God of Broken Things

Author: Cameron Johnston

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited


Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 455

An outcast magician must risk his body and mind to save the world from horrifying demons, in the heart-pounding epic fantasy sequel to The Traitor God. Tyrant magus Edrin Walker destroyed the monster sent by the Skallgrim, but not before it laid waste to Setharis, and infested their magical elite with mind-controlling parasites. Edrin's own Gift to seize the minds of others was cracked by the strain of battle, and he barely survives the interrogation of a captured magus. There’s no time for recovery though: a Skallgrim army is marching on the mountain passes of the Clanhold. Edrin and a coterie of villains race to stop them, but the mountains are filled with gods, daemons, magic, and his hideous past. Walker must stop at nothing to win, even if that means losing his mind. Or worse… File Under: Fantasy [ In Your Head | Daemons & The Damned | Father Winter | Fighting Dirty ]

Broken Things

Why We Suffer

Author: M. R. DeHaan

Publisher: Our Daily Bread Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 128

View: 891

Before M. R. DeHaan was teaching on Radio Bible Class, he was a physician and well acquainted with pain and suffering. Dr. DeHaan, in his book Broken Things—Why We Suffer, takes a biblical and practical look at suffering and helps you to discover that often it is through seasons of trial that God seeks to mold and shape you into His image. Applying the healing principles of God's Word, Dr. DeHaan encourages those who have been scarred by loss of employment, health, or by the death of a loved one, to find both hope and peace.

Broken Things and Other Tales

Author: Vicky Allen



Category: Poetry

Page: 28

View: 771

Broken Things is a gathered handful of poems formed from quiet curiosity at the ordinary and strange in what is found beneath our feet, at our fingertips, in the air about us... This, the debut collection from the exciting new talent that is the poet Vicky Allen, is a fantastic introduction to her work and a glimpse of what is yet to come.

Little Broken Things

A Novel

Author: Nicole Baart

Publisher: Pocket Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 844

“If you liked Big Little Lies, you’ll want to crack open [Little Broken Things].” —Southern Living An unforgettable and moving novel about an affluent suburban family whose carefully constructed façade crumbles with the unexpected arrival of an endangered young girl. I have something for you. When Quinn Cruz receives that cryptic text message from her older sister Nora, she doesn’t think much of it. They haven’t seen each other in nearly a year and their relationship consists mostly of infrequent phone calls and the occasional email. But when a haunted-looking Nora shows up just hours later, a chain reaction is set into motion that will change both of their lives forever. Nora’s “something” is more shocking than Quinn could have ever imagined: a little girl, cowering and wide-eyed. Nora hands her over to Quinn with instructions to keep her safe and disappears, leaving Quinn as the unlikely caretaker of a girl introduced simply as Lucy. “Steeped in menace…a race-to-the-finish family drama” (People), Little Broken Things explores life and death, family and freedom, and the lengths one woman will go to protect the ones she loves.

Broken Things

Author: Lauren Oliver

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 226

The stunning new standalone novel from New York Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver. It's been five years since Mia and Brynn murdered Summer Marks, their best friend, in the woods. Increasingly obsessed with a novel called The Way into Lovelorn and by their fan-fiction imagining of its sequel, the girls were drawn by an undertow of fantasy into the magical world they'd created. But eventually, their delusions turned sick, and the Shadow, Lovelorn's central evil, began to haunt them. Or so the story goes. The only thing is: they didn't do it. Brynn and Mia have both found different ways to hide from their notoriety, seeking refuge from a world that hates them-a world that will never feel magical, or safe, ever again. On the anniversary of Summer's death, a seemingly insignificant discovery resurrects the mystery and pulls Mia and Brynn back together once again. But as past and present, fiction and reality, begin again to intertwine, Brynn and Mia must confront painful truths they tried for so long to bury-and face the long shadow of memory that has, all this time, been waiting. In this engrossing, twisty novel, New York Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver weaves an unforgettable, mesmerizing tale of exquisite obsession, spoiled innocence, and impossible friendships. *************** PRAISE FOR LAUREN OLIVER 'Hugely moving and gorgeously written . . . an extremely clever and well-written novel that is ultimately uplifting' - Heat on Before I Fall 'This book will take your breath away' - She

