Mother Ann Lee

Morning Star of the Shakers

Author: Nardi Reeder Campion

Publisher: UPNE


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 212

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Provides information on the life of Ann Lee, the founder of the Shakers

A Journal

Or Historical Account of the Life, Travels, Sufferings, Christian Experiences, and Labour of Love in the Work of the Ministry, of that Ancient, Eminent, and Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ, George Fox

Author: George Fox




Page: 516

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The Glories of Mary

Author: Saint Alphonsus de Liguori

Publisher: Catholic Way Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 544

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THE GLORIES OF MARY SAINT ALPHONSUS DE LIGUORI — A Classic! — Includes 1,934 Active Linked Endnotes — Includes an Active Index, Table of Contents and NCX Navigation — Includes Illustrations by Giovanni Antonio Canal Publisher: Available in Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1-78379-214-6 This classic devotional work testifies to Saint Alphonsus de Liguori love of Mary and is a treasury of Marian stories and teachings. In a fittingly scholastic style, he develops and extols the many virtues of devotion to the Blessed Virgin. The Glories of Mary is divided into two parts. In Part I, Saint Alphonsus provides a phrase-by-phrase examination of the Marian hymn “Hail Holy Queen”. Part II contains meditations on various Marian themes, including her major feasts, her seven sorrows, her virtues, and practices of devotion in her honour. PUBLISHER: CATHOLIC WAY PUBLISHING

Living as Wheat Among Weeds

Africa, the West, and the Woman of Revelation 12

Author: Marilyn O. Flower

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion

Page: 201

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This book, a rebirth of Flower’s master’s thesis “The Woman Clothed with the Sun with the Moon under Her Feet: A Postcolonial African/Western Contextual Discussion of Revelation 12” published in 2010, employs an interdisciplinary approach to contrast African and Western Christianity. African and Western beliefs and practices, compared using Revelation 12, vary significantly in some areas. The study of these differences illuminates the hope found in Christianity which radiates from the grace of God and Christ’s command for Christians everywhere to love one another.

Apocalypse and the Writings on Revelation

Author: D. H. Lawrence

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 268

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Edition of D. H. Lawrence's last book, Apocalypse, along with other writings on the Revolution.

Vision at Patmos

A Study of the Book of Revelation

Author: Gonzalez

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 128

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The Friend




Category: Society of Friends


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The Lion Led the Way

Fourth Edition

Author: Dwight Hutchison

Publisher: Dwight Hutchison and the Association Signes Célestes


Category: Religion

Page: 402

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Was there a meaningful stellar sign over Bethlehem? What did it look like to someone looking up at the night sky? Did wise men really come from the East seeking Israel’s Messiah sometime after the birth of Jesus? The biblical account of the wise men and the star that announced the coming of the Messiah of Israel has inspired and puzzled people for two millennia. Important aspects of Babylonian astronomy seem to be involved in understanding the star’s appearing. But in addition, The Lion Led the Way also explores the men and events from a profoundly Jewish perspective. The traditional Jewish names of stars and planets, Jewish symbols, as well as Jewish dates, all seem to be keys to unlocking the mystery of the famous star. The star of Bethlehem was not the brightest of the heavenly lights, nor was it the most spectacular starry manifestation of all time. However, it was part of the most meaningful set of celestial events in human history. The God of Israel is surprising. His ways are not our ways; his thoughts are not our thoughts. The star gives us a concrete example of God’s intervention in the universe. Book website: