Celtic Tatted Leaves and Flowers

Author: Rozella Florence Linden

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 64

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Celtic Tatted Leaves and Flowers (Revised 2014) This revised Edition includes The Leaves and Flowers in the original book plus patterns for a Celtic Poppy Flower and Leaf, Celtic Dragonfly, Stargazer Lily and Day Lily, Celtic Rosebuds, Star Flower, and a Celtic Rosebud Heart. The delicate intricacies of Celtic weaving and Celtic knot work form the basic shapes of this collection of tatting patterns. The interweaving and Celtic knot designs are reminiscent of the ancient Celtic stone carvings and metalwork artifacts, including ancient jewelry found in archaeological digs throughout Europe and the British Isles and the treasures of Celtic Christian monasteries' crosses and illustrations of ancient books now preserved for generations in museums.

Tatted Garden Alphabet

Letters from an Irish Country Cottage Garden

Author: Rozella Linden

Publisher: CreateSpace



Page: 74

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Tatted Garden Alphabet has more then thirty delightful original patterns inspired by the flowers, leaves and vines growing in the garden of an Irish country cottage. The spirals and woven elements reflect the strong Celtic influence in nature and the Irish Celtic heritage.

Celtic Tales 7

Author: Jill Whalen

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 174

View: 426

Who doesn't long for a little adventure in his or her life? These short stories bring you in touch with Celtic people as they charge through life. Join the boy whose best weapon was a soup ladle. Find out where the name Mongol originated. Be in France during the French Revolution and in many other places and time periods. One thing Celts do not do is give up. Whatever the situation, whatever the time period, these people grab the nearest weapon and charge right into danger. It is in their blood. You might think you have outmaneuvered them today, and even tomorrow, but sooner or later they will get what they want out of life. Join them in their adventures; go back in time for a little while and connect with those who came before.

Extreme Deviance

Author: Erich Goode

Publisher: Pine Forge Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 233

View: 399

Most primary deviation is of transitory significance and involves a fairly insignificant punishment. Extreme Deviance focuses on behavior, beliefs, and traits that are so serious as to generate, in the words of Edwin Lemert, secondary deviation. Editors Erich Goode and D. Angus Vail tunnel to the core of the subject by emphasizing a set of central lessons, offering edgy, pedagogically dramatic illustrations of principles that are contained in no other collection of readings. The book is complete with vocabularies of motive, deviance neutralization, the acquisition of a deviant identity, and the formation of a deviance subculture.

Tattoo Culture

Theory and Contemporary Contexts

Author: Lee Barron

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Social Science

Page: 204

View: 160

Tattoo Culture investigates contemporary tattoo culture, its fandom and popular cultural visibility through a combination of the examination of tattooing theory, conceptual understanding and ethnographic research.

Creating Contrast with Dark Plants

Author: Freya Martin

Publisher: Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Limited


Category: Gardening

Page: 148

View: 350

Enter the plant world's heart of darkness--and discover it's beautiful, filled with luscious, deep tones to enrich any garden's color scheme. "Dark plants" are those with black, or nearly black, flowers and foliage. Unusual and marvelous, often tinged with purple or red, they can take the breath away; just look at the delicate, velvety "chocolate cosmos" (named for its delicious aroma), for example. Choose from an amazing array of annuals, biennials, and tender perennials; bulbs, corms, rhizomes, and tubers; hardy perennials; and even trees, shrubs, and grasses, all in an alphabetical directory with descriptions and growing information. Six easy-to-implement design schemes take you through the seasons, and from sun-loving to shade plants. A Selection of the Garden Book Club.

Tattooed Mountain Women and Spoonboxes of Daghestan

Magic Medicine Symbols in Silk, Stone, Wood and Flesh

Author: Robert Chenciner



Category: Decoration and ornament

Page: 95

View: 213

Beneath the rural Islamic society in ancient villages perched among the Great Causasus Mountains, animist tattoos on women and decorations on ritual spoon boxes share symbols that are believed to protect the heart and the family. Three experts have recorded this system of folk medicine.

The Human Race

Author: Louis Figuier



Category: Electronic books

Page: 548

View: 271

Making and Using Working Drawings for Realistic Model Animals

Author: Basil F. Fordham

Publisher: Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Limited


Category: Art

Page: 130

View: 199

To make an animal "live" in a three-dimensional sculpture, you sometimes have to make it live in a two-dimensional drawing first. With carefully crafted illustrations as a guide, the animal's character will show, it will have realistic facial expressions, and its body language will be just right. No sculptor or model-maker can do without this detailed manual that covers the basic components--from trunks and limbs to paws and claws--of all kinds of animals. Collect and organize information on your animal, take measurements for reference images and modify them to suit your model, find out what materials to use and how to transfer shapes from the working drawing to the sculpture. Includes numerous photos and grids to follow.

