Cocker Spaniel Inglés

Author: Haja Van Wessem

Publisher: Editorial HISPANO EUROPEA


Category: Pets

Page: 160

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La información más completa sobre los orígenes, estándar, temperamento, características, adiestramiento, concursos, cuidados y salud de esta raza

Cocker Spaniel Americano

Author: Richard Beauchamp

Publisher: Editorial HISPANO EUROPEA


Category: Education

Page: 160

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La información más completa sobre orígenes, estándar, temperamento, características, adiestramiento, concursos, cuidados y salud de la raza

The Great Dictionary English - Portuguese

60.000 Entries

Author: Benjamin Maximilian Eisenhauer

Publisher: Benjamin Maximilian Eisenhauer


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 1000

View: 790

This dictionary contains around 60,000 English terms with their Portuguese translations, making it one of the most comprehensive books of its kind. It offers a wide vocabulary from all areas as well as numerous idioms. The terms are translated from English to Portuguese. If you need translations from Portuguese to English, then the companion volume The Great Dictionary Portuguese - English is recommended.


A conversation to understand their personality, their movements, their sounds. 45 races explained one by one, with journalistic and scientific data.


Publisher: Wicklow


Category: Pets

Page: 65

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A profusely illustrated book, written with passion and creativity, to get to know the world of dogs in depth. With extensive research on the personality, characteristics, and keys of "man's best friend," the book presents more than 45 breeds one by one, in a way that will help you better understand the language and needs of these faithful companions and friends.

breed of dogs

Author: José Manuel Ferro Veiga

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Pets


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It is not easy to know how many different races of there are dogs in the world. The most official approximation is the one given by the International Canine Federation, the International Cynological Federation, which estimates that there are 343 different breeds of dogs on our planet. In the book we will review the history and characteristics of some of them:

The Great Dictionary English - Spanish

Author: Benjamin Maximilian Eisenhauer

Publisher: Benjamin Maximilian Eisenhauer


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 1000

View: 665

This dictionary contains around 60,000 English terms with their Spanish translations, making it one of the most comprehensive books of its kind. It offers a wide vocabulary from all areas as well as numerous idioms. The terms are translated from English to Spanish. If you need translations from Spanish to English, then the companion volume The Great Dictionary Spanish - English is recommended.

Canines in Cervantes and Velázquez

An Animal Studies Reading of Early Modern Spain

Author: John Beusterien

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 162

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The study of the creation of canine breeds in early modern Europe, especially Spain, illustrates the different constructs against which notions of human identity were forged. This book is the first comprehensive history of early modern Spanish dogs and it evaluates how two of Spain’s most celebrated and canonical cultural figures of this period, the artist Diego Velázquez and the author Miguel de Cervantes, radically question humankind’s sixteenth-century anthropocentric self-fashioning. In general, this study illuminates how Animal Studies can offer new perspectives to understanding Hispanism, giving readers a fresh approach to the historical, literary and artistic complexity of early modern Spain.

Manual of Small Animal Internal Medicine

Author: Richard William Nelson

Publisher: Elsevier España


Category: Medical

Page: 897

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For small animal disease information at your fingertips, turn to MANUAL OF SMALL ANIMAL INTERNAL MEDICINE. This stand-alone quick reference covers major assessment, diagnostic, and treatment protocols for common diseases of dogs and cats. Like the parent text, SMALL ANIMAL INTERNAL MEDICINE, the manual logically presents common disorders by body system and has a distinctive approach that enables students and practitioners to make diagnoses based on clinical signs. Page cross-references to the parent text are provided for more detailed discussions, particularly of relevant anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. It's a valuable tool no student or practitioner should be without. * Focuses on key information related to assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of common medical conditions in dogs and cats. * Includes over 200 tables with key information such as etiology, clinical signs, differential diagnosis, and treatment regimens. * Provides end-of-section drug appendices to highlight common drugs used to treat diseases. * Identifies helpful reading material in the bibliography at the end of book. * Gives page cross-references to parent text to direct the reader to more detailed information on conditions and disorders. New section on Infectious Disease to reflect prevalence and the need for prevention, as well as treatment for an array of problems. Expanded sections of gastrointestinal medicine, urinary medicine, and endocrinology. Integration of toxicology to link exposure to noxious products with a variety of system disorders. Spanish version also available, ISBN: 84-8174-461-1

Simone Weil

On Politics, Religion and Society

Author: Christopher J. Frost

Publisher: SAGE



Page: 144

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Long before postmodern or deconstructionist ideas became current, Simone Weil was concerned with recognizing the absence of consistency and the continual presence of reversals and contradictions in life. She was someone for whom the task of clarifying her perceptions of reality and meaning was an ongoing one. She challenged contemporary views on such complex issues as human nature, good and evil, divinity and truth. Weil's work offers a voice for those segments of society that are generally under-represented, misrepresented or totally silent in conventional historical and philosophical writings. In this introduction to Simone Weil's ideas, and the political and intellectual circumstances of her work, the authors make Weil's complex and at times elusive ideas accessible to readers. They delineate how her ideas evolved, and provide compelling excerpts from her writings to let her speak for herself. In addition, the authors provide their own interpretation of Weil's work.

