Complexity and the Human Experience

Modeling Complexity in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Author: Paul A. Youngman

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Science

Page: 304

View: 443

Questions of values, ontologies, ethics, aesthetics, discourse, origins, language, literature, and meaning do not lend themselves readily, or traditionally, to equations, probabilities, and models. However, with the increased adoption of natural science tools in economics, anthropology, and political science-to name only a few social scientific fie

Exploring the Complexities of Human Action

Author: Catherine Raeff

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Psychology

Page: 456

View: 240

"Exploring the Complexities of Human Action offers a bold theoretical framework for thinking systematically and integratively about what people do as they go about their complex lives in all corners of the world. The book offers a vision of humanity that promotes empathic understanding of complex human beings that can bring people together to pursue common goals. Raeff sets the stage for conceptualizing human action by characterizing what people do in terms of the complexities of holism, dynamics, variability, and multi-causality. She also constructively questions some conventional practices and assumptions in psychology (e.g., fragmenting, objectifying, aggregating, deterministic causality). Raeff then articulates a systems conceptualization of action that emphasizes multiple and interrelated processes. This integrative conceptualization holds that action is constituted by simultaneously occurring and interrelated individual, social, cultural, bodily, and environmental processes. Action is further conceptualized in terms of simultaneously occurring and interrelated psychological processes (e.g., sensing, perceiving, thinking, feeling, interacting, self/identity), as well as developmental processes. This theoretical framework is informed by research in varied cultures, and accessible examples are used to illustrate major concepts and claims. Raeff also discusses some implications and applications of the theoretical framework for investigating the complexities of human action. The book shows how the theoretical framework can be used to think about a wide range of action, from eating to art. Raeff uses the theoretical framework to consider varied vexing human issues, including mind-body connections, diversity, extremism, and freedom, as well as how action is simultaneously universal, culturally particular, and individualized"--

Quantum Leadership: Creating Sustainable Value in Health Care

Creating Sustainable Value in Health Care

Author: Nancy M. Albert

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning


Category: Medical

Page: 600

View: 208

Quantum Leadership: Creating Sustainable Value in Health Care, Sixth Edition focuses on the issue of leadership within the shifting landscape of health care.

Sex, Love, and Gender

A Kantian Theory

Author: Helga Varden

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Philosophy

Page: 384

View: 696

Sex, Love, and Gender is the first volume to present a comprehensive philosophical theory that brings together all of Kant's practical philosophy -- found across his works on ethics, justice, anthropology, history, and religion -- and provide a critique of emotionally healthy and morally permissible sexual, loving, gendered being. By rethinking Kant's work on human nature and making space for sex, love, and gender within his moral accounts of freedom, the book shows how, despite his austere and even anti-sex, cisist, sexist, and heterosexist reputation, Kant's writings on happiness and virtue (Part I) and right (Part II) in fact yield fertile philosophical ground on which we can explore specific contemporary issues such as abortion, sexual orientation, sexual or gendered identity, marriage, trade in sexual services, and sex- or gender-based oppression. Indeed, Kant's philosophy provides us with resources to appreciate and value the diversity of human ways of loving and the existential importance of our embodied, social selves. Structured on a thematic basis, with introductions to assist those new to Kant's philosophy, this book will be a valuable resource for anyone who cares about these issues and wants to make sense of them.

Creative Research Methods

A Practical Guide

Author: Helen Kara



Category: Education

Page: 288

View: 722

Written in an accessible, practical and jargon-free style, this useful book informs and inspires researchers by showing readers why, when, and how to use creative methods in their research.

Complex Human Dynamics

From Mind to Societies

Author: Andrzej Nowak

Publisher: Springer


Category: Social Science

Page: 242

View: 488

This book, edited and authored by a closely collaborating network of social scientists and psychologists, recasts typical research topics in these fields into the language of nonlinear, dynamic and complex systems. The aim is to provide scientists with different backgrounds - physics, applied mathematics and computer sciences - with the opportunity to apply the tools of their trade to an altogether new range of possible applications. At the same time, this book will serve as a first reference for a new generation of social scientists and psychologists wishing to familiarize themselves with the new methodology and the "thinking in complexity".

Complexity and Public Policy

A New Approach to Twenty-first Century Politics, Policy and Society

Author: Robert Geyer



Category: Political Science

Page: 215

View: 734

This book provides a clear, concise and readable introduction to complexity thinking, its application to the social sciences and public policy, and the relevance of its tools to politics, health, the international realm, development, planning and terrorism.

Hearts and Structures

About Man and Society Out of an American Theological Material

Author: Lennart Molin

Publisher: Gummessons


Category: Christian ethics

Page: 212

View: 316

Human Systems Development

Author: Robert Tannenbaum

Publisher: Jossey-Bass


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 605

View: 578

Thinking Complexity

Author: Paul Cilliers

Publisher: Isce Pub


Category: Philosophy

Page: 259

View: 605

This volume examines the impact of complexity theory on various disciplines, especially the area of philosophy. (Philosophy)


Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences




Category: Humanities


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Women and the Gift Economy

A Radically Difference Worldview is Possible

Author: Genevieve Vaughan

Publisher: Inanna Publications & Education Incorporated


Category: Social Science

Page: 388

View: 991

Women and the Gift Economy: A Radically Different Worldview is Possible is an attempt to respond to the need for deep and lasting social change in an epoch of dangerous crisis for all humans, cultures, and the planet. Featuring articles by well-known feminist activists and academics, this book points to ways to re-create the connections, which have been severed, between the gift economy, women, and the economies of Indigenous peoples, and to bring forward the gift paradigm as an approach to liberate us from the worldview of the market that is destroying life on the planet. Shifting to a gift paradigm can give us the radically different worldview which will make another, better, world possible.