Twist Me & Capture Me

The Complete Six-Book Series

Author: Anna Zaires

Publisher: Mozaika LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 1409

View: 457

Words of Power

Voices from Indian America

Author: Norbert S. Hill, Jr.

Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing


Category: History

Page: 56

View: 149

Here are tribal members¥ insights on spirituality, land, leadership, conflict, treaties, environment, men, women, children, education, and peace.

Philippe Grandrieux

Sonic Cinema

Author: Greg Hainge

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA


Category: Music

Page: 312

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Philippe Grandrieux is one of cinema's only living true radicals and feted as one of the most innovative and important film makers of his generation. His consistently controversial work remains, however, relatively unknown outside of the international art film festival circuit. In this volume, the first book-length study of the work of Grandrieux in any language, Greg Hainge provides an overview and critical analysis of Grandrieux's entire career during which he has produced works for television, video installations, photography, performance pieces, documentary films, short films and prize-winning feature films. As well as providing an overview, the book argues that a critical appraisal of his work necessarily leads us to problematize many of the critical orthodoxies that have been formed in recent times, to reject the concept of a haptic cinema and to supplant this instead with the idea of a sonic cinema.

Phoenix's Despairing Love

Volume 1

Author: Xin Yue

Publisher: Funstory


Category: Fiction


View: 318

I didn't expect that after my rebirth, I would become a baby boy, and the new daddy was actually the leader of Killer's Organization. As someone who craves love, how long will it take for me to fall in love? Looking at Qi Tianyang and Zhan Feng, these two brothers of mine who grew up together since childhood, I was confused, they are my brothers, I am a man and I am a woman, I have a man's body yet I have a woman's heart.Man? Woman? Who am I supposed to love? I struggle, I am confused, full of bloody Jianghu, bold Jianghu children, where to go? Where is my home? I was forced to marry at the age of twenty, but on the eve of marriage. "

Ghost Eye Master

Volume 6

Author: Ye GuHun

Publisher: Funstory


Category: Fiction


View: 691

The human left the human and the ghost left the ghost. No matter if it's a person or a ghost, if you take the wrong path, I, Li Xiangyang, will come and take you in. After a class reunion, Li Xiangyang's business was in full swing. All sorts of demons and monsters, come to my bowl!

They Call Me Mother

Author: Jade Jackson

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc


Category: Fiction

Page: 208

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Life can be either an adventure or nothing at all. Since the destruction of Hargraves Academy and a hard reset to everything known and comfortable, Brittyn has been searching. For the past two years, she has hunted those who brought her world down around her. She also yearns to find her greatest love, Markus, and best friend, Aidan, who were lost. In her all-new adventure, Brittyn and her band of unlikely companions travel to the human realm, where everything is different. Valkyries are more feared than revered. Can Brittyn learn to control the raging chasm of anger, fear, and resentment that grows in her core? Will she finally determine her place when everyone around her wants her to be something she is not?

Through Minds’ Eyes

Author: Ryan J. Hite

Publisher: BalboaPress


Category: Religion

Page: 674

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This is a book of history, ethics, and philosophy. It is a record of teachings passed down through the generations from the East and the West. It contains the fullness of the sealed covenant established between man and the laws of the universe. As we evolve as a race, we take things out of our lives because we better understand who we are and what we have achieved. The divine refers to the laws of nature and the universe that guide us in our everyday lives. The creator that guides our everyday lives is not something that we should worship or pray to out of fear or love; it is something that remains unseen and works in natural forces to explain all the events that happen on Earth. It is merely a force and it is not necessary to belong to a group to experience the light. The path to the light is straight and broad. The creator of the universe is a divine and intellectual force, by which all things came into being. The sealed covenant is a pact between all of humanity to the world around us and the universal laws that guide our everyday lives to come together and love one another and come to make the world a better place for all people. This shall usher in the evolution of religious traditions and humanity to a new age of prosperity.

