Boundaries for Your Soul

How to Turn Your Overwhelming Thoughts and Feelings Into Your Greatest Allies

Author: Alison Cook

Publisher: Thomas Nelson


Category: Christian life

Page: 256

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What if feelings like anger, sadness, and fear could improve your life for the better? In this practical, life-changing book, Christian counselors Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller describe their unique, five-step process for bringing peace to overwhelming emotions and harmony to your inner world.

Boundaries for Your Soul

How to Turn Your Overwhelming Thoughts and Feelings into Your Greatest Allies

Author: Alison Cook, PhD

Publisher: Thomas Nelson


Category: Religion

Page: 256

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Let Boundaries for Your Soul show you how to turn your shame to joy, your anger to advocacy, and your inner critic into your biggest champion. Do your emotions control you or do you control your emotions? Boundaries for Your Soul, written by bestselling authors and licensed counselors Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller, shows you how to calm the chaos within. This groundbreaking approach will give you the tools you need to: Know what to do when you feel overwhelmed Understand your guilt, anxiety, sadness, and fear Move from doubt and conflict to confidence and peace Find balance and emotional stability Gathering the wisdom from the authors' twenty-five years of combined advanced education, biblical studies, and clinical practice, this book will set you on a journey to become the loving, authentic, joyful person you were created to be. Praise for Boundaries for Your Soul: "Personal growth requires that we create healthy boundaries for our internal world, just as we are to do in our interpersonal relationships. When the various parts of our soul are connected and integrated, the result is that we heal, relate, and function at the highest levels. Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller have written a very helpful, engaging, and practical book on how to accomplish this process." --Dr. John Townsend, New York Times bestselling author of Boundaries and founder of the Townsend Institute "Boundaries for Your Soul spoke to me in echoes of already-known, yet-not-fully-applied truths, as well as with sweet new understandings. For both those familiar with Jesus' inner healing and those new to the process, there is real help here." --Elisa Morgan, author of The Beauty of Broken and The Prayer Coin, cohost of Discover the Word, and president emerita of MOPS International

Creating Eartheaven in Your Life Profound Transformation of Your Soul

Unlocking Humanity's Evolutionary Life Potential

Author: David H. Fastiggi

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Self-Help

Page: 478

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Creating Eartheaven in Your Life is unique and it is innate in all human beings. Humanitys quest for a wholesome peaceful life goes unabated. Our search for our better self that identifies with the reality of the world we live in all too often filled with grief and stress is juxtaposed with faith and hope for change or a miracle. Do we just have faith expecting God will deliver humanity from the ills we have caused? Should we just buckle down and be practical seeking solution with our rational self? What kind of God do we actually know or are we seeking a relationship with an image of God taught to us. What is the divine matrix and does a personal God speak to us? Science stands for one view of creation and faith stands for another? Is there a joining point of the two? Has our species Homo sapiens stalled out in evolutionary development? Is the world becoming a village of cooperation and mutual peace seeking? Can we continue the way we have been and survive our own arrogance? What is the future of faith, religion and spirituality? The author in a comprehensive way takes us on a journey to explore answers to these questions and much more. Eartheaven is a paradigm of integration between the souls development and our biological body and by extension all creation. He delves into scientific reality while preserving in the beginning God created. Creating Eartheaven in Your life is a deep exploratory of the souls life in the experience of hurt and suffering and the potential for there to be personal divine human embodiment and therefore earth peace. Through ten fundamental teaching combining Jesus words of two thousand years ago, an Aramaic understanding, the authors revelatory experience in an apparition of Jesus, his 44 years life experience, psychology and science, your reading and learning experience will be a challenge and liberation of the soul. Profound transformation is needed and this codex offers the leverage needed to shift our life course towards personal awakening and transformation as well as providing a blue print for future generations. Creating Eartheaven in Your Life brings us into universal principles of life, a meeting for humanity without walls. This volume of two, addresses specifically transformation of the soul, heaven unfolding. Volume two addresses transformation of the body representing the earth and thus eartheaven. Granted this book is not an easy read but proves to be a strong mirror reflecting back to us our lives and what we can become fulfilling humanitys evolutionary life potential and perhaps vital to our survival as a people.

Your Soul's Gift

The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

Author: Robert Schwartz

Publisher: Whispering Winds Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 546

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In his groundbreaking first book, Your Soul's Plan, Robert Schwartz brought the idea of pre-birth planning into the mainstream. Now, his brilliant sequel Your Soul's Gift delves even deeper by exploring the pre-birth planning of spiritual awakening, miscarriage and abortion, caregiving, abusive relationships, sexuality, incest, adoption, poverty, suicide, rape, and mental illness. Working with a team of gifted mediums, Schwartz brings forth great love and wisdom from the other side to explain why such experiences are planned and the deep, soul-level healing they can create. Through the stories in Your Soul s Gift you can: -Develop greater self-love as you become aware of the tremendous courage it takes for you to plan a life on Earth and to live the life you planned -Emerge from victim consciousness to know yourself as the powerful creator of your life -Forgive those who have hurt you and create a lasting inner peace -Understand the qualities you came into this lifetime to cultivate and express -See profound purpose in experiences that once appeared to be meaningless suffering -Develop a heartfelt knowing of your infinite worth, beauty, magnificence, and sacredness as an eternal soul.

Be Your Soul

Author: Dina Biscotti

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 296

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Be Your Soul is a guide to living the life of your soul. Each chapter brings to you a gift of awareness on your journey back to remembering who in truth, you really are. Knowing who you are in truth can truly change your whole life. This spiritual text can help reintroduce you to your Soul, help you get to know your Soul and live the life that your Soul will guide you to live. Learn to identify the voice of your Soul and how to listen to its powerful guidance. Be Your Soul touches on how to navigate suffering, how to bring about healing, and how to live in the peace awaits us. These writings will give you are clear sense of how to be in tune with your Soul, which is in union with the Universe. May this book bring you closer to being your Soul, and living moment to moment in the joy and happiness of love.

