Brazilian Portuguese-English, English-Brazilian Portuguese Concise Dictionary

Author: Amadeu Marques



Category: Foreign Language Study

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Brazilian Portuguese is written and spoken by over 180 million inhabitants of Brazil as well as by several million Brazilian emigrants in other parts of the world, including over 1 million Brazilian Americans. Portuguese is taught at over 280 colleges and universities in the United States. Brazil is the most popular tourist destination in South America, enjoying over 5 million visitors in 2008. It is also the second largest economy in the Americas (after the United States) with thriving industries such as automobiles, steel, petrochemicals, aircraft and banking. [[Concise size with 10,000 entries of essential Brazilian Portuguese [[Each entry includes key grammatical information and pronunciation [[Many entries include related words and phrases [[Spelling updated in full accordance with the Reforma Ortogrfica da Lngua Portuguesa, 2009 [[Perfect for businesspeople, travelers, and students

Deutsch Englisch/Englisch Deutsch

Author: Larousse

Publisher: Larousse Editions


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Available for the first time ever in this format, the Larousse Concise Dictionary: Portuguese-English / English-Portuguese now becomes the top tier of the Larousse bilingual Portuguese dictionary line. More in-depth than the existing pocket and mini dictionaries, this dictionary is packed with features, including • 90,000 words and phrases, with more than 120,000 translations based on Brazilian Portuguese • hundreds of abbreviations, acronyms, and proper nouns, as well as idioms and grammatical constructions • Portuguese verb conjugation tables • an innovative supplement on life and culture in Brazil, which covers topics ranging from the economy, media, education, and health care to arts and leisure • a comprehensive communications supplement with model letters, faxes, e-mails Targeted for the user who needs more than a pocket dictionary can offer, the all-new Concise Dictionary: Portuguese-English / English-Portuguese is a perfect addition to the bilingual line.

The Oxford Paperback Portuguese Dictionary

Portuguese-English, English-Portuguese

Author: John Whitlam

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 436

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Designed for students, tourists and travellers, this is the most up-to-date Portuguese and English dictionary of its size available. It offers clear and concise translations of over 40,000 words and phrases in everyday idiomatic use, together with helpful information on grammar and usage. Careful labelling ensures that users can select the best translation for their needs. Both Brazilian and European Portuguese are covered, and pronunciation guidance is given throughout for both Portugueseand English headwords.

The Translator's Handbook

Author: Morry Sofer

Publisher: Schreiber Pub


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 376

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Since 1997, this translator's guide has been the worldwide leader in its field and has elicited high praise from some of the world's best translators. It has been fully updated in the 2006 edition.

The Global Translator's Handbook

Author: Morry Sofer

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 338

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A practical guide to translation as a profession, this book provides everything translators need to know, from digital equipment to translation techniques, dictionaries in over seventy languages, and sources of translation work. It is the premier sourcebook for all linguists, used by both beginners and veterans, and its predecessor, The Translator s Handbook, has been praised by some of the world s leading translators, such as Gregory Rabassa and Marina Orellana."

The Oxford-Duden German Dictionary

German-English, English-German

Author: Dudenredaktion (Bibliographisches Institut)

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: English language

Page: 1712

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The highly acclaimed Oxford-Duden German Dictionary provides authoritative, comprehensive, and up-to-date coverage of modern English and German. The text has been designed to meet the needs of both English and German speakers, whether they wish to write or speak the foreign language ortranslate from it. This revised edition includes a full supplement detailing the changes to the German spelling system ratified in 1996. Over 260,000 words and phrases and 450,000 translations Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the general vocabulary of contemporary German and English Hundreds of example sentences showing words in use Extensive guidance on the selection of the correct translation Explanation of terms for which cultural or other differences prevent an exact translation Coverage of British and American English, and the German of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland Detailed grammatical information, including irregular plurals and past tenses Helpful appendices on a wide variety of subjects including: grammar, numerical expressions, weights and measures, and a letter-writing guide

Oxford Portuguese Dictionary

Author: Dictionaries Oxford

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 1664

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Endorsed by academics worldwide, the Oxford Portuguese Dictionary is the most authoritative English-Portuguese / Portuguese-English dictionary ever published. Based on real modern evidence and computational analysis of hundreds of millions of words of both English (American and British) and Portuguese (Brazilian and European), the dictionary boasts more than 200,000 words and phrases and 320,000 translations. This up-to-date resource has been designed for both Portuguese and English native speakers and includes the latest vocabulary from computing, business, and the media, across both languages. The organization and layout have been designed for maximum clarity and ease of use. The most commonly used sense of each word is shown first, helping you to identify and understand the correct meaning, and more than 130,000 real-life example phrases help you interpret meaning and usage accurately. The dictionary is also packed with extra features including cultural notes throughout the text as well as Portuguese verb tables and a list of irregular English verbs. Produced using the unique dictionary resources of Oxford University Press with an international team of expert advisors, the Oxford Portuguese Dictionary is a groundbreaking work, essential for any serious student of Portuguese and English, as well as academics, professionals, business people, teachers, and translators.