Celebrating Life

Words of Comfort

Author: Jim McCann

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing


Category: Social Science

Page: 80

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Reinforcing the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM and Celebrations.com philosophy of helping customers express, connect, and celebrate, Jim McCann balances the practical with the poignant inside Celebrating Life. More than just a collection of sympathetic sentiments, Celebrating Life serves as a catalyst for sharing profound affection, appreciation, grief, and love for someone who has died. This inspirational gift book of sympathy is perfect for quiet moments of reflection or for sharing at memorials, anniversaries, funerals, wakes, and other special occasions that pay tribute to the life of a loved one. Full-color drawings illustrate the book throughout and are interspersed with meaningful quotes and heartfelt reflections on saying goodbye, healing, remembering, and celebrating life. Divided into four sections, Celebrating Life features 120 entries, including: * Saying Goodbye: "The gods conceal from men the happiness of death, that they may endure life." --Lucan * Healing: "What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." --Albert Pike * "When We Meet Again... : "Is death the last sleep? No, it is the last--and final--awakening." --Sir Walter Scott * "Reflecting and Rituals: "Death is the most beautiful adventure in life." --Charles Frohman

Single Ladies, C.L.A.P Your Hands - Celebrating Life Always Praising

Author: Erika R. Godfrey

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 80

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With the evolution in dating that has taken place, many Christian women are finding themselves still single without a hope of being married. Single Ladies CLAP Your Hands encourages single women, to take the focus off of being married, and to focus on Praising God for what He has already done and what He is going to do This book invites women to Clap their Hands in the midst of being single. With a sister to sister approach, Godfrey addresses issues to consider while you are single like: [Being created for a purpose and how being single plays into that purpose [Being patient with God while He works things out for your good [Being victims of fairy tales and re-writing your own fairy tale [Being a first class single Single Ladies, read this book and get ready to C.L.A.P.-Celebrate Life Always Praising Sister Erika R. Godfrey is a native of Richmond, California, Erika is a devout seeker of knowledge, always eager and excited to learn as much as God will allow her to know. Having already obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, she is currently in the pursuit of her Master of Divinity degree. At her home church Erika serves as the Director of Christian Education and a youth department teacher. With the combination of Erikas effective pursuance of the complete understanding of Gods Word, her heart for young women and a desire to help empower them through His Word, she was chosen to teach the Young Adult Womens group, The D.O.L.L.S (Divas Outrageously, Living and Loving the Savior) She presides as an Associate Dean for the California State Congress of Christian Education.

Celebrating Life Customs around the World: From Baby Showers to Funerals [3 volumes]

Author: Victoria Williams Ph.D.

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Social Science

Page: 1247

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This book documents hundreds of customs and traditions practiced in countries outside of the United States, showcasing the diversity of birth, coming-of-age, and death celebrations worldwide. • Examines cultural events in the general categories of birth and childhood events, teen and early adulthood milestones, and aging and death customs • Offers primary and cultural document excerpts that are useful for the purposes of meeting Common Core standards • Includes color inserts that help bring the text to life • Features sidebars that present fun facts, interesting anecdotes, and recipes that are often used to celebrate various life-cycle customs in different countries • Provides information ideal for students studying geography, global studies, anthropology, and world cultures

Real Families, Real Stories: Celebrating Life With Down Syndrome

Author: Stephanie Sumulong

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Family & Relationships


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A goal of the International Down Syndrome Coalition (IDSC) is to celebrate individuals living with Down syndrome. Showcasing family stories and personal accomplishments has been an integral part of the IDSC since its inception. The IDSC thanks all those families who have shared their stories and photos with us about their loved ones with Down syndrome. This book is a compilation of those stories which come directly from parents and siblings.

The Journey: A Celebration of Life

A Guidebook for Writing Your Life Story

Author: Lee Q. Miller

Publisher: Tate Publishing


Category: Autobiography

Page: 178

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Are you seeking for the perfect gift for your favorite person? Look no more. "The Journey: A Celebration of Life" is the gift for the person who has everything. It is a book to be cherished, a book to be shared with those you love now and those in the future who wish they had had the opportunity to know you more personally. Discover and share the essence of you as you create your ethical will/legacy letter and write the stories of your life to be shared with generations now and in the future. How will you be remembered 100 years from now? Complete "The Journey: A Celebration of Life" to make sure your descendants remember you as you want to be remembered. When your great great-grandchildren read your book they will know what it was like when you lived and they will know you as if you were sitting right beside them. The wisdom you share will link the past, present and future generations. It is a priceless gift for all time. Make an investment in forever by creating a legacy that will be cherished for all time. The Journey: A Celebration of Life is not so much a book to be read as it is a book to be written. If you are seeking a way to reflect upon your life and to celebrate it more fully, this book is the tool you must have. It is a book for all people of all ages in all stages of life.

Celebrating Life

Rites of Passage for All Ages

Author: Tzipora Klein



Category: Circle

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Celebrating Life

African American Women Speak Out about Breast Cancer

Author: Sylvia Dunnavant

Publisher: Usfi Pub


Category: Social Science

Page: 255

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Shares the stories of sixty-two African American breast cancer survivors and discusses the high incidence of the disease among Black women and how to live with it