Christmas Story in Nazeing

Author: Luckner M Pierre




Page: 34

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Before and after Christmas season, Father Christmas plans to deliver his Christmas story book to everyone in Nazeing community. While Nazeing remains magical, many Christmas lovers patiently wait for Christmas day and hope Father Christmas fulfils their wishes through encouragement and satisfaction that refreshes the human life with vitamins and minerals. Every week in December, every Christmas lover is eager to see and meet Father Christmas and to stay connected with Father Christmas afterwards. Christmas day is about the satisfaction and profound appreciation to every family houseful of presents under the Christmas tree that makes everyone feel like a winner. On Christmas day, underneath every Christmas tree, all Christmas lovers find their lovely presents, and they find a Christmas story book that captures their imagination like a photo with Father Christmas through Christmas synopsis. Every toddler, child and teenager deserves a Christmas scholarship to finance higher education through joyful smile-training.


Author: Ray Crowther

Publisher: Panglossian Books


Category: Homeless persons

Page: 342

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Waking up in an East London hospital, with no identity or recollection of his past, the narrator has no option but to resign himself to a homeless and directionless existence. Adopting the name of Robin Forest, he seeks refuge in a hostel and meets other displaced people who begin to influence his life: Luther, a modern-day Fagin; Charlotte, a suspected drug addict; Adrian, an exiled gay headmaster; Keith, an overbearing bore, hiding from the police; Sniffy, a recruiter for an east end gang.Robin seeks to make a living by negotiating a begging pitch from Luther. He also befriends Charlotte, whose sister Kathy lies in a coma from a heroin overdose.Triggered by conversations with his new found friends, Robin begins to have minor insights to his past life, and to his concern and disbelief, discovers that he is a wanted for drug dealing and murder.On the run, Robin attempts to find the truth about himself and Kathy's overdose, but gets drawn into the criminal underworld of East London.

Elizabethan Life

Author: Frederick George Emmison



Category: Court records


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Time Out London for Children


Publisher: Time Out


Category: Travel

Page: 320

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Easy to use, with highlights, suggestions, editors' choices, maps, and full-color pictures throughout, this Time Out guide is the perfect companion for a fun-filled family vacation in London. It features kid-friendly restaurants and lodgings and information on the best activities, courses, workshops, and storytelling sessions for children.