Direct from Spain

Author: S. Rouve

Publisher: National Textbook Company


Category: Travel

Page: 139

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Spanish vocabulary for English speakers - 7000 words

Author: Andrey Taranov

Publisher: BoD - Books on Demand


Category: Nature

Page: 204

View: 980

T&P BOOKS VOCABULARIES are intended to help you learn, memorize, and review foreign words. The dictionary contains over 7000 commonly used words. Recommended as additional support material to any language course. Meets the needs of beginners and advanced learners of foreign languages. Convenient for daily use, reviewing sessions and self-testing activities. Allows you to assess your current vocabulary. This book can also be used by foreigners to learn English. THIS REVISED EDITION (American English, July 2013) contains 198 topics including: Basic Concepts, Numbers, Colors, Months, Seasons, Units of Measurement, Clothing & Accessories, Food & Nutrition, Restaurant, Family Members, Relatives, Character, Feelings, Emotions, Diseases, City, Town, Sightseeing, Shopping, Money, House, Home, Office, Working in the Office, Import & Export, Marketing, Job Search, Sports, Education, Computer, Internet, Tools, Nature, Countries, Nationalities and more ... SPECIAL FEATURES of T&P Books bilingual vocabularies: Words are arranged according to their meaning, not alphabetically. Content is presented in three columns to facilitate the reviewing and self-testing processes. Each theme is composed of small blocks of similar lexical units. The vocabulary offers a convenient and simple transcription for each foreign word. IF YOU HAVE any question, suggestion or feedback, please contact us: [email protected] Ref. BODFR

Diccionario moderno Inglés

Author: Langenscheidt

Publisher: Langenscheidt Publishing Group


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 1152

View: 264

Completely revised and updated, this dictionary contains a wealth of idiomatic expressions, covering Latin American Spanish. All headwords are in blue for quick reference. Full grammar details are included, as well as Spanish conjugation tables.

Collins Diccionario Español-inglés, Inglés-español

Author: Collins (Firm : London, England)

Publisher: Collins


Category: English language

Page: 1289

View: 462

The new 'Collins Concise Spanish Dictioary' is based on the latest edition of the 'Collins Spanish Dictionary' and has additional features which will help users speak and write natural, accurate Spanish. Previous ed.: 2002.

National Union Catalog

A Cumulative Author List Representing Library of Congress Printed Cards and Titles Reported by Other American Libraries




Category: Union catalogs


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Monkey Boy

Author: Francisco Goldman

Publisher: Atlantic Books


Category: Fiction


View: 629

Francisco Goldberg has been living and working in Mexico City as a journalist for over a decade, but has recently returned to New York City in hopes of 'going home again.' It's been five years since the end of his last relationship and he is falling in love again. Soon he is beckoned back to Boston by the high school girlfriend who was witness to his greatest youthful humiliations, and his mother, Yolanda, around whom his story orbits like a dark star. Backdropping this five-day trip to his childhood home is the spectre of Frank's recently deceased father, Bert, an immigrant from Ukraine, volcanically tempered, pathologically abusive, yet also at times infuriatingly endearing; as well as the high school bullies who gave him the moniker 'monkey boy' and his estranged sister, Lexi. Told in an open, irresistibly funny and passionate voice, this extraordinary portrait of growing up outside the dominant culture unearths the hidden cruelties in a predominantly white, working-class Boston suburb where Francisco - aka Paco, aka Frankie Gee - came of age. A crowning achievement from one of the most important American voices of the last 40 years.


Author: Kevin O'Brien

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 400

A chilling read from king of the Seattle serial killer thriller and New York Times bestseller, Kevin O'Brien. Perfect for fans of Chris Carter, Karin Slaughter and Mary Burton. Megan Keeslar died years ago - or so everyone believes. In fact she disappeared to escape her sadistic husband, Glen. When dismembered body parts were discovered near their home, Glenn was convicted of his wife's murder and Megan was too terrified to come forward with the truth... Though Megan has built a new life for her and her son, Josh in Seattle, deep down she has remained a fugitive with dark secret. Josh knows nothing about their past, but it's starting to become clear that someone out there does. First, there are anonymous threats. Next, Megan learns that Glenn has been released from prison. And then the unthinkable happens: a masked man breaks into their home and abducts Josh. To save her son, Megan must put herself at the mercy of a maniac. Is Glenn a cold-blooded killer on the hunt for revenge, or is the truth even more twisted?