An Introduction

Author: Richard P. Seiter

Publisher: Pearson


Category: Law


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This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. A practical, inside look at the world of corrections Updated with state-of-the-practice information, recent data, and new research and findings, Corrections: An Introduction, 5/e, provides a practical approach to the world of corrections. Richard Seiter focuses on what people do in corrections, why they do it, and what challenges face contemporary correctional staff and administrators. Seiter gives students a first-hand look at corrections, integrating his experience in the field with correctional theory, history, and policy. Coverage of the realities and rationales of actual correctional practices at the local, state, and federal levels allows readers to see how theory is put into practice. Engaging case studies, career tips, and personal insights help students connect with the material and gain a realistic and practical understanding of corrections today. Corrections, 5/e is also available via REVEL™, an interactive learning environment that enables students to read, practice, and study in one continuous experience. Learn more.

An Introduction to Spanish for Health Care Workers

Communication and Culture

Author: Robert O. Chase

Publisher: Yale University Press


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 367

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Now in its third edition, this widely used textbook is designed for students with little or no formal background in Spanish. It provides the necessary language and vocabulary to facilitate better communication between health care providers and the growing Spanish-speaking community. This classroom text uses readings, exercises, and interactive activities such as challenging and enjoyable improvisation to integrate structure, Spanish medical vocabulary, and colloquial terms that nurses, doctors, dentists, and allied health professionals need most. Rich cultural notes explain Latino customs and communication styles. New to the Third Edition: • DVD video featuring dramatic interactions between a family and its health care providers as well as demonstrations of specific communication tasks in health care • More communicative activities and larger lexicon • Revised and expanded cultural notes • A companion Web site - - with self-correcting quizzes and links to medical and language sites

Privatizing Correctional Institutions

Author: Gary W. Bowman

Publisher: Transaction Publishers


Category: Social Science

Page: 246

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With more than one million people behind bars, the United States imprisons a larger share of its population than any other industrialized nation. This has precipitated a serious overcrowding problem with federal and state prisons currently operating well beyond capacity. Conventional efforts appear unable to cope with the increasing shortage of beds or with inadequate rehabilitation services. A bold solution is required; increasingly it is being seen to reside in the private sector. This timely volume explores the issues of private versus public financing, construction, and management of medium-and high-security prisons. Private prisons are not a new concept in the United States. They have existed in several forms since the eighteenth century. The opening chapters evaluate historical cases of prisons for profit, examining the concerns of labor, abuses of inmates, and the source and resolution of disputes between private and public sectors. These chapters argue that the experience gained through privatization does not justify current opposition from civil libertarians or labor unions. Chapters dealing with the modern contracting out of complete management and limited services document the growing trend toward privatization and instances of public/private partnership in prison industries. The assembled evidence indicates clearly that privately run prisons have shown significant cost savings and good quality of provision for prisoners while still being profitable. However, the authors caution that these promising results must be reinforced by public safeguards in the contracting stage and monitoring to assure good service and security. With the American prison system in disarray, the public interest demands that government look beyond the public or private identity of those who wish to provide correctional services and focus instead on who can provide the best services at a given cost. It is essential to state that correctional services should attain several objectives and not merely cost minimization. The analysis and recommendations presented here will aid in the task. "Privatizing Correctional Institutions "will be of interest to law-enforcement officials, public policy analysts, penologists, and criminologists.

Philosophy of Science: An Introduction (Fifth Edition)

Author: Thomas J. Hickey

Publisher: Thomas J. Hickey


Category: Philosophy

Page: 162

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This concise and accessible book is a synthesis of the basic principles of the contemporary pragmatist (or neopragmatist) philosophy of science. It discusses the aim of basic science, the methods of scientific discovery, the criteria for scientific criticism, and the nature of scientific explanation. Included is description of a newly emergent specialty called computational philosophy of science, in which computerized discovery systems create and test new scientific theories. The book also examines the essentials of the underlying pragmatist philosophy of language that has made philosophy of science a coherent and analytical discipline, and that has given new meaning to such key concepts as "theory", "observation" and "explanation". This is the fifth edition.

The Corrections Profession

Author: Harold E. Williamson

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated


Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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Williamson has taken two approaches: to clarify and define the various professional roles in the prison service and to articulate the basic obligations of prison officers and wardens.

Criminal justice

an overview

Author: Alexander B. Smith

Publisher: Thomson Learning


Category: Law

Page: 312

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