Close Contact

Author: Lori Foster

Publisher: HQN Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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There’s no resisting a desire like this… MMA fighter Miles Dartman’s casual arrangement with personal shopper Maxi Nevar would be many men’s fantasy. She seeks him out, they have mindblowing sex, she leaves. Rinse, repeat. Yet lately, Miles wants more. And when Maxi requests his services via the Body Armor security agency, he’s ready to finally break through her defenses—and protect her day and night. Receiving a large inheritance has brought chaos and uncertainty into Maxi’s life. Her ex has resurfaced, along with lots of former “friends,” and someone is making mysterious threats. Then there’s Miles, who doesn’t ask for anything…except her trust. Pleasure is easy. Now Maxi has to give her heart as well as her body…or risk losing a man who could be everything she needs.

Close Call

A Liz Carlyle Novel

Author: Stella Rimington

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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The international arms trade is about to become a national problem... In 2012, in a Middle Eastern souk, CIA agent Miles Brookhaven was attacked. At the time he was infiltrating rebel groups in the area. No one was certain if his cover had been blown or if the act was just an arbitrary attack on Westerners. Months later, the incident remains a mystery. Now, Liz Carlyle and her Counter Terrorism unit in MI5 have been charged with the task of watching the international under-the-counter arms trade. With the Arabic region in such a volatile state, the British Intelligence forces have become increasing concerned that extremist Al-Qaeda jihadis are building their power base ready to launch another attack. As the pressure mounts, Liz and her team must intercept illegal weapons before they get into the wrong hands. When MI5 learns that the source of the arms deals is located in Western Europe, Liz finds herself on a manhunt that leads her to Paris, to Berlin and into her own long-forgotten past. A past buried so deep that she thought it would never resurface . . .

Close Relationship Loss

Theoretical Approaches

Author: Terri L. Orbuch

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Psychology

Page: 233

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Social scientists from various disciplines have been increasingly concerned with the nature, structure, and function of close relationships. Although most of the early work on the topic of close relationships drew attention to the development of close relationships, since the mid-1970s researchers have begun to investigate the many different aspects connected to the loss of close relationships. Despite the change to a more comprehensive conceptual framework, close relationship research is often criticized for being atheoretical; the research is criticized for being purely descriptive in nature and thus lacking a more theoretical framework. Contrary to this belief, I wish to argue that researchers in the area of close relationship loss employ several critical and prominent theoretical perspectives to describe, explain, and understand the endings of relationships-thus, the fruition of this book. The major aim of this edited book is to present and illuminate, within one volume, some of these major theoretical perspectives. The volume as a whole has several unique qualities. First, within each chapter, the authors provide a general overview of the theoretical per spective or approach within which they examine close relationship loss.


Author: Bharat Wakhlu

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 240

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‘I was told that your lives were in danger;’ Badruddin said. ‘Our lives are still in danger;’ Mike said; ‘because the people we’re with are unlikely to set us free unless we give them what they want.’ ‘Which is?’ ‘The treasure; the amanat--that’s what everybody is after;’ Noor said. Terrorist violence and a nightmare drive Shamsuddin Bandey; head priest of a shrine in Aishmuqam village in Jammu and Kashmir; to find out more about some of the 300-year-old scrolls kept in his family’s custody for generations. But his actions arouse the suspicions of a top bureaucrat and a history professor. The corrupt duo believe the scrolls may point the way to a vast; buried treasure—and they will stop at nothing to get it. Elsewhere; militants break into a museum in Srinagar and steal valuable artefacts to fund their war against India. They also kidnap a woman scientist. Along the way; others are drawn into the action: Michael Zutshi; an American professor nostalgic about his childhood spent in Kashmir; and Ashok Dalela; a CBI officer on the trail of the masterminds behind the illegal trade in antiques. A gripping thriller set in a time of trouble; Close Call in Kashmir will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Reported decisions of the Social Security and Child Support Commissioners and of the courts on appeal from, and on reference by, the Commissioners

Vol. 21: 2004

Author: Great Britain: Office of the Social Security and Child Support Commissioners

Publisher: The Stationery Office



Page: 766

View: 167

Reported decisions of the Social Security and Child Support Commissioners and of the courts on appeal from, and on reference by, the Commissioners : Vol. 21: 2004

The Nuclear Borderlands

The Manhattan Project in Post-Cold War New Mexico

Author: Joseph Masco

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Category: History

Page: 425

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The Nuclear Borderlands explores the sociocultural fallout of twentieth-century America's premier technoscientific project--the atomic bomb. Joseph Masco offers the first anthropological study of the long-term consequences of the Manhattan Project for the people that live in and around Los Alamos, New Mexico, where the first atomic bomb, and the majority of weapons in the current U.S. nuclear arsenal, were designed. Masco examines how diverse groups--weapons scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, neighboring Pueblo Indian Nations and Nuevomexicano communities, and antinuclear activists--have engaged the U.S. nuclear weapons project in the post-Cold War period, mobilizing to debate and redefine what constitutes "national security." In a pathbreaking ethnographic analysis, Masco argues that the U.S. focus on potential nuclear apocalypse during the Cold War obscured the broader effects of the nuclear complex on American society. The atomic bomb, he demonstrates, is not just the engine of American technoscientific modernity; it has produced a new cognitive orientation toward everyday life, provoking cross-cultural experiences of what Masco calls a "nuclear uncanny." Revealing how the bomb has reconfigured concepts of time, nature, race, and citizenship, the book provides new theoretical perspectives on the origin and logic of U.S. national security culture. The Nuclear Borderlands ultimately assesses the efforts of the nuclear security state to reinvent itself in a post-Cold War world, and in so doing exposes the nuclear logic supporting the twenty-first-century U.S. war on terrorism.


Close Contact Vol 4

Author: Megan Mitcham

Publisher: Megan Mitcham


Category: Fiction

Page: 20

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From USA Today bestselling author Megan Mitcham… This 5,000 word short story is the perfect serving of sizzle before bed. Always-in-control policewoman Laurel Hutton is trapped in an elevator shaft and it's up to handsome repairman Nash Briggs to lift her out of the tight spot.

The Handbook of Language Contact

Author: Raymond Hickey

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 863

View: 936

The Handbook of Language Contact offers systematic coverage of the major issues in this field – ranging from the value of contact explanations in linguistics, to the impact of immigration, to dialectology – combining new research from a team of globally renowned scholars, with case studies of numerous languages. An authoritative reference work exploring the major issues in the field of language contact: the study of how language changes when speakers of distinct speech varieties interact Brings together 40 specially-commissioned essays by an international team of scholars Examines language contact in societies which have significant immigration populations, and includes a fascinating cross-section of case studies drawing on languages across the world Accessibly structured into sections exploring the place of contact studies within linguistics as a whole; the value of contact studies for research into language change; and language contact in the context of work on language and society Explores a broad range of topics, making it an excellent resource for both faculty and students across a variety of fields within linguistics