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Relazioni Degli Ambasciatori Veneti Al Senato

Author: Eugenio Albèri

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


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These editions of reports sent back by Venetian ambassadors to the Great Council of the Republic in the sixteenth century were edited by Eugenio Albèri (1807-78) and published between 1839 and 1863. As Albèri notes in his preface, a law of 1296 decreed that all embassies and legations should submit a written report to the Council at the end of their mission, and the surviving records provide an invaluable resource for both political and economic historians. The fifteen volumes are divided into three series, on relations with European states outside Italy; with other Italian states; and with the Ottoman Empire. Volume 2 (Volume 1 of the second series), published in 1839, contains reports dating from 1527 to 1561, dealing with relations with Florence and with the duchy of Savoy: the long-term consequences of the French invasion of Italy in 1499 are an important topic.

I personaggi dell'elegia di Properzio

atti del Convegno internazionale, Assisi, 26-28 maggio 2006

Author: Carlo Santini



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The Sacral Kingship / La Regalità Sacra

Contributions to the Central Theme of the VIIIth International Congress for the History of Religions (Rome, April 1955). Contributi al tema dell'VIII Congresso Internazionale di Storia delle Religioni (Roma, Aprile 1955). Published with the Help of the/Pu

Author: Carl-Martin Edsman

Publisher: BRILL


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