Medieval Celebrations

How to Plan Holidays, Weddings, and Reenactments with Recipes, Customs, Costumes, Decorations, Songs, Dances, and Games

Author: Daniel Diehl

Publisher: Stackpole Books


Category: History

Page: 149

View: 561

Provides information on medieval costumes and decorations, and ideas for activities at Christmas, Easter, weddings, and parties.

Celebrations Around the World!

A Global Holiday Songbook Featuring 14 Unison Songs Celebrating Holidays in 13 Countries

Author: Sally K. Albrecht

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing


Category: Music

Page: 64

View: 892

This innovative songbook celebrating unique holidays in 13 countries around the world will be a wonderful addition to any music or classroom teacher's library. The Teacher's Handbook is filled with useful teaching tools including: Notes about each holiday (may be used as connecting dialog), Programming ideas, Reproducible Student Song Sheets, Performance and Musical Development notes, Suggested activities, PLUS tons of ideas for further interdisciplinary study. Learn about other cultures, customs and languages through the cross-cultural study of music. Includes songs for: USA, Canada, Barbados, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Japan, Australia, South Africa and Ghana. Recommended for grades 2--7. Works as a songbook OR a program. Performance Time: Approximately 30 minutes. Reproducible Student Song Sheets included.


The Cult of Anniversaries in Europe and the United States Today

Author: William M. Johnston

Publisher: Transaction Publishers


Category: Social Science

Page: 187

View: 535

In the twentieth century, celebrations of historical anniversaries abounded. There was the bicentennial of the French Revolution, the 150th anniversary of photography, Bach's 300th anniversary, and the 200th anniversary of the American Constitution, to name just a few. Every year hundreds of anniversaries still attract media attention and government investment in ever greater degrees. Deploying an astonishing array of insights, Celebrations explores the causes and consequences of this major phenomenon of our time. As Johnston shows, anniversaries fulfill a number of needs. They provide the kind of experience of regularity across a lifetime that the weekly cycle supplies in daily life. The use of anniversaries for political ends emerged during the French Revolution and expanded to promote nationalism during the nineteenth century, although there are differences in how they are used. Europeans tend to celebrate cultural heroes, while Americans tend to celebrate events. Entire nations exploit anniversaries of founding events in order to promote national identity. Commercially, there are whole industries built around commemoration, and they provide intellectuals an opportunity to take center stage. Using methods of cultural history, sociology, and religious studies, Johnston shows how the cult of anniversaries reflects postmodern concerns. It fills a void left by the disappearance of ideologies and avant-gardes. In an era when there is little consensus about styles or methods, anniversaries allow intellectuals, businesses, and governments to acknowledge and celebrate every nuance of opinion. By suggesting ways to use anniversaries more creatively, this book offers a broad range of insights.

Celebrations Around the World


Author: Sally Albrecht

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing


Category: Music

Page: 64

View: 136

This innovative collection (a sequel to the popular Celebrations Around the World!) celebrates more unique holidays in 12 countries around the world. The Teacher's Handbook includes notes about each holiday, programming ideas, suggested activities, and reproducible song sheets, PLUS tons of ideas for further interdisciplinary study. Includes songs for the USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Ireland, Sweden, France, Spain, India, Israel, China, South Korea, and Kenya. Recommended for grades 2-7. Works as a songbook OR as a 30-minute program.

Celebrations of Death

The Anthropology of Mortuary Ritual

Author: Peter Metcalf

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 236

View: 486

Machine derived contents note: List of illustrations -- Preface -- Introduction to the second edition -- 1. Preliminaries -- Part I. Universals and Culture: 2. Emotional reactions to death -- 3. Symbolic associations of death -- Part II. Death as Transition: 4. The living and the dead: a re-examination of Hertz -- 5. Death rituals and life values: rites of passage reconsidered -- Part III. The Royal Corpse and the Body Politic: 6. The dead king -- 7. The immortal kingship -- Part IV. Seeing Ourselves Anew: 8. American deathways -- Bibliography -- Index.

Multicultural Cookbook of Life-cycle Celebrations

Author: Lois Sinaiko Webb

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Cooking

Page: 473

View: 142

While the literary world is filled with international cookbooks, as well as cookbooks for children, none combine both features as does Multicultural Cookbook of Life-Cycle Celebrations. A companion volume to popular earlier cookbooks by Oryx, this new title covers the celebrations and the recipes that take a person from cradle to grave. Arranged by region and country, the latest multicultural cookbook is an ideal resource for all classes that use culinary customs to bolster curriculums, presenting more than 250 authentic recipes, it includes interesting introductions about each celebration.

The Centennial Celebrations of the State of New York

Prepared Pursuant to a Concurrent Resolution of the Legislature of 1878, and Chapter 391 of the Laws of 1879

Author: New York (State). Secretary's Office



Category: New York (State)

Page: 459

View: 296

Religious Celebrations

An Encyclopedia of Holidays, Festivals, Solemn Observances, and Spiritual Commemorations

Author: J. Gordon Melton

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Religion

Page: 1036

View: 551

This two-volume work presents a comprehensive survey of all the ways people celebrate religious life around the globe.

