Connecting with the Angels Made Easy

How to See, Hear and Feel Your Angels

Author: Kyle Gray

Publisher: Hay House, Inc


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 208

View: 975

Learn how to communicate with the angels and interpret their signs for healing, support and guidance. Kyle Gray is one of the UK's most sought-after angel experts. He discovered his spiritual gift at the tender age of four and now dedicates his life to helping others tune in to their own intuitive talents. In this book, Kyle teaches readers how to connect with the angels and bring their divine, loving presence into all areas of life for powerful transformations. You will learn: • how to connect to your own guardian angel • how to see, hear and feel the presence of the angels • ways to communicate with the angels and powerful methods to seek their help • how to receive messages from the angels and truly trust their guidance • the different types of angels and their role in each area of your life This title was previously published as Angels (Hay House Basics series).

Connecting with the Fairies Made Easy

Discover the Magical World of the Nature Spirits

Author: Flavia Kate Peters

Publisher: Hay House, Inc


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 384

View: 327

An introductory book on connecting with the mystical, magical world of the Fairies. In parallel with our world is another ancient and mystical realm which holds the answers to the imbalance we see in our modern, fractured society. This is the realm of the Fairies. In Connecting with the Fairies Made Easy, readers who feel a deep bond with the natural world will learn to reconnect with the old ways of the Fairies to restore balance and harmony in their lives. Fairies are nature spirits and the guardian angels of the natural world. Flavia Kate Peters - known as the Faery Seer -has been communing with them since childhood and is a wisdom keeper of the fairy realm. In this book, she shares where to find fairies and how to communicate with them through spells, meditations, invocations and magical ceremonies. She leads the reader through unique exercises such as Fire Scrying, Moon Bathing and Fairy Circling. Having communicated with many different kinds of fairies, she explains the differences between them - from gnomes and sylphs to salamanders and undines - and what their roles are in the natural world. For those new to the Fairy realm, this book is an essential resource to help them reopen the gates to the mystical world of the Fairies. This title was previously published within the Hay House Basics series.


How to Talk With Your Angels

Author: Barbara Mark

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Religion

Page: 128

View: 814

Two popular authorities on angels present a seven-step method for communicating with the angels through writing in order to gain their love, understanding, and help with the trials of daily life. 50,000 first printing.

Whispers From The Angelic Realm

Learn To Connect With Your Angels

Author: Jaclyn Gutleber



Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 146

View: 977

Twenty-eight chapters of angel stories, exercises, and information to help you connect with your angels. This can become a reference guide to your personal road to transformation guided by the divine. Jaclyn Gutleber holds a Master's degree in Social Work and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. She spends her life helping people. This easy to read book is designed to inspire and enable others to live their lives on a higher and more joyful level. With the exercises throughout this book, we can go deeper into ourselves and closer to the angel realm on every page. Live the life of true and purposeful connection made possible by the ultimate guidance and assistance from God's own messengers.

An Angels' Guide to Working with the Power of Light

Author: Laura Newbury

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 119

View: 678

Born out of the author’s cry for help, and the surprise at receiving an answer from angels, come these inspirational channelled messages giving guidance and answers to questions that are universal to all mankind. The angels made it clear that their words in print carry the essence of the divine, positively affecting all who read them. The methods and techniques given by the angels to heal physical and mental pain, in answers to the author’s questions, are in fact answers to issues we all face at this time. The key theme throughout the angels' messages is Transformation. Transformation from Fear, Despair and Ill Health to Joy, Abundance, Happiness and Well-being by following the Truth of our Hearts, by the Power of our Minds, by Forgiveness (of ourselves and others), and through Gratitude and Trust. This book is not a story but a guide to self-empowerment through the power of light and love. A power which transforms, as it did for the author, all that is negative and dark to all that is positive and light.

The Crabby Angels Chronicles

Radical Guidance on Love, Healing, Happiness, Inner Peace and Creating Miracles in Everyday Life

Author: Jacob Glass

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Religion

Page: 316

View: 910

Wouldn't it be great to have a little message from Heaven every day to send you on your way? Or a kind of oracle like the I Ching or the Runes with a modern voice to give some direction when you have a question? The Crabby Angels Chronicles is just that, the book that the author’s fabulous, nutty, funny, loving stalker angels wanted him to write. They’ve been after him for so long so he decided to let them write their book now. They’re a nutty bunch who fit his life perfectly. Jacob Glass, along with his Angelic Guides, has written a handy spiritual tool kit to soothe, uplift, guide, direct, and renew you on your daily walk through a sometimes overwhelming world in which it is easy to lose connection with what really matters and what is really true. Direct, simple and based on the profound principles of A Course in Miracles, these short lessons are here to give you the comfort and peace that you deserve by reminding you of who you are and why you came here.

The Alchemical Woman

A Handbook for Everyday Soulwork

Author: Catherine W. Davidson

Publisher: Cultural Tapestries


Category: Self-Help

Page: 107

View: 802

The Alchemical Woman: A Handbook for Everyday Soulwork translates the ancient metaphorical tradition of Alchemy into a meaningful and practical tool for self-discovery. Elaborate concepts, such as the coniunctio, are edited into workable compostions that enable women to readily adopt these ancient and mythical concepts as their own.

Ask Your Angels

Author: Alma Daniel

Publisher: Wellspring/Ballantine


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 358

View: 250

Looks at angels throughout history, describes a procedure for getting in touch with angels, and explains how to make use of special exercises, meditations, and visualizations

The Imperial Bible-Dictionary

Historical, Biographical, Geographical and Doctrinal - Volume I

Author: Patrick Fairbairn



Category: Religion


View: 888

Living With Angels

Bringing angels into your everyday life

Author: Theolyn Cortens

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

View: 452

Living With Angels offers a practical introduction to angels and how to experience and communicate with them, as well as easy-to-follow exercises on how to contact your guardian angel. You will learn: how to call and work with your guardian angel and the archangel of your zodiac sign; how to call on angels and archangels for specific purposes, including protecting your family, travelling in safety, or nurturing close relationships; how you can work with angels to create a better life for yourself and others