Caves of Power

Ancient Energy Techniques for Healing, Rejuvenation and Manifestation

Author: Sergio Magana

Publisher: Hay House, Inc


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

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Many people across the world today are looking for their true selves. The ancient Mexicans viewed this true self as the ‘caves’, which referred to our spirit, instincts, and subconscious. According to the Mexican tradition, we have seven caves of power, which are equivalent to the chakras, and healing these caves allows us to improve all areas of our lives. InThe Caves of Power, world-renowned Mexican healer Sergio Magaña unveils this almost lost and secret knowledge of the ancient Mexicans. He shares powerful practices for healing, rejuvenation, manifestation, and enlightenment, which include: Mexican numerology, astral surgery, dream work, Mexican acupuncture, energy spinning, and Mexican Kundalini techniques. This unique and powerful book brings a new approach to an ancient tradition to bring healing and resolution to our most important issues: health, emotions, abundance, and enlightenment.

The Caves of Alienation

Author: Stuart Evans

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW


Category: Fiction

Page: 624

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The Caves of Alienation' is a story of unfolding revelation about the difficult, fascinating character of Caradock. His family made their fortune from the industry of Wales, but his cosseted childhood in the Welsh valleys only fuelled his desire to leave, and his efforts to escape are explored through the multi-voiced narrative. Then there are his crucial first encounters with sex, his literary success in London and his final withdrawal to Wales. But it is the riveting manner of the telling which gives 'The Caves of Alienation' its virtuosity. It is told from a variety of viewpoints, some conflicting, all interrelated. Friends and enemies, literary rivals, lovers, critics, the ‘official biography’ even television and radio documentaries jostle each other in the narrative with their own (sometimes feigning) fragments of truth. Caradock’s own novels and essays play a vital part in the story. All this makes for an exhilarating, kaleidoscopic read, funny and profound by turns, yet never flinching in its portrayal of Caradock and his deepest preoccupations. The phrase tour de force is a tired one, but it has seldom been more justified than in the case of this exceptional novel.

The Caves of Fire

Author: K. Berklund-Pagé

Publisher: Word Alive Press


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 264

View: 974

According to legend, if the sky is blue and clear but you see a line of white clouds along the horizon, those aren’t really clouds. They are the snow-capped mountains of the Land of Thirsk. According to legend, if Javerra’s skin were cut, he would not bleed fire like a normal Rix. He would bleed scorpions and snakes. It was an easy legend to believe. But the legend isn’t what kept Fee’s face glued to the floor. It was Javerra’s eyes—round, unblinking yellow eyes that gleamed from cavernous sockets. His gaze drew you in, sucked you dry, and tossed you back to the floor like a dirty rag. Fee is a spy. Daniel is a nerd. Evie is bossy. Javerra despises Daniel but cannot destroy him unless he comes to Thirsk of his own free will. To what lengths will Javerra go to trick Daniel into coming? Can Fee, Daniel, and Evie become true friends and work together to defeat him?

In the Caves of Exile

Author: Ru Emerson

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Fiction

Page: 296

View: 309

The exiled Queen Ylia calls upon all of her magical powers in order to bring together the scattered survivors of her beleaguered kingdom, Nedao. This is the tale of the young Queen Ylia who chooses to accept the challenges disaster can bring. She flees from the broken and defeated city of Koderra and treks through the terrible haunted mountains to the North. Although such a perilous journey tests all of her strength and resources, it is not until she reveals herself in the full tilt of battle that it is clear how the powers that are her birthright can save her kingdom.

