern refueling station in Labrador where each day a new friend is injured - or worse. During a winter of perpetual darkness, can she find the strength to be A Light in the Night to her patients and friends? Chasing down the enemies of disease and death in war-torn countries of the world is Kiersten Davis's dream. But before she can obtain her nursing degree, she must intern at clinics where homelessness, drug addictions, and abuse affront her. Can she find her path in life by praying Beside the Golden Door of a children's ward? For over one hundred years the descendants of Lucy Danielson have maintained her legacy - her journals, her letters, a special lamp pin, and her desire to heal. Follow these brave women as they seek God's will in their lives - and are blessed along the way by finding special men to share their dreams.