Slow Cooking All Year 'Round

More than 225 of our favorite recipes for the slow cooker, plus time-saving tricks & tips for everyone's favorite kitchen helper!

Author: Gooseberry Patch

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Cooking

Page: 224

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This highly anticipated cookbook from Gooseberry Patch (creators of bestselling Super-Fast Slow Cooking) features 228 simple recipes and dozens more tips for making the most of this ever-popular kitchen helper. Arranged by season, the delightful collection includes recipes for every occasion, from holiday entertaining and special-occasion dinners to simple school-night suppers and backyard barbecues. With Slow Cooking All Year 'Round and a trusty slow cooker, a tasty home-cooked meal is never out of reach!

The New Family Cookbook

Author: America's Test Kitchen

Publisher: America's Test Kitchen


Category: Cooking

Page: 928

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All-new edition of our best-selling family cookbook with 1,100 new recipes! A comprehensive A to Z cookbook for anyone looking for an approachable timeless collection of foolproof recipes, cooking techniques, and product ratings from America’s Test Kitchen. The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, published in 2005, has sold more than 800,000 copies. We’ve completely updated and redesigned this edition, adding more than 1,100 new recipes to 200 best-loved classics from the original book. The 21 chapters include fresh modern takes on must-have recipes for everything from appetizers and soups to desserts of all kinds. If you want family-friendly recipes for casseroles, burgers, pizza, stovetop mac and cheese, vegetables and breakfast foods, look no further. Looking for new ways to cook chicken breasts, salmon, and pasta? You’ll find them here. More than 1,100 full-color step photographs and 300 recipe photos offer guidance and inspiration; each recipe gives the total time to make it to help you plan, and an illustrated equipment and buying guide features our shopping recommendations. Even if you have the first edition, you’ll want this one, too

The Best Slow and Easy Recipes

More Than 250 Foolproof, Flavor-Packed Roasts, Stews, Braises, Sides, and Desserts That Let the Oven Do the Work

Author: Cook's Illustrated

Publisher: America's Test Kitchen


Category: Cooking

Page: 352

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Recipes don't have to be fast to be simple The Best Slow & Easy Recipes gives you more than 250 recipes that show you why building flavor slower is sometimes better - and easier. The appeal of cooking food slowly is undeniable; a moderate oven temperature and extended cooking time can build rich, concentrated flavor and yield tender, juicy meat. But when most of us think of dishes that are slow cooking by nature - such as roasts, braises, and stews - we think of an all-day affair requiring constant attention, something to prepare for a special occasion or when you can commit a full day to the task. But in fact, in many cases just the opposite is true. These dishes are, for the most part, easy - although they take time, the process is largely unattended, leaving you free to simply walk away. You'll find all the classic slow-cooked dishes here - dishes where time, slow simmering, and gentle heat work their magic. We promise it's worth the wait.

Pressure Cooker Perfection

Author: America's Test Kitchen

Publisher: America's Test Kitchen


Category: Cooking

Page: 168

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100 foolproof pressure-cooker recipes that will change the way you cook. In Pressure Cooker Perfection, the first volume in our new test kitchen handbook series, the editors at America's Test Kitchen demystify an appliance that to many home cooks remains intimidating -- but shouldn't. Modern pressure cookers are safer, quieter, more reliable, and more user-friendly than old-fashioned jiggle-top models. And they can prepare a wide range of foods -- everything from barbecue to risotto -- in record time. Cooking under pressure results in better-tasting dishes because every drop of flavor is trapped in the sealed pot. This fact, combined with the shorter cooking time, means that your dishes will be supercharged with flavor. And cooking under pressure is versatile. While they're ideal for roasts and stews, pressure cookers can also turn out perfectly tender beans, grains, and legumes in short order. If ever there was a cooking method that could benefit from the obsessive trial and error that our test kitchen is known for, this is it. When cooking time is compressed, every minute matters, and when flavors are amplified, even a small change becomes significant. We ran hundreds of tests in fifteen pressure cookers to find out what works and what doesn't, and we deliver the foolproof, guaranteed-successful recipes in Pressure Cooker Perfection. With this foolproof guide to cooking under pressure, every home cook will be guaranteed success.