Seal of Power

Mastery of Tomas Series, Book Three

Author: Jaylee Balch

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 262

View: 695

In the final book of this science fiction trilogy, Tomas’ journey in facing the Unknown culminates in the Seal of Power, while challenges elevate him in the eyes of the Realms. As Tomas comes of age, he crosses a threshold no human has ever crossed: He now faces the force that has plagued humanity for aeons and bravely takes ownership of it. Follow the trials that face the boy, his birth, his relationship with his mother, and his illumination as everything comes to a head with a powerful Yetish Dream Weaver. Tomas cannot escape the inevitable, yet he learns much of his human condition and its weaknesses when the final hour comes. It is then he knows what he is to do once and for all for all to save mankind. While this is happening, four humans from Earth, including Nathan, embark on their own journey, where they face the hoards at the Whispering Waterfall and free the Sapphire Drae. Nathan survives the onslaught of a strange creature named Tricks. The four fall prey to Imperian guards, end up in the Imperian Dungeon, and are rescued by a Form Bender.

Cave of Stars

Author: George Zebrowski

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Fiction

Page: 254

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Old Earth is gone. Humanity has been scattered to the stars. Some left their dying planet in spaceship arks, in search of new worlds to inhabit. Others, nanoengineered for near-immortality, explore the far reaches of interstellar space in gargantuan macrolife mobiles. An earth-like human society endures on the environmentally volatile planet of Tau Ceti IV—a rigid community of the faithful that has declared evil the science that caused the homeworld’s destruction. The Church is the absolute power here; obedience and belief the rule. But His Holiness Peter III, the New Vatican’s most powerful figure, himself harbors doubts, engendered by his love for his unacknowledged and illegitimate rebel daughter Josepha. And suddenly there is another assault on his tottering faith—and on the sacred traditions he has devoted his life to uphold. For an emissary, Voss Rhazes, has arrived from one of old Earth’s journeying mobiles—the first off-planet human visitor ever to Tau Ceti—bearing remarkable hated technology that could shred the fragile emotional fabric of a family . . . and bring devastating chaos to their world.

Searching for Power

Author: John Jacob Haksteen MD F. a. P. a.

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: History

Page: 256

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This is a story of how the walking apes of Africa were destined to become the vanguards of evolution: Humankind and their struggles to tame the chaos in nature and themselves through understanding. However, understanding developed slowly: From pictures as language; to ritual language as art; to logic of written language; to observations, experimentations, and theoretic reasoning to knowledge; and the expanding of consciousness to insight. Five great teachers emerged in history who brought wisdom to enlighten their cultures and the world. They never wrote a book, their wisdom was remembered, later written, and called: The Analects; The Four Noble Truths; The Republic; The Gospels; The Koran. Their wisdom has lasted thousands of years, strongly influencing three quarters of the earth's population; they were called Confucius, Buddha; Socrates, Jesus and Mohammad. The lovers of wisdom furthered our understanding and the scientists increased our knowledge daily, while the mystics expanded our consciousness to reach the highest power. Read this book and learn how the author lost his scientific skepticism about disembodied consciousness.

The Power of the Bull

Author: Michael Rice

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 336

View: 609

Everyone has heard of the Minotaur in the labyrinth on Crete and many know that the Greek gods would adopt the guise of a bull to seduce mortal women. But what lies behind these legends? The Power of the Bull discusses mankind's enduring obsession with bulls. The bull is an almost universal symbol throughout Indo-European cultures. Bull cults proliferated in the Middle East and in many parts of North Africa, and one cult, Mithraism, was the greatest rival to Christianity in the Roman Empire. The Cults are divergent yet have certain core elements in common. Michael Rice argues that the ancient bulls were the supreme sacrificial animal. An examination of evidence from earliest prehistory onwards reveals the bull to be a symbol of political authority, sexual potency, economic wealth and vast subterranean powers. In some areas representations of the bull have varied little from earliest times, in others it has changed vastly over centuries. This volume provides a well-illustrated and accessible analysis of the exceptionally rich artistic inheritance associated with the bull.

A Guide to Caves and Karst of Indiana

Author: Samuel S. Frushour

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: Nature

Page: 142

View: 461

Explains how caves are created, the different geological features in them and the types of animals that inhabit them, and contains information on safety, cave etiquette, equipment, caving organizations and descriptions of individual caves found in Indiana. Original.