The Summer of Broken Things

Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 400

View: 987

From New York Times bestselling author Margaret Peterson Haddix comes a novel about friendship and what it really means to be a family in the face of lies and betrayal. Fourteen-year-old Avery Armisted is athletic, rich, and pretty. Sixteen-year-old Kayla Butts is known as “butt-girl” at school. The two girls were friends as little kids, but that’s ancient history now. So it’s a huge surprise when Avery’s father offers to bring Kayla along on a summer trip to Spain. Avery is horrified that her father thinks he can choose her friends—and make her miss soccer camp. Kayla struggles just to imagine leaving the confines of her small town. But in Spain, the two uncover a secret their families had hidden from both of them their entire lives. Maybe the girls can put aside their differences and work through it together. Or maybe the lies and betrayal will only push them—and their families—farther apart. Margaret Peterson Haddix weaves together two completely separate lives in this engaging novel that explores what it really means to be a family—and what to do when it’s all falling apart.

Broken Things

Author: Andrea Boeshaar

Publisher: Barbour Pub Incorporated


Category: Fiction

Page: 346

View: 600

Allie Littenberg, her husband gone and her son about to be married, finds an old picture of Chicago cop Jack Callahan, a past love who led her to God, and decides to return to the city, but she arrives to find Jack a bitter man, estranged from his wife and his religion, and must somehow find a way to right the wrongs her actions caused.

The Keeper of Broken Things

Author: Jamie Campbell

Publisher: Jamie Campbell


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 300

View: 680

Physically broken but as strong as ever. Being the daughter of the Keeper of Discarded Things has its challenges, but nothing Ruby Adison can’t handle. Her specialty is collecting broken things and fixing them, ensuring they don’t suffer from their injuries forever. And she should know. After a heinous car accident left her in a wheelchair for life, Ruby still dreams of holding those responsible accountable. She wants them to know how they physically broke her, make them pay for what they did. When she spots the car involved in the accident, Ruby knows this is her one and only chance. She uses every resource she has available to her to uncover the truth, which turns out to be far bigger than she ever imagined. In the third book of the Keeper Series, discover what it truly means to be broken. You will never think of a disability the same again. Also in the Keeper Series: The Keeper of Lost Things The Keeper of Secret Things The Keeper of Broken Things

All the Broken Things

Lynn's Story Book 2

Author: Elli P Hunt

Publisher: Author, Elli P Hunt


Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 720

All the Broken Things Freed from captivity, but not from the haunting horror. A year ago, Abi Coltrane's life shattered when she was abducted from home. A psychopath on a killing spree seized Abi. The odds of survival stood against her. Tortured near death, her spirit broken. Abi fought for her life and the one within her. A team of local authorities led by FBI agents finally rescued her and the infant girl. Abi ached to be reunited with her family. After a recovery period in the hospital she was, but the horror followed her home. At home, tension grew between them; Abi had asked Jesse to be the legal father of her daughter. Jesse would do anything for Abi, but he didn't expect this. Could he love the baby of a serial killer, or was it more than he could manage? Abi began to suffer from a precarious state of a misunderstood emotional condition. Domestic trauma in the early '70s was a field that remained unexplored. Social norms laid a heavy burden of guilt upon the weaker of the sexes. Rape seldom discussed. Pregnancies that resulted were viewed as scandalous. Abi had a cloud of guilt hanging over her. Had she escaped one monster only to face another capable of inflicting even greater pain? Would Abi have to face this one alone, or would Jesse finally have a chance at redemption? A ruthless killer filled with rage on the loose. His sights were fixed on Abi and her family. An expert in stealth with a growing record of murders, that worried local chief of police, Reed Walters. Walters could not afford to let him slip away into the night. If he could just find him, or make sense out of what little he did have? It was a problem with no trail to follow or any sign of his whereabouts. Reed Walters didn't like someone jerking his strings, nor was he one to be fooled with. Things spiked when an assault on Jesse left him near death. That was followed shortly by an FBI agent forced into a violent auto crash. Reed knew he was running out of time, and there wasn't much to go on. The urgency of capturing this killer became a driving force. Pushing Walters into the mode of his former expertise as a Delta Force operative in Vietnam. He had his own set of finely honed skills. Reed had never failed on any mission and he wasn't about to start now.

