The Mystery of the Golden Blossom

The Magic of Spirituality, Sexuality, and Love

Author: Samael Aun Weor

Publisher: Glorian Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 274

View: 495


A Magic Place:Reading In The School Room Rdr7


Publisher: Orient Blackswan




View: 604

A Magic Place Introduces Children To The Joy Of Reading Literature And Other Well-Loved Texts At School. The Appealing Layout And The Delightful Illustrations Enable Children To Understand And Appreciate A Wide Range Of Writing In English. A Magic Place Encourages Children To Read More.

Power of Thoughts and The Magic of Forgiveness

A Pocket Guide to Love, Joy & Peace

Author: Sirshree



Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 50

View: 332

'The Source… Power of Happy Thoughts' is a life transforming book by Sirshree–a book that has brought about all-round growth and evolution in the lives of thousands of readers. Today, readers who have understood and applied the laws expounded in The Source are experiencing love, happiness, peace, abundance and good health. While this happens, it is equally important to apply the Magical Power of Forgiveness. When understood properly, the power of forgiveness can pave the way to liberation from the burdens of the past and make our lives simple, smooth and powerful. This pocket book presents an abridged extract of the Laws of Thought from the original book The Source. It also presents the Power of Forgiveness by outlining the practice of Kshama Sadhana. Read, contemplate and apply these laws, understand and practice Kshama Sadhana to create a life that you aspire for by being liberated from the past!

A Month of Bedtime Stories: Thirty-one Bite-sized Tales of Wackiness and Wonder for the Retiring Child

Author: Neil McFarlane

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Juvenile Fiction


View: 619

Treat your child to A Month of Bedtime Stories! CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED READ-ALOUD BEDTIME TALES TO DELIGHT PARENT AND CHILD ALIKE Cowardly dinosaurs, alien dogs, time-traveling slugs, fish in spacesuits, cows disguised as ants, disco-dancing horses ... This collection of wacky bedtime stories places your child at the centre of each crazy adventure by making him/her the central character. Containing heavy doses of humour which can be enjoyed by parent and child alike, and with a whopping thirty-one stories, this collection is designed to last a month. San Francisco Book Review: FIVE STARS Readers Favourite: FIVE STARS Writerbee's Book Reviews: FIVE STARS Online Book Club: FIVE STARS Book Reviews and Giveaways: FIVE STARS Chodi Kid Books: FIVE STARS Ebook Review Gal: FIVE STARS Grady Harp, Top 100 Hall of Fame Reviewer: FIVE STARS Raif (aged five): FIVE STARS IndieBRAG 2015 Medallion: Winner London Festival of Books 2014: Honorary Mention

Sigmund Romberg

Author: William A. Everett

Publisher: Yale University Press


Category: Music

Page: 385

View: 131

divdivHungarian-born composer Sigmund Romberg (1887–1951) arrived in America in 1909 and within eight years had achieved his first hit musical on Broadway. This early success was soon followed by others, and in the 1920s his popularity in musical theater was unsurpassed. In this book, William Everett offers the first detailed study of the gifted operetta composer, examining Romberg’s key works and musical accomplishments and demonstrating his lasting importance in the history of American musicals. Romberg composed nearly sixty works for musical theater as well as music for revues, for musical comedies, and, later in life, for Hollywood films. Everett shows how Romberg was a defining figure of American operetta in the 1910s and 1920s (Maytime, Blossom Time, The Student Prince), traces the new model for operetta that he developed with Oscar Hammerstein II in the late 1920s (The Desert Song, The New Moon), and looks at his reworked style of the 1940s (Up in Central Park). This book offers an illuminating look at Romberg’s Broadway career and legacy./DIV/DIV

The Magic of Flowers

A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties

Author: Tess Whitehurst

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 422

View: 925

From African daisy to ylang-ylang and 76 others in between, this title introduces you to the holistic and healing benefits of the most magical flowers, flower essences, floral essential oils, and more. It explores the subtle and whimsical realm of flower magic.

Ten Fantastic Fantasy Tales

A Collection of Short Fantasy Stories

Author: Paul R. Wonning

Publisher: Mossy Feet Books


Category: Fiction


View: 233

This collection of ten fantasy short stories in this collection covers the dark, the funny and the scary. If you need some good stories to tell around the campfire, this eclectic collection of short stories will serve the purpose. Inside this short fantasy collection, you will find funny fantasy, spooky fantasy and dark tales. horror, occult, supernatural

Fairy Blossoms #1: Daisy and the Magic Lesson

Author: Suzanne Williams

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 96

View: 262

At Mistress Lily's Fairy School, Daisy is learning to be a fairy helper to humans—and she makes the most wonderful new friends! Violet can turn invisible. Poppy can shape-shift. Marigold can change her wings to match her clothes. Daisy doesn't know any magic at all, but she gets a chance to discover her own special talent when a human in trouble needs the fairies' help!

The Revolution of Beelzebub

Author: Samael Aun Weor

Publisher: Glorian Publishing


Category: Religion


View: 801

The Revolution of Beelzebub tells the incredible story of Samael Aun Weor and his efforts to convert the demon Beelzebub. This controversial book explains in detail the subtle distinctions between positive and negative schools of awakening, and includes many adventures in the internal worlds, practices of Alchemy / Tantra, important clues to differentiate between White and Black Magic, angels and demons, and all the essential foundations of positive spiritual work.

Cheryl Blossom #30

Author: Holly G!

Publisher: Archie Comic Publications, Inc.


Category: Juvenile Fiction


View: 883

"C'est Le Ski" After a full year of touring, the hot, all-girl singing group B*Magic is looking forward to fun and relaxation at the ski lodge, but Cheryl has something else in mind-- namely, a photo spread of the group's vacation. Using her every ounce of "journalistic integrity", Cheryl attaches a micro-camera to her puppy Sugar's dog collar! Will Cheryl get the pictures she wants, or just another lesson in consideration?