Main Street

The Story of Carol Kennicott

Author: Sinclair Lewis

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 820

The first of Sinclair Lewis’s great successes, Main Street shattered the sentimental American myth of happy small-town life with its satire of narrow-minded provincialism. Reflecting his own unhappy childhood in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, Lewis’s sixth novel attacked the conformity and dullness he saw in midwestern village life. Young college graduate Carol Milford moves from the city to tiny Gopher Prairie after marrying the local doctor, and tries to bring culture to the small town. But her efforts to reform the prairie village are met by a wall of gossip, greed, conventionality, pitifully unambitious cultural endeavors, and—worst of all—the pettiness and bigotry of small-town minds. Lewis’s portrayal of a marriage torn by disillusionment and a woman forced into compromises is at once devastating social satire and persuasive realism. His subtle characterizations and intimate details of small-town America make Main Street a complex and compelling work and established Lewis as an important figure in twentieth-century American literature.



Author: C.J. Teahan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 299

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In this book, CARON: Awakening, a mother shares her experiences and emotions during her daughter’s struggles to emerge from a coma following a closed head injury. The early chapters reflect the author’s heavy heart, as Caron wrestles to return to consciousness--and confusion. Eventually, Caron realizes the ramifications of an insult to her brain and joins her family ́s nightmare. From this point, focus switches to Caron ́s frustrations as she battles to piece her life back together again. Caron ́s family quickly learns that, especially under such tragic circumstances, laughter is essential. It stabilizes the family, contributes to awakening a comatose patient, and lightens the journey of the patient who emerges into a surreal world of disconnect from the little she remembers about the person she was and wants to think she still is. This family laughed! Come laugh—and cry—with them as Caron’s Mom reflects upon this difficult time in her family’s life, while also offering insights that might help other families and friends who shoulder a similar burden. --------------------------------- REVIEWS FROM AMAZON.COM: INSPIRATIONAL READ FOR ALL, September 30, 2010, by E. Standish Caron: Awakening is an incredible true story of a family ́s love, struggle, and triumph during a time of great hardship. Teahan weaves together the emotional realities of family members when dealing with a loved one who has a traumatic brain injury. She introduces the reader to the struggles and successes of working with the hospital personnel from the time her daughter was flown to the emergency room all the way through her rehabilitation and beyond. This book would be great for people experiencing a similar situation, or for people like me who are intrigued by a heartfelt story of the intense love of a mother for her daughter. This book kept me up night after night because I couldn ́t stop rooting for Caron and her recovery! You will laugh, cry, and celebrate right along with Caron and her family through every step of the journey. UPLIFTING & FUNNY/A HEARTWARMING STORY OF LOVE & FAMILY, November 11, 2010, by Dani Vaughn This book is both an intimate look into a situation nobody would ever hope to find themselves in and a "trust yourself" redemption story that gave me warm fuzzies at the end. I read for escape so I like my books to be brain candy - I want them to take me someplace I would/could not go on my own. This one did that. I cried and I laughed and I felt like I was living this story through the best and the worst.

Consuming St. Patrick’s Day

Author: Dominic Bryan

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Category: Saint Patrick's Day

Page: 240

View: 967

There is probably no national day that has such global popularity as St. Patrick’s Day. On St. Patrick’s Day, it is reputed that ‘Everyone is Irish’. What are the factors and factions that give the day such popular appeal? Is St. Patrick’s Day the same around the world – in Japan, Northern Ireland and Montserrat – as it is in the Republic of Ireland and the United States? Just how does ‘Irishness’ figure in the celebration and commemoration of St. Patrick’s Day, and how has this day been commoditized, consumed and contested? Does St. Patrick’s Day ‘belong’ to the people, the nation or the brewery? This edited volume brings together the best St. Patrick’s Day and Irish Studies scholars from the fields of history, anthropology, sociology, Irish studies, diaspora studies, and cultural studies. The volume thematically explores how St. Patrick’s Day has been consumed from the symbolic to the literal, the religious to the political. By doing so, it offers a fresh examination of its importance in contemporary society. This volume will thus appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students of Irish diaspora studies, and Irish historians and scholars, as well as to anthropology, sociology and cultural studies students interested in exploring St. Patrick’s Day as a case study of globalization, migration and commoditization.