Broken Things Can Be Fixed

Author: Melissa L. Gordon

Publisher: LifeRich Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 176

View: 124

Within the pages of Broken Things Can Be Fixed lie the story of a woman’s search for her purpose. Join her as she struggles to find love, life, and herself, facing every quandary imaginable. Witness as she discovers the love of God and the light to her path. Your once-broken spirit will soon be restored.

Broken Things

How to Move Beyond the Pain of Brokenness

Author: Roy Lewis, Jr.

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 144

View: 483

Broken Th ings is a book about the Christian life journey of Roy ‘Sgt. Roy’ Lewis. Sgt. Roy shares his stories of faith of how God has taken the ‘broken things’ in his life and use them as a way to broaden his relationship between him and God. Sgt. Roy shares his moments of fear and doubt while serving in Iraq as well as his experiences with his family. ‘Broken Th ings’ was written to inspire Christians to view their hard times as opportunities to draw closer to God coming to know Him in a way that is purely personal. The secondary goal is that the ‘non-believer’ who is looking for hope, searching for truth and who is truly desiring to know God this book will point them in that direction. Th is book does not position it self in the forums of religious arguments but it does stand boldly on the personal testimony of it’s writer. Sgt. Roy believes many things can be ‘broken’ but few things can be repaired. If you want to know how God moves and operates in the life of a Christian believer then this book is for you. Broken Th ings is Sgt. Roy’s journey of how God has taken the foolish and broken things in his life to confound the wise

The Beauty of Broken Things

Author: Victoria Connelly

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 316

View: 650

United by tragedy, can two broken souls make each other whole? After the tragic loss of his wife, Helen, Luke Hansard is desperate to keep her memory alive. In an effort to stay close to her, he reaches out to an online friend Helen often mentioned: a reclusive photographer with a curious interest in beautiful but broken objects. But first he must find her--and she doesn't want to be found. Orla Kendrick lives alone in the ruins of a remote Suffolk castle, hiding from the haunting past that has left her physically and emotionally scarred. In her fortress, she can keep a safe distance from prying eyes, surrounded by her broken treasures and insulated from the world outside. When Luke tracks Orla down, he is determined to help her in the way Helen wanted to: by encouraging her out of her isolation and back into the world. But Orla has never seen her refuge as a prison and, when painful secrets and dangerous threats begin to resurface, Luke's good deed is turned on its head. As they work through their grief for Helen in very different ways, will these two broken souls be able to heal?

Pretty Broken Things

Author: Melissa Marr




Page: 280

View: 409

Heavily-tattooed and erratic, Tess hides in plain sight, off-the-grid in New Orleans. Tess is a survivor with more secrets than even she knows. Her clearest memories are tattooed on her skin, memorials to the missing dead. No one knows who Tess is--or that she's still alive. That is, until writer J. Michael Anderson appears in town looking for someone with an irresistible story he can use to revive his flagging career. In Durham, North Carolina Juliana Campbell comes face to face with death every day, but nothing in her mortician's training prepares her for the bodies that have started to appear on her table. With each body her anger grows, and she becomes ever more driven to find the murderer. In the shadowy edges of the French Quarter, these three lives collide as long buried secrets and one woman's harrowing past ensnare them in the sights of the killer. PRETTY BROKEN THINGS will release first as a full-cast Audible Original on 11 June 2020. Paperback and ebook will follow in December 2020.