50 New Milanese Lace Patterns

Author: Patricia Read

Publisher: Pavilion Books


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 300

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From the co-author of two previous Batsford lace titles comes a collection of 50 stunning lace patterns that showcase the delicate beauty of this ever-popular lace. Traditionally, the ornate braids that make up Milanese lace were used in long, convoluted floral patterns, but they are also easily adapted for use in more modern designs. This new book of patterns contains both traditional and modern examples, and the author experiments with different decorative styles - for example, Celtic lettering that is vibrant with the colours of original Celtic art, taken into a new dimension with the addition of Milanese braids. Exquisite miniatures in a Japanese style will be a challenge even for the most experienced lacemaker: the smallest patterns are not necessarily the easiest! Other patterns include flowers, scrolls, leaves and butterflies, plus some more unusual designs: dragons, a picture depicting the legend of Arion and the dolphin, and a spectacular piece featuring the mythical seven-headed Hydra. There is a good range of patterns, including both prickings and photographs of the finished pieces, suitable for abilities ranging from beginner to advanced.

Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide

Author: Sharon Huxford




Page: 603

View: 215

Over 50,000 listings are included, each from reliable sources and carefully checked by an authority on the subject. Hundreds of sharp photos accompany the 500+ categories - all types of glass and porcelain, match holders, purses, cookie jars, jewelry, advertising, furniture, dolls, records - you name it. 8.5 x 11. 2002 values.

The English Experience

A Survey of English History from Early to Modern Times

Author: John Bowle



Category: Great Britain

Page: 523

View: 519

A broad survey of English history which attempts to reveal the continuing tradition of pragmatism which has influenced the nation's cultural and economic growth.

Coloring Book and Poster Collection

Digital Building in the Forest at Night Cartoons

Author: DigitaldO Coloring




Page: 40

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COLORING BOOK COMBINE WITH POSTER COLLECTION (FULL COLOR PHOTO BOOK): 20 pages for coloring + 20 removable postersContent included:1/ Digital Building In The Forest At Night Cartoons2/ Digital The Tattoo Artist Is Tattooing Saying That He Doesn't L Cartoons3/ Digital The Mermaid Is Sitting At The Lake Behind Are The Hous Cartoons4/ Digital Three Monks With Superpowers Bending The Elements Fantasy5/ Digital Two Women Are Sitting And Saying It's All About The Mu Cartoons6/ Digital Abstract Comics About Love Comics7/ Digital One Person Is Tattoing Another Cartoons8/ Digital Of The Woman That Is Tired All The Time Cartoons9/ Digital Women In The Jungle Making Bubbles Cartoons10/ Digital Comics About Witch Giving The Magic Cone To The Fox Wh Comics11/ Digital Of The Shaman's Daughter Cartoons12/ Digital Digital Mixed Media For Halloween Witch Art Fantasy13/ Digital The World Are Full Of People That Will Force You To Cha Cartoons14/ Digital A Hero Or Maybe Antihero That Disguises Himself As A Fantasy15/ Digital The Drawing Shows Young Shaman Together With His Bunn Anime & Manga16/ Digital Fascinating Metal Designed Fantasy17/ Digital Illustration Of A Zombie Girl That Has Fire Powers Fantasy18/ Digital A Girl Surrounded Fantasy19/ Digital Ship Fantasy20/ Digital Wizard FantasyTAGs: planet star stars mountains snow reflections beach sewell roots calm magic fantasy castle wall old mountain ruin ancient stone tower valley village town architecture history ruins travel background landmark view fortress fortification tourism fort historical hill europe abandoned clouds fall texture full light dark earth black path hillside composite medieval meadow collage green outdoor nobody exterior grass aged wood rock bell belltower buildings cathedral church city cityscape cross friuli illuminated italy outdoors panorama reflection religion religious ship street twilight urban white winter tattoo tattooed ink inked skin colour body cool fun quote saying funny humor artist style tattooist tattooing studio insult insulting tatos tatoo tats gift tattooer addict friends girl girls book character woman sexy anchor vector sitting isolated sea mermaid art vintage illustration cartoon pinup symbol siren design female tail retro fish sign fin cute sailor golden tale underwater magical long hair gold metallic sparkly shiny foil sticker notebook phone case phonecase designs111 designs 111 designsoneeleven one eleven board decorative inspiration motivation vibes stickers animals living things beautiful creature swing holidays waiting person women people fairy fisherman dream face beauty aqua flips wallpapers flipping princess evening swim young sundown mysticism relax legend mythology life stands relaxing charm lightning merm red curly ginger irish celtic ireland pretty mermaids ocean tiara myth shell monday twkirky indian india poc monk hong kong buddhist asia walk three kathmandu monks monastery kopan temple cambodia angkor bayon laos luang prabang buddhism cave spiritual hinduism caves tibetan carvings ellora tibet oreo cookie eat marathon exercise run running parody clever witty wit ironic irony slogan liner lines text collection funniness amusing comic flippant gag jest levity playful whimsy whimsical wisecrack witticism sly quip sarcastic sarcasm sardonic spicy implausible cynical paradox bitter crazy droll entertaining goofy cats cat lover watercolor typography lady caturday saturdays sleeping grooming meow flat textured hand drawn cup leaves herbs motivational words phrase peaceful floral calmness herbal tea self care cheer up inspirational quotes you deserve a break lettering flower plant handdrawn leaf sketch graphic small big and sorry im late my was on me fashion hummingbird kitten kitty feline fur furry math greek speech sound sit thinking t

Mandalay to Momien

A Narrative of the Two Expeditions to Western China of 1868 and 1875, Under Colonel Edward B. Sladen and Colonel Horace Browne

Author: John Anderson



Category: Burma

Page: 479

View: 484