Through the Eyes of a Raptor

Author: Julie Hahnke

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 424

View: 876

Orphaned upon her mother's death, thirteen-year-old Kelly MacBride is sent to live with a mysterious grandmother whose Highland estate whispers with intrigue. Aided by Gordie, an obsessive bagpiper with a penchant for Shakespeare and mischief, Kelly deciphers riddles penned in ancient runes. These lead her to hidden tunnels and secret chambers where she chances upon a how-to guide on shape-shifting. But plots lurk just out of view-an attack on the manor's working dogs, a midnight ambush, and a poisoning threaten the manor's safety. Shape-shifting might help Kelly identify the source of the danger, but as a mouse she can't run without tripping on her tail; in squirrel form she finds herself fifty feet in the air without a branch to cling to; and she learns just how blind bats are when she forgets to engage her echolocation. Can she get it right in time? Set in the Highlands of Scotland, Through the Eyes of a Raptor weaves Celtic myth and Scottish culture around questions of loyalty and betrayal, delivering a captivating tale of magic and suspense.

In Angst We Trust

Author: D. B. Meyer



Category: Fiction

Page: 436

View: 849

In a sleepy New England town, the life of 13-year-old Dave Foster changed forever. The Blue Bell explodes on the seemingly calm waters of Cider Creek. Dave is left in an emotional whirlwind as his life crashes down around him. He is determined to uncover the truth surrounding the deaths of his mother, father and uncle. Kelly Foster, his forty year-old aunt, finds her life spinning out of control. Losing her husband in the same tragic accident leaves a gigantic hole in her life and brings with it many uncertainties.Shedding her husband's conservative values, Kelly not only proves she can survive but lives her life with passion. What really caused the explosion? What will be uncovered in the charred remains of the Blue Bell? Will Dave ever uncover the truth? This secret is alive and well and Deadly.

The Romance of a Blizzard

Author: Elizabeth Rowe

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 282

View: 443

The Romance of a Blizzard By: Elizabeth Rowe Romance of a Blizzard tells the story of a loving white family in the South during the Civil War. The greed for more money and power caused undue suffering on the slaves, instead of being shown appreciation, caring, and remembrance. Through this era, we come across two young lovers who are torn apart and survive their long separation.

Risking It All

Author: Beverly Bird

Publisher: Silhouette


Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 892

This was the case that could make or break Grace Simkanian's career as a defense attorney, but her client, Aidan McKenna, wasn't making it easy for her. The charming cop enjoyed provoking and challenging her--inspiring emotions that were anything but professional. Grace was determined to win this case, but would she lose her heart in the process? Framed for extortion and set on proving his innocence, Aidan was forced to depend on the sleek, sophisticated Grace to help him find out who was behind the frame-up. His lady lawyer was pure temptation, and he yearned to set her cool demeanor on fire. But would putting his trust in Grace ultimately be Aidan's downfall?

And Still the Crows Laugh

Author: Mark Wolfe

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 280

View: 171

Set in the simpler days of the early 1970s, And Still the Crows Laugh is the story of two friends who grow together through their first loves, family difficulties, and their own inward journeys. Through no conscious choices of their own, the boys confront life-altering obstacles. David becomes lost in a world induced by psychedelic drugs, and Ashton unknowingly becomes a member of a clan of crows. With the help of an aged medicine woman, his own recovered ancient memories, and his animal spirits, Ashton enters the underworld and is able to save his friend. David and Ashton get into mischief, solve mysteries, meet a troll, fight monsters, and learn that things are not always what they appear to be. But most importantly, they discover that life is rarely black-and-white and that simply taking the time to listen to the ancient truths they already know may just be the key they need to find happiness.

Food in the Movies, 2d ed.

Author: Steve Zimmerman

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 483

View: 172

Although food has been part of motion pictures since the silent era, for the most part it has been treated with about as much respect as movie extras: it’s always been there on the screen but seldom noticed. For the most part filmmakers have settled on three basic ways to treat food: as a prop in which the food is usually obscured from sight or ignored by the actors; as a transition device to compress time and help advance the plot; as a symbol or metaphor, or in some other meaningful way, to make a dramatic point or to reveal an aspect of an actor’s character, mood or thought process. This hugely expanded and revised edition details 400 food scenes, in addition to the 400 films reviewed for the first edition, and an introduction tracing the technical, artistic and cultural forces that contributed to the emergence of food films as a new genre—originated by such films as Tampopo, Babette’s Feast and more recently by films like Mostly Martha, No Reservations and Ratatouille. A filmography is included as an appendix.

