Blogging for Creatives

How Deisgners, Astists, Crafters and Writers can Blog to Make Contacts, Win Business and Build Success

Author: Robin Houghton

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Computers

Page: 192

View: 450

Blogging for Creatives teaches you everything you need to know about how to design and profit from a beautiful blog that people will want to return to again and again. Complete with hundreds of tips, tricks and motivational stories from artistic bloggers who have started from scratch, Blogging for Creatives covers how to publish and host a blog, as well as keeping it fresh, staying motivated and forging connections. Whether you're looking to create a platform for your creative trade, an inspirational journal, or a hub for people with similar tastes and interests, learn how to benefit from being part of the blogosphere in this accessible, non-techie guide.

Build Your Own Brand

Strategies, Prompts and Exercises for Marketing Yourself

Author: Robin Landa

Publisher: HOW Books


Category: Design

Page: 240

View: 667

What is your brand? As a designer your success depends on how you brand yourself and the service you provide. This book will help you explore, develop, distill, and determine a distinctive brand essence, differentiate yourself, and create your visual identity. Build Your Own Brand is a guided journal designed to help you sketch, write, design, and conceive the way you brand yourself. More than 80 prompts and exercises will help you develop your: Personal brand essence Visual identity and style Resume and elevator pitch and much more! Whether you're trying to land a new job or launch a design business, let this unique guide light the way. You'll find helpful advice, interviews, and prompts from esteemed psychologists, creative directors, brand strategists, designers, artists, and experts from a variety of disciplines. Build your own brand today!

Blogging for Bliss

Crafting Your Own Online Journal : a Guide for Crafters, Artists & Creatives of All Kinds

Author: Tara Frey

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.


Category: Computers

Page: 155

View: 168

Provides information for crafters and artists on creating a successful blog, covering such topics as cropping and sizing photographs, adding graphics, establishing links, and attracting an audience.

The Golden Rules of Blogging

Author: Robin Houghton

Publisher: Ilex Press



Page: 128

View: 220

Do you really need to post every day to make your blog a success? Is it true you should never steal stuff? Can anyone make money from a blog? Blogging hasnt been around for ever, and yet any blogger will tell you there are rules what to do, what not to do, the facts. But where did they come from? And should we be breaking them? Designed for bloggers of all levels of experience, this book takes a hard look at twenty-eight of the blogospheres golden rules and shows you when, why and how to break them. Illustrated with real-life Blogger Stories and examples plus Expert Comments from those whove learned the hard way, The Golden Rules of Blogging (and When to Break Them) will give you a fresh perspective on blogging. Out with the rules? You decide!

Blogging for Writers

How Authors & Writers Build Successful Blogs

Author: Robin Houghton

Publisher: Writer's Digest Books


Category: Computers

Page: 176

View: 365

Offers authors advice on building a successful blog, including how set up a blog in Blogger and WordPress, how to customize its look and add images, how to promote a blog, and how to incorporate social media in a blog.

Blogging for Beginners

Turn Your Blog to a Money Machine: Blogging for Money, Blogging for Profit

Author: Khalid Zidan

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 66

View: 681

Blogging For Beginners + $149 worth of Bonus Imagine a job where you could get paid to share your opinions about things that you're passionate about, a job that you can do from your own home on completely your own hours that takes almost nothing in the way of upfront financial investment. For many people, that job is blogging. It's no wonder that close to 1% of American adults make at least a portion of their living by blogging. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 2 million people profit from blogging each year in America. Of those, about a quarter (452,000 people) use blogging as their primary source of income. If you want to become a blogging success story, this information is both uplifting and depressing. It is possible to make money blogging; lots of people are already doing it. But like with other creative professions like actors and musicians, the famous celebrities earning millions of dollars are far outnumbered by the people who don't make enough to quit their day job. I won't lie and say it's easy making your living as a blogger, but it is true that anyone can do it, so long as you have a subject you're passionate about and enough dedication to stay the course. Each chapter in this book focuses on a different element of blogging, from setting up your domain name to diversifying your income streams. At the end of each chapter, you'll find some wisdom from a person who started at nothing and has found success through blogging. But while blogging is a possible profit opportunity for anyone, let's first clear up some popular misconceptions about blogging. You will also get a $149 worth of bonus at the end of the book to help you starting out your blog.

Blogging for Gold

A to Z of Blogging

Author: Anuj Tikku

Publisher: Anuj Tikku


Category: Computers

Page: 135

View: 143

Blogging for Gold has been created to impart first-hand knowledge to upcoming young budding bloggers to learn about the technology that goes into creating a blog. Anuj Tikku shares tips on how to build great content, how to add value and even how to monetise your blog and provide knowledge to new bloggers. Blogging for Gold is a 'how to do it yourself' kit on blog building right from buying and choosing a URL to using the best social media apps. Learn about third-party plugins and analysing blog analytics. This content will be of utmost use to amateur bloggers and will help them get started on a blogging platform.

Social Media Marketing Blog Planner

A 12 Month Blogging Planner System

Author: Cricket Creek Creatives

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 120

View: 925

Year Long Blogging Business Planner System This simple yet effective blog post planner will help you plan and organize your posts to grow your audience! Define your blog's purpose, your target audience, your categories, and track goals. For each blog post there is space to plan and make note of subscribers, SEO keywords, internal and external links, affiliate products and more! Stay organized while you complete the steps that form habits and a system for staying on target and focused. * Creative Ideas - Post Planner * Monthly Overview * Content Management Pages * Monetizing Your Blog * Affiliate Account Management * Blog Design Planner * Brand Creation * SEO Checklist * Design Checklist * Blog Control Page * Social Media Management * Marketing Progress Reports * Monthly Goals * Guest Post Planning

Development Challenges, South-South Solutions: August 2007 Issue

Development Challenges, South-South Solutions is the monthly e-newsletter for the United Nations Development Programme’s South-South Cooperation Unit (

Author: David South, Writer

Publisher: DSConsulting


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 8

View: 853

Development Challenges, South-South Solutions is the monthly e-newsletter for the United Nations Development Programme’s South-South Cooperation Unit ( It has been published every month since 2006.

New Media

A Critical Introduction

Author: Martin Lister

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 448

View: 613

New Media: A Critical Introduction is a comprehensive introduction to the culture, history, technologies and theories of new media. Written especially for students, the book considers the ways in which 'new media' really are new, assesses the claims that a media and technological revolution has taken place and formulates new ways for media studies to respond to new technologies. The authors introduce a wide variety of topics including: how to define the characteristics of new media; social and political uses of new media and new communications; new media technologies, politics and globalization; everyday life and new media; theories of interactivity, simulation, the new media economy; cybernetics, cyberculture, the history of automata and artificial life. Substantially updated from the first edition to cover recent theoretical developments, approaches and significant technological developments, this is the best and by far the most comprehensive textbook available on this exciting and expanding subject. At you will find: additional international case studies with online references specially created You Tube videos on machines and digital photography a new ‘Virtual Camera’ case study, with links to short film examples useful links to related websites, resources and research sites further online reading links to specific arguments or discussion topics in the book links to key scholars in the field of new media.