Common Space

The City as Commons

Author: Associate Professor Stavros Stavrides

Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.


Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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Space is both a product and a prerequisite of social relations, it has the potential to block and encourage certain forms of encounter. In Common Space, activist and architect Stavros Stavrides calls for us to conceive of space-as-commons – first, to think beyond the notions of public and private space, and then to understand common space not only as space that is governed by all and remains open to all, but that explicitly expresses, encourages and exemplifies new forms of social relations and of life in common. Through a fascinating, global examination of social housing, self-built urban settlements, street trade and art, occupied space, liberated space and graffiti, Stavrides carefully shows how spaces for commoning are created. Moreover, he explores the connections between processes of spatial transformation and the formation of politicised subjects to reveal the hidden emancipatory potential of contemporary, metropolitan life.

Planting Design Illustrated

Author: Gang Chen

Publisher: ArchiteG, Inc.


Category: Gardening

Page: 232

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This is one of the most comprehensive books on Planting Design. It is a Book of the Year Winner for ForeWord Magazine. It fills in the blank in this field and introduces poetry, painting and symbolism into Planting Design. It covers in detail the two major systems in Planting Design: Formal Planting Design and Naturalistic Planting Design. It has numerous line drawings and photos to illustrate the Planting Design concepts and principles. Through in-depth discussions of historical precedents and practical case studies, it uncovers the fundamental design principles and concepts as well as underpinning philosophy for Planting Design. It is an indispensable reference book for Landscape Architecture students, designers, architects, urban planners and ordinary garden lovers. You may be interested in other books I wrote: LEED GA Exam Guide. It is available at: Click here to view LEED GA Exam Guide Architectural Practice Simplified. It is available at: Click here to view Architectural Practice Simplified LEED BD&C Exam Guide. It is available at: Click here to view LEED BD&C Exam Guide Planting Design Illustrated (2nd edition) . It is available at: Click here to view Planting Design Illustrated (2nd edition) LEED AP Exam Guide. It is available at: Click here to view LEED AP Exam Guide

Common Security in Outer Space and International Law

Author: Detlev Wolter

Publisher: United Nations Publications UNIDIR


Category: Law

Page: 296

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This publication explores the concept of common security and the legal foundations for its application in outer space law, based on the premise that outer space is an internationalised common area beyond the national jurisdiction of individual states, and therefore security in space must be the common security of all states. Chapters cover a range of issues including: the principle of the peaceful use of outer space, passive military uses, and multilateral negotiations to prevent an arms race in outer space; structural change of international law and the common heritage of mankind principle; and proposals for a multilateral agreement and the creation of an International Organisation for Common Security in Outer Space.


Author: Charles TAYLOR

Publisher: Harvard University Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 874

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Presents an analysis of secularism in the modern age.

The European Union and Russia

Report with Evidence :14th Report of Session 2007-08

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. European Union Committee

Publisher: The Stationery Office


Category: Political Science

Page: 315

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The relationship between the European Union and Russia has been going through a difficult phase with disputes over energy supplies, foreign policy issues, and tension between Russia and individual Member States. The change of presidency in Russia provides an opportunity to take stock and to consider whether this deterioration can and should be reversed. Russian politicians emphasise the importance of the relationship. This report discusses how the relationship might be developed in practice. The report examines Russia as a European country, its recent history, and the current economic situation in Russia. It then considers the institutional framework for Russia-EU relations, including the Partnership and Co-operation Agreement. The Committee believes closer co-operation should be fostered in several areas of common interest: economic, freedom, security and justice, research and education and culture. Energy is an important subject: there are concerns about whether Russia can supply sufficient gas and oil to meet its current and foreseeable domestic demand and international commitments. The security of energy supply to the EU is vital. The Russian view of international security issues is also very different from that of the West, and developments in the near neighbourhood of Russia are a very sensitive geopolitical area. Russian support for Serbia is contrasted with their co-operation on Iran. The two sides work together usefully on the Middle East, terrorism, non-proliferation, and other issues. The EU should continue and strengthen its efforts to reach common ground with the Russians on such international issues, but should also speak out if the Russian government falls short of the standards it has formally accepted in a number of international agreements.

Wireless Communications Infrastructure for Collaboration in Common Space





Page: 67

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Modern technology is making virtual environments a part of daily life. However, some constraints about the usage of virtual environments, such as the need for high performance and well-configured computers, prevent users from accessing virtual environments in some places other than special computer rooms. Mobile devices may be used to solve this limitation in a virtual environment. The remote-control approach to access virtual worlds on the Internet or on a corporate network is a new concept that opens new doors to users. First step of this approach is already in use, such as games implemented for mobile devices using the screen of a mobile device as display, and has given satisfying results for some users. This research will take the user, who not only wants to be mobile but also does not want to sacrifice high resolution textures and complex models, closer to his/her goal. Mobile devices provide mobility to the user, but sacrifice not only the reality of the virtual environments but also screen size, which is very important for visibility of complex virtual environments. The hybrid approach with wireless internet connection by using mobile devices as remote control gives the user the advantages of mobility over desktop PCs. On the other hand, the realism provided by high-quality PCs on the server side exceeds the capabilities of mobile devices.

Sovereignty and Jurisdiction in Airspace and Outer Space

Legal Criteria for Spatial Delimitation

Author: Gbenga Oduntan

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Law

Page: 408

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"The issues surrounding sovereignty and jurisdiction are likely to become ever more pressing as globalisation, growing pressure on resources and the need for energy and national security become acute, and the resolution of special delimitation disputes seems likely to become a vital question in the 21st century. This book will focus primarily on the issues of sovereignty jurisdiction and control in airspace and outer space, but will also look at related issues pertaining to the Seas and Antarctica. As well as considering the matters in public international law the book will also explore aspects of private international law that are central to the understanding of sovereignty and jurisdiction over territories. The book goes on to consider the distinction between airspace and outer space and puts forward legal criteria which would allow for the resolution of the spatial delimitation dispute. These criteria would determine where in spatial terms the exclusive sovereignty of airspace ends and where outer space - the province of all mankind begins, and contribute to the jurisprudence of territorial sovereignty and jurisdiction"--

Modern Social Imaginaries

Author: Charles Taylor

Publisher: Duke University Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 215

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DIVAn accounting of the varying forms of social imaginary that have underpinned the rise of Western modernity./div