But Not Without Hope

Author: James Haydock

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 234

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Bonheur was and is my name. Every person in my native France knew the name meant sunshine, well-being, happiness. But how does one find happiness in a prison known worldwide for its coarse and brutal inhumanity? Fifteen painful years, prime years of youth, I endured in that terrible place determined to escape. Though I planned each escape carefully, something always went wrong, and I found myself trying to survive in soul-shattering solitary confinement. I was small of statue and not very strong compared to the hulking convicts I lived with, and yet I need not remind you that strength comes in many forms.

Lost But Not Without Hope

Author: Dakota "Kirby" Durbin

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Poetry

Page: 125

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Lost But Not Without Hope is a collection of poems written by teenage author, Dakota Durbin, who wishes to spread his messages and ideals. Many of the emotion touched upon include those surrounding relationships, love, pain, anger, fear, and depression. Typical feelings a teen or any person may experience through their life time and be able to relate to. These poems were written to empathize with ours feelings, as well as express his own. The poems reflect generalized feelings and provide a range of interpretation for the readers, but hidden within is Dakota’s unique struggles and inner messages.

Peace Without Dishonour--war Without Hope

Being a Calm and Dispassionate Enquiry Into the Question of the Chesapeake, and the Necessity and Expediency of War

Author: John Lowell



Category: Chesapeake-Leopard Affair, 1807

Page: 43

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Spiritual Victory Over Circumstances

Author: Linda J. Kemp Revis

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Religion

Page: 100

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Life's circumstances have a way of getting the best of you. They pressure you into adjusting your life and settling for no peace or happiness. But it's time to let circumstances know that you are not adjusting to them any longer. It's time to let life's mishaps know that you will not allow them to press your spirit down again. It's time to let trouble know that you are not letting it interrupt your life anymore. It's time to find spiritual victory over your circumstances! This book shows you how to gain it through the power of God.

Faith, Hope and Charity

Author: Louis A. Arand

Publisher: Paulist Press


Category: Religion

Page: 165

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Augustine has given us here a fairly complete compendium of his whole theology and the system on which it rests.