Classic Car Buying Secret

Things To Know Before Buying: Classic Car Buying Advice

Author: Pat Gwinner




Page: 64

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Many men have the classic car bug hit them at some point in life. Maybe they want that car they dreamed about in high school (or actually drove, and still miss). For others, it's the idea of taking a rundown classic and restoring it to mint condition. Some guys just like buying investment-grade cars with hopes of profiting off them in the future. No matter what your reasoning for wanting a vintage automobile, before you buy one on a whim, let's dig into the reasons you might buy a vintage car, along with developing a plan for getting the best car for your budget and lifestyle. This book is all the things you need. The content of the book: How to Buy a Classic Car The Quest for Knowledge Mint Condition or Restoration Project? And your total will be... Is this a reasonable asking price? How to convince your wife that you really need this car On the hunt for your dream car What to look for when buying a classic car The Interior The Exterior Under the Hood Preparing for the Test Drive The Test Drive Negotiations Once you've bought it In the End The Authors

Secrets of the Barn Find Hunter

The Art of Finding Lost Collector Cars

Author: Tom Cotter

Publisher: Motorbooks


Category: Transportation

Page: 208

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Join “The Barn Find Hunter” Tom Cotter for a thrilling, illustrated behind-the-scenes look at how he deploys his well-honed auto-archaeology skills to ferret out amazing collector car stashes. Since 2016, author Tom Cotter has been The Barn Find Hunter for an ongoing series sponsored by Hagerty Classic Insurance and found on their popular YouTube channel. Since that time, Cotter and crew have filmed more than 100 episodes throughout the US and even visited the UK. Some of Cotter’s most popular episodes have views in excess of 5 million! Cotter has uncovered everything from pre-WWII classics to postwar exotics like Porsche, Jaguar, and Ferrari. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool car guy, and the collectors he finds can’t resist sharing their treasure and revealing the stories behind their stashed cars. In Secrets of the Barn Find Hunter, Cotter gives you an entertaining and informative look at how he works his barn-find magic, offering tips, hard-won perspectives, and why the thrill of discovery never dies in his pursuit of the next “lost” car. The book is illustrated throughout with images from his most epic finds. Attend any auction or any car show and it’s immediately clear that collectors cannot get enough of barn-find and survivor vehicles and the stories behind them. In Secrets of the Barn Find Hunter, Cotter takes you along for what has been the ride of his lifetime.

Ran When Parked

Insider's Secrets of Buying, Selling and Enjoying Classic Cars on a Budget

Author: Rob Sass

Publisher: Parker House Publishing Incorporated,Csi


Category: Transportation

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Classic cars are defined as both affordable and interesting cars built since 1950 that can be run everyday and cost under $20,000 US. This title offers a guide to classic cars that contains information and data along with the stories of contemporary living with classic cars.

Insider Secrets of How to Sell Custom and Classic Cars for Profit

Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Buy Low and Sell High

Author: Lance Von Prum




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This book contains dozens of little secrets, tips and tricks that I have learned in my thirty-five years in the custom car industry, that will show you how to make money buying and selling custom cars and enjoy doing it.You'll learn little known ways to find money-making cars, plus what makes and models of cars to look for, which to avoid and why.You'll get lots of tips and tricks about how to evaluate a car, like hidden things to watch out for and how to spot them.I'll show you how to find the good deals and how to flip them quickly, but there is even more money in finding cars that need a little this and that to increase their value greatly.I'll show you ways to negotiate the lowest price, and when you sell, how to get top dollar.I'll show you how to create a plan and a budget to buy, clean up and sell any car that will not only control and manage expenses, but manage your time with a timeline that organizes everything. You'll know how much you will spend fixing and restoring, and be able to determine a completion date and your estimated profit.The big secret to buying cars and selling for profit is financial management and this book not only reveals the secret but gives you a working plan that is easy to use. The book is an easy read and this small investment can help make you thousands of dollars. The information you gain will actually work for any car, truck, motorcycle or any vehicle.Please check out my other custom car eBooks on Amazon. I'd like to ask also for your feedback and suggestions to help make future editions even more helpful. I really want to help you guys and gals get the most out of your cars. It can at times get expensive and problematical but but my books address these issues and help you enjoy this exciting hobby. The inside info in this book is invaluable. You are going to learn tips, tricks and real secrets that will put real money in your pocket.

The Secret Lives of Men

What Men Want You to Know About Love, Sex, and Relationships

Author: Chris Blazina

Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 364

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Licensed psychologist and university professor Christopher Blazina, Ph.D., offers an exploration, explanation, and clarification into the hidden realm of the male psyche.

The Classic Car Killer

The Lindsey & Plum Detective Series, Book Two

Author: Richard A. Lupoff

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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A 1928 DUESENBERG! Most of them were rich, most of them were beautiful, and now one of them was dead in an unexpected and particularly nasty way. Oh, and a perfectly maintained, priceless 1928 Duesenberg Phaeton, the royalty of collectible, classic automobiles, had disappeared. Where do you hide a totally recognizable Dusie? Insurance man Hobart Lindsey is back on the case...along with his sometime sparring partner and lover, homicide investigator Marvia Plum, Lindsey’s troubled mother, and a cast of unforgettable characters. Introduced in The Comic Book Killer, Hobart Lindsey and the rest of those memorable characters return in a baffling, complex mystery with roots stretching back to the violent era of World War Two and the dark despair of the American Depression. Introduction by Donald E. Westlake.

The Million Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind (Condensed Classics)

The Lost Classic on How to Control Your oughts for Wealth, Power, and Mastery

Author: Anthony Norvell

Publisher: Gildan Media LLC aka G&D Media


Category: Self-Help

Page: 38

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This lost classic of motivational thinking reveals the simple but profound secrets to self-mastery, a magnetic personality, and attaining your dreams—all in the space of an hour. The Million Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind is one of the most extraordinary books of mental mastery ever written—yet it has been largely forgotten since it first appeared in 1963. Now, acclaimed historian and New Thought writer Mitch Horowitz brings this powerful guidebook to a new generation. This special condensed edition includes Mitch’s new introduction, which directs you to the book’s most powerful secrets. In less than an hour of reading, this compact, dynamic volume explodes old ways of thinking and shows you: • How to win the aid of important people. • How to make your personality instantly attractive. • The best strategies for using your mind’s visualizing powers for success. • How to benefit from the secrets of great achievers throughout history. • How to heighten and use the tools of your subconscious. • How to identify who in life will help you and who will hinder you in your striving toward success. • Simple methods to tap the creative powers of Universal Creative Intelligence. • How to improve your thinking, appearance, and charisma.

Silver River Secrets

Author: Linda Hope Lee

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 209

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Tragedy made them strangers. The truth could change that... Lacey Morgan’s grandmother is the only reason she has to ever set foot in Silver River. Her hometown is populated with too many ghosts and memories. Too many painful reminders. Including Rory Dalton. In all her brief visits over the past ten years, they’ve barely spoken. Locked on opposite sides of the tragedy that tore their lives apart, they buried their feelings along with their parents. But this trip is different. She will stay a little longer. Dig a little deeper. And try to solve the mystery that has kept them from the truth...and each other.