I And The Sleeper Cells - IATSC : Ignorance to Intuition

Author: Vimal K P



Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 189

View: 272

This book speaks about a true story of a Software Engineer whose joyful life turned in to a nightmare after he was caught by an underworld network of people. Such people are found everywhere in the country living like normal people. The common people like us are played by the people of a network as dolls of the puppet show. We live without knowing the existence of such a network and get ourselves involved in their move unaware of the real background reason. This book - IATSC discloses such moves of the network to make people aware of what is happening around them. The author had experienced seven capital cities of India. The incidences mentioned in this book are his real time experiences that he likes to share with you. These are the happenings around you when you either stay at home or travel outside everyday to school, college, office, business or anywhere else. In short, this book has invaluable facts for your life.

Dark and Alpha

An Addictive Romance Duet

Author: Anna Zaires

Publisher: Mozaika LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 840

View: 851

For a limited time, get two FULL-LENGTH novels (reader favorites with 1000s of 5-star reviews!) from NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER ANNA ZAIRES and see why more than a million readers worldwide are “addicted” and “obsessed.” This unique FREE bundle contains the following books: Twist Me (A Contemporary Dark Romance) “Will you ever let me go?” “No, Nora,” he replies, and I can feel his smile in the darkness. “Never.” On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Nora Leston meets Julian Esguerra, and her life changes forever. Stolen away to a private island, she finds herself at the mercy of a powerful, dangerous man whose touch makes her burn. A man whose obsession with her knows no bounds. Her enigmatic captor is as cruel as he is beautiful, yet it’s his tenderness that devastates her most. Drawn into his violent world, Nora must find a way to adapt and survive—and find light within the darkness. Close Liaisons (A Sci-Fi Romance) In the near future, the Krinar rule the Earth. An advanced race from another galaxy, they are still a mystery to us—and we are completely at their mercy. Shy and innocent, Mia Stalis is a college student in New York City who's led a normal life. Like most people, she’s never had any interactions with the invaders—until one fateful day in the park changes everything. Having caught Korum’s eye, she must now contend with a powerful, dangerously seductive Krinar who wants to possess her and will stop at nothing to make her his own. How far would you go to regain your freedom? How much would you sacrifice to help your people? What choice will you make when you begin to fall for your enemy? What readers are saying about Anna Zaires’s books: • “So enthralling, gripping, raw, thrilling, breathtaking I could not put my Kindle down” • “Twists you into gut wrenching agony and fear and turns you into a writhing mass of need” • “I enjoyed this book with fear and arousal, amazed by the beauty in its darkness” • “This series will forever be burned into my heart. I loved it from the very first page and mourned the last page because I never wanted it to end.” • “This trilogy deserves 10 stars!” • “Utterly brilliant” • “I can never get enough of her writing!”

Later Operetta 2

the Highwayman, Music by Reginald DeKoven, Libretto by Harry B. Smith, 1897

Author: Orly Leah Krasner

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Music

Page: 336

View: 283

The most successful American-born composer of operetta at the end of the nineteenth century was Reginald de Koven. The work reprinted in this volume, The Highwayman, is arguably his best work, although he is better known for the earlier Robin Hoodwixh its evergreen wedding ballad "Oh Promise Me." (Robin Hood is available as a reprint in the 1990 volume American Opera and Music for the Stage, in the G.K. Hall series Three Centuries of American Music.) The editor of this volume, Orly Leah Krasner, is a leading scholar of de Koven’s music. She teaches at the City University of New York, and her Ph.D. dissertation, "Reginald de Koven (1859-1920) and American Comic Opera at the Turn of the Century," is also from that university. Her introduction places the work in the tenor of contemporary critical reaction, and lists the sources available for further study. The Highwayman is one of the few complete operettas of its era for which we are fortunate enough to have original performing materials in the composer’s own hand. As the penultimate volume (number 15) in this series, de Koven’s work of 1897 contrasts with two works of the previous year, Walter Damrosch’s opera The Scarlet Letter (volume 16) and John Philip Sousa’s operetta El Capitan (volume 14).