Half Broken Things

Author: Morag Joss

Publisher: Delacorte Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 370

A gripping tale of psychological suspense perfect for the readership of Minette Walters and Ruth Rendell, Half Broken Things is a novel that peers into the lives of three dangerously lost people…and the ominous haven they find when they find each other. Jean is a house sitter at the end of a dreary career. Steph is nine months pregnant and on the run. And Michael is a thief. Through a mixture of deceit, good luck, and misfortune, these three damaged loners have come together at a secluded country home called Walden Manor. Now all three have found what they needed most: a new beginning, a little kindness, a little love. Living off the manor’s riches, tending its grounds and gardens, they leave the outside world far behind and build a happiness so long denied them. That is, until the first unexpected visitor arrives...igniting a chain reaction that is at once spellbinding and disastrous. A stunning, thought-provoking crime novel of chilling moral complexity, Half Broken Things is a gripping, haunting exploration of love and our need for it, of the damage done when we go long without it, and the deeds we might be driven to in its name. From the Hardcover edition.

Restoring Broken Things

What Happens When We Catch a Vision of the New World Jesus Is Creating

Author: Thomas Nelson

Publisher: Thomas Nelson


Category: Religion

Page: 276

View: 417

Sooner or later, we all become disillusioned with this fallen world as we encounter life's difficulties. But Christians have hope, a promise from God: "Behold, I make all things new!"-Revelation 21:5. Authors Steven Curtis Chapman and Scotty Smith explore this bold proclamation of God's commitment to redeem and restore all things through His Son, Jesus Christ. They also reveal the important role Christians play in this redemptive process.

Ode to Broken Things

Author: Dipika Mukherjee

Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers


Category: Fiction

Page: 232

View: 725

Colonel S - biomedical engineer, explosives expert, and the Malaysian government go-to hitman - has been doing the dirty work of the rich and corrupt for years now and is ready for his final job. One that will ensure the domination of the Muslims over the Malaysian state. The target? Kuala Lumpur International Airport. All he needs is a little help from his old friend and protege, Dr. Jay Ghosh. Despite the dangerous circumstances and Jay's own tragic Malaysian history, which he has been running from for 30 years, he cannot refuse the man who once saved his life. But, when Jay contacts Agni, the daughter of his first love with dangerous secrets of her own and a hunch that Colonel S is not all he seems, Jay is torn between righting the wrongs of his past and remaining loyal to a blood oath he has finally been called on to repay. Set in modern day Malaysia, divided by religions vying for control of the state with violence and manipulation, Ode to Broken Things rings true in an increasingly dangerous world fraught with warfare, conflicting cultures, dysfunctional governments, and terrorism. However, Dipika Mukherjee's focus on the characters' interwoven histories forms the story's overarching message that, despite race, ethnicity, or religion, the same blood runs in our veins.

Promises and Other Broken Things

Author: J.S. Eades

Publisher: J.S. Eades


Category: Fiction

Page: 406

View: 254

Amelia York seems to have it all: a great career, good friends, and she’s married to her high school sweetheart. Starting a promising new job is just another step in the life she has all figured out. The intense connection she develops with a handsome co-worker, however, threatens to derail all her well thought-out plans. Declan Kavanaugh's whole world revolves around his daughter. Overworked and under-appreciated both by his wife at home and his colleagues at his family's firm, the stress is starting to get to him. Making friends with the pretty new accountant comes as a surprise, but he finds time spent with Amelia is like the breath of fresh air he so desperately needs. Neither of them wants any complications in their lives—and the last thing they want is to fall in love. But as they discover, sometimes no matter how much you fight it, life has other ideas.

Broken Things to Mend

Author: Jeffrey R. Holland

Publisher: Deseret Book


Category: Mormon Church

Page: 230

View: 414

This collection of some of Elder Holland's most memorable recent talks inspires readers to maintain hope amidst personal trials, suffering, and family struggles by riveting their attention on the Savior who has the power to heal.