How to Braise Everything

Author: America's Test Kitchen

Publisher: America's Test Kichen


Category: Braising (Cooking)

Page: 408

View: 822

With one simple, mostly hands-off technique, you'll unlock deep flavors in meat, poultry, seafood, and even vegetables in this authoritative guide of 200 foolproof, unique recipes. Braises are far from just stews! The treasured technique of cooking food slowly and gently in liquid is a pillar of cuisines around the world, and How to Braise Everything is a modern master class. You'll learn that a pot roast cooks much in the same way as a warm-spiced Moroccan lamb tagine, savory Spanish stewed chickpeas, or even a pot full of hearty bacon-enhanced collard greens. The elemental method is simple: Combine your main ingredient with a flavorful liquid, cook (usually) at a low temperature, and you're left with superbly tender meat or vegetables and a flavorful sauce or broth, both parts benefitting from an exchange of flavors. But this simplicity doesn't mean there's not a right and a wrong way to braise. When should you sear your meat before its bath? Should you presoak your beans? What's better for braising: the oven or the stove? You'll discover tricks to coax out as much flavor as possible from braised subjects in streamlined recipes. We cover comforting favorites like Old-Fashioned Pot Roast and classics like Chicken Cacciatore while also bringing the technique up to date, exploring international dishes with vibrant flavors like Mexican Chicken with Pumpkin Seed Sauce and Hake in Saffron Broth with Chorizo and Potatoes. Verdant vegetable sides like Braised Spring Vegetables with Tarragon and hearty bean dishes like Curried Lentils with Golden Raisins complete the meal.

Twenty-Four Years of Mondays

Author: Nathaniel Papahawk Goldberg

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 231

View: 659

Twenty Four Years of Mondays is a novel that takes place in New Yorks East Village, the home of Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan and a host of others at the end of the Beat Generation. The book sketches the life of Gideon Polinsky, his love for the deceased writer Herman Hesse culminating in a bizarre existence as a hopeless madman caught up in several lifestyles. It is a dilemma of the very guts of the creative mind with its madness, its hunger, its suffering, and building to a crescendo within existence where the end connects the reader to the horror of possibility. Gideons lifestyle is extremely diverse, relentlessly packed with a raw, devouring painful side of life capturing the verve and passion of Greenwich Village in the early 60s.

Haunted (A Lexie Starr Mystery, Book 3)

Author: Jeanne Glidewell

Publisher: ePublishing Works!


Category: Fiction

Page: 236

View: 600

College Student Found Dead in Makeshift Coffin in the Lexie Starr Mystery, Haunted, by Jeanne Glidewell Lexie Starr, a widowed library assistant, converts her boyfriend's B&B into a haunted house for Halloween. But when a young college student is found truly dead in the makeshift coffin in the parlor, the Alexandria Inn has a second murder on the books. Fearing for her boyfriend's business, Lexie sets out to solve the murder on her own. It seems every suspect has an ax to grind with the victim, until Lexie's determination and impulsiveness turns up the real killer. Now she has to prove it before becoming the coffin's next occupant. REVIEWS: "I have enjoyed all of Jeanne Glidewell's books so far and this one is no exception! ~Amazon Verified Reviewer "I found myself talking to the characters saying things like "don't do it!". Very fun reading as always." ~Yvonne P., Amazon Reviewer "Jeanne Glidewell's books always make me laugh!"~Alice Duncan, author of The Daisy Gumm Majesty Mystery Series THE LEXIE STARR MYSTERIES, in series order Leave No Stone Unturned The Extinguished Guest Haunted With This Ring Just Ducky The Spirit of the Season (A Holiday Novella) Cozy Camping Marriage and Mayhem THE RIPPLE EFFECT MYSTERIES, in series order A Rip Roaring Good Time Rip Tide Ripped to Shreds Rip Your Heart Out Ripped Apart

Report of the Board of Managers

Author: National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers



Category: Soldiers' homes


View: 192

Enter A Future: Fantastic Tales from Asimov's Science Fiction

Author: Sheila Williams

Publisher: Dell Magazines


Category: Fiction

Page: 287

View: 586

This anthology opens with Connie Willis’s highly amusing and Hugo-Award-winning novella, “Inside Job,” and closes with Robert Silverberg’s poignant Hugo-winning novelette, “Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another.” In the “locations” between these captivating stories you’ll find exciting and richly rewarding tales by some of today’s best-known SF writers and several of its most talented newcomers. Each of these stories has something that Asimov’s is rightly famous for—strong and deeply moving characters that face their futures head on. Whether they’re a jazz musician on a starship, the spirit of H.L. Mencken tangling with a twenty-first century medium, or the new personality of a wayward teenager trying to stake a claim on a body that is and sort of isn’t hers, they must all find their way in uncharted territory. You can join them on their journey. Turn the electronic page and enter a future. A little later, you can enter another.