Black Rainbow

Author: Albert Wendt

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 179

This startling new novel by Albert Wendt takes the form of a fast-moving allegorical thriller. Who are the all-powerful Tribunal and President? Who are the Hunters and the Hunted, and the allies from the depths of the city? Set in a future New Zealand where only the Citizen who asks no questions can achieve happiness, a renegade hero seeks to rescue his family in the State-sponsored Game of Life.

Black Rainbow

Author: Barbara Michaels

Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 753

Set in the turbulent North of England during the Crimean War, Black Rainbow is a thrilling Gothic romance by New York Times bestseller Barbara Michaels. When Megan O’Neill arrives at Greyhaven Manor one moonlit night, an ominous black rainbow hangs in the sky. It seems like a sinister warning to stay away, but her fears are soon banished by the warmth and kindness of the aristocratic Mandeville family – and her growing obsession with her handsome, mysterious new employer blinds her to the darkness within . . . But the price of desire is more than she could ever have imagined. And the shocking secrets enclosed in Grayhaven's walls threaten to pull Megan into the terrifying shadows, never to emerge again.

The Black Rainbow of Oz

Author: David M Keyes

Publisher: David M Keyes


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 250

View: 532

In a serene and isolated valley in the west, a terrible power lies dormant within the stone walls of a secluded chamber – the fabled Eye of the Sky! Once an instrument of chaos used to instigate conflicts and uprisings, it has been locked away for untold millennia, never to be used again. Now, in the aftermath of a new disturbance on the soils of Oz, the key to opening the vault has fallen into the hands of Old Mombi, who will use the eye to conjure the legendary Black Rainbow! Can the country withstand the terrible reality that the Black Rainbow might bring? What does it represent to the future of the fairy world, still reeling from the attack of the nightmare? An ensemble of Ozian personalities rally to the cause of defense against the dangerous mission of four fearsome villains, who see the Rainbow as the instrument that will herald their fearsome return to power!

Legend of the Black Rainbow Vol. 2

Author: Mark Osborne



Category: Fiction

Page: 314

View: 927

One morning, Billy Fox finds a strange, long black mark on his life-line in the palm of his hand. As he searches online for any unbiased medical information he could find at his local library. He is soon befriended by a mysterious tall man called Mr Limerick. The stranger tells Billy, he has been marked with the Bloodstone Curse by someone. Then, very soon, as time goes by, his friends start going missing, as a demonic creature the Gadel is soon blamed for their disappearance. This leads Billy to make a very hard choice, and the only way to free his friends and lift the curse is to kill himself. Will he take his own life, to save the ones he loves? Or will Billy venture across the sands of Sandark, to slay the beast beyond the Black Rainbow?

The Black Rainbow

A Tale of Science and Scriptures

Author: Ravi Kapur

Publisher: Minerva Press (UK)



Page: 107

View: 584

The Black Rainbow

Essays on the Present Breakdown of Culture

Author: Peter Abbs

Publisher: Heinemann Educational Publishers


Category: Arts, Modern

Page: 247

View: 943

Albert Wendt and Pacific Literature

Circling the Void

Author: Paul Sharrad

Publisher: Manchester University Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 296

View: 958

Albert Wendt is the leading writer and exponent of Pacific literature. His work is consistently different in style, politically challenging, and ranges across essays, plays, poems, stories and novels, two of which have been filmed. This book is the first full-length study of his work. There is an introduction to Pacific literature as a whole and Wendt's Samoan background. Chapters offer readings of all Wendt