Your Soul's Compass

What Is Spiritual Guidance?

Author: Joan Z. Borysenko



Category: Religion

Page: 464

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Why are we here? Are we fulfilling life's purpose? What is evolutionary intelligence trying to express through us? In this time of global change and uncertainty, of spiritual indirection, people are asking these age-old questions with renewed curiosity. There's a thirst for meaning and purpose - a dawning realization that happiness isn't a commodity that can be bought with a gold card. Fulfillment and joy arise naturally from the capacity to be present to life as it's unfolding and to listen for - and discern - the best possibilities in any situation, which inform enlightened, compassionate action. Joan and Gordon's hope is that Your Soul's Compass will help you move beyond limited ways of knowing, and open up the vast evolutionary intelligence needed to make the leap toward fuller self-realization in your own life and in the world.

Prosper Your Soul, Beloved

How the Holy Spirit Helped Me to Uncover the Treasures of 3 John 2

Author: Vicki Heymann

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency



Page: 728

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Beloved I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers 3 John 2 (NKJV) It has been a dream of mine to prosper financially using biblical principles. I prayed about it, and then one morning, the Lord told me that it was time and that He would teach me. He instructed me to wait on Him every morning and to write down the things He taught me. I followed His instructions, guidance, and wisdom, writing it all down for a full year. This book is the result of our time together. To my surprise, this became a book of many books! The Lord would guide me to a specific book, teach me from it, and then move on to the next book. It was totally supernatural! As I followed the leading of the Lord, it became clear to me that God was taking me on a year-long journey of prospering my soul, which in turn would influence my financial situation. I learnt that I could not prosper in any given area unless my soul prospered in that area too, hence the book’s title. This book takes many twists and turns, and even has a few surprises. Did I reach my goal of financial prosperity? You have to read it to find out!

Unlocking Your Soul's Consciousness

Author: Terry L Newbegin

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 354

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You have been programmed for centuries to come from a rational, persuasive, and susceptible mind when it comes to understanding God, yourself, where you come from, why you are here on earth, and who created you. You do not realize that you were personally part of the story of creation written by the prophets in Genesis. It is just that you have forgotten because of your many lifetimes on Earth. So allow yourself to open up to what you have been taught about God. Unlocking Your Soul's Consciousness is a groundbreaking book that takes you all the way back to the first creation, known as the Garden of Eden, and how it relates to your own evolution as a god in your own right. When you live and make choices from the mind of reason, from others long established interpretations of God's written words, and from what the experts assert what is best for you, your soul cannot bring forth the wisdom that you hold deep within your consciousness. Thus, you become more and more susceptible to turbulent experiences. If you are looking for clarity in life and how to overcome your suffering, pain, and anger, then it becomes very important to understand who you truly are, where you truly come from, how miracles are created, and why you do the things you do. Without realizing it, your soul has been hiding from you for many lifetimes, and by choosing to open your heart and mind, putting aside your dogmatic beliefs for a while, your soul will reveal all the whys of you choosing sin, physicality, earth, forgetfulness, and suffering as the means to remember who you are. Know that being aware of who you truly are is more important than all the treasures, education, and power in the world.

Awaken to Your Soul

A Guide to Remembering Who You Really Are

Author: Mary Anderson

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 212

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One May morning several years ago, Dr. Mary Anderson was visited by an angelic being and a spirit guide who called her to her life's work as a mystic. In her captivating spiritual memoir, Dr. Anderson shares the details of her personal healing journey following her awakening that beautiful spring morning. Her world was forever changed in the instant when her vision and hearing expanded to the other side. As a seasoned intuitive and psychotherapist, she has helped hundreds of clients on their own journeys to remembering their true selves, and offers a high level of clarity and wisdom to guide others in their own healing process. She explains new theories using personal anecdotes, detailed explanations, questions, and exercises in order to promote healing and to clarify the rich, poignant messages from Spirit. Included is a map of the chakra system to facilitate a step-by-step progression into discovering the true essence of a soul. Awaken To Your Soul invites all individuals on a journey through life to seek the signs from Spirit and determine an authentic path that will ultimately bring happiness, healing, and peace.

Transform Your Boundaries

Author: Sarri Gilman

Publisher: Island Bound Publishing


Category: Self-Help


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Other people... not maintain your boundaries. you how strong your boundaries need to be. ...will try to manipulate your boundaries. Only you can set your boundaries. Transform Your Boundaries is the essential guide to the boundary-setting techniques that will transform your life. Transform Your Boundaries provides a hands-on experience that gets you, the reader, immediately involved in developing your very own boundary skills in your everyday life. You will learn how to tackle boundaries of all shapes and sizes from the simplest to the most extreme. What was at one time insurmountable can become easily doable through developing the tools necessary, which are clearly explained by Sarri through examples. You’ll recognize parts of yourself as you read. The book follows seven people: Wendy - The Workaholic; Davis - The Caretaker; Lisa –The Sacrificer; Jen - The Lover; Stuart - The Isolator; Maggie - The Protector; and Raven - The Numb-er; who are each working on building boundaries in his or her own lives. Perhaps some of them already sound familiar to you. As you read their stories you will see how each learns the essential boundary-building skills and how each person applies the skills a little differently. The book also serves as a journal and workbook. Each chapter ends with an “Apply It” section, which poses pertinent questions to the reader along with blank journal pages for written responses and notes. "You will learn more about who you are, what's most important to you, how to listen to yourself and develop the skill of guiding your own life." Dr. Michael Douglas - Talk Therapy LA