Treasury of Celebrations

Author: Alternatives Alternatives

Publisher: Wood Lake Publishing Inc.


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

View: 942

Create celebrations that reflect your values and don't cost the earth.

Star Trek Celebrations

Star Trek All Series

Author: Maureen McTigue

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 426

Ever wonder what to serve at a Klingon Day of Ascension? Just can't remember if you bring a gift to a Rumarie celebration? Can't recall if on Galvin five, a marriage is considered successful only if children are produced within a year or three of the wedding? You know that Damok was on the ocean, but you can't recall just what that means... Have no fear! Finally you too can come prepared to any celebration held anywhere within the Federation. Culled from the latest data resources of every world, this comprehensive and handy guide will let you walk into any celebration with assurance. Clarly laid out are the complex and compelling cultures that are a part of this vast Federation. Plus there is a special section which details the celebrations that have become part of the traditions of Starfleet - from promotion to ship commissioning, from the solemn occasion of the passing of a crew member to the joyous exchange of marriage vows, you can be a part of it all! Over the course of four television shows and nine movies there have been many familiar celebrations on screen from birthdays to funerals. Yet each one has been unique, because they are a part of the Star Trek universe. And as the writers have created new races, so we have seen their holidays and festivals. But never before has there been one place where you can readily discover what to serve on a particular Talaxian holiday or just how important is the Bajoran Gratitude Festival. This book will provide the answer to all those questions so that now you can celebrate any festival you like yourself at home!


Rituals of Peace and Prayer

Author: Maya Angelou

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 112

View: 795

A collection of poetry witnessing celebrations both private and public, from the author of I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS. 'A brilliant writer, a fierce friend and a truly phenomenal woman' BARACK OBAMA Maya Angelou's poetry has stirred our souls, energized our minds and healed our hearts. Celebrations is a collection of timely and timeless poems: the inspiring 'On the Pulse of Morning', read at President William Jefferson Clinton's 1993 inauguration; the heartening 'Amazing Peace'; 'A Brave and Startling Truth', which marked the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations; and 'Mother', which beautifully honours the first woman in our lives. 'She moved through the world with unshakeable calm, confidence and a fierce grace . . . She will always be the rainbow in my clouds' OPRAH WINFREY 'She was important in so many ways. She launched African American women writing in the United States. She was generous to a fault. She had nineteen talents - used ten. And was a real original. There is no duplicate' TONI MORRISON


Author: Jeri S. Cipriano

Publisher: Capstone


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 17

View: 663

Simple text and photographs introduce holidays that are observed in different countries, such as the celebration of the moon in Vietnam and the celebration of Kwanzaa in the United States.

Religious New Year's Celebrations

Author: Ann Morrill

Publisher: Infobase Publishing


Category: Holidays

Page: 105

View: 967

New Year's celebrations are times when families and friends come together to celebrate endings and new beginnings. Focusing on Diwali (Hindu), Rosh Hashanah (Jewish), El am Hejir (Muslim), and Mataraki (Maori), this book explores how cultures around the world contemplate the passage of time during these deeply sacred festivals.

Autumn Celebrations

Literature Unit and Other Themed Activities


Publisher: Teacher Created Materials



Page: 4

View: 386

Celebrate autumn with your entire class! With these engaging activities, students will complete this themed literature unit!

The Cultures of Celebrations

Author: Ray Broadus Browne

Publisher: Popular Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 244

View: 552

"Such celebrations are a text which provide the four births necessary for our full development - the anthropological concept of being "thrice born" (first into our culture, then into another culture we study, then back into our culture with new insights about both cultures) and finally a fourth birth into freedom from the grip of the two - and other - societies.".

Liturgical Catechesis of Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest

Author: Veronica C. Rosier

Publisher: Peeters Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 311

View: 188

The number of Catholic communities with no priest available to celebrate Sunday Eucharist has increased steadily over 60 years. For many, other forms of Sunday celebration are the statistical norm. This dramatic development coincides with Vatican II's insistence on liturgical catechesis: for the baptised the main source of their Christian spirit comes from active participation in the liturgy, especially the Sunday Eucharist. Celebrating the liturgy in all its symbolic fullness leads to inner participation in the mystery. A more profound appropriation of this living relationship with Christ comes about through well-celebrated rites and reflection on personal experience of the rites. Yet, liturgical catechesis is largely ignored or dismissed because it is not understood. Liturgical celebrations frequently lack the vitality capable of leading people into the depth of the sacred mysteries they celebrate. Sunday celebrations in the absence of a priest are no exception. This book presents a systematic treatment of the modern church's teaching on liturgical catechesis. It proposes ten general principles of liturgical catechesis. These principles are used to explore and criticize the "Directory for Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest" (1988), as well as the rituals prepared from the "Directory" by the USA, and Canada. Even when there can be no Sunday Mass in parishes, hospitals and nursing homes, navy ships and jails, liturgical prayer is to be a privileged place of evangelisation, catechesis, spirituality and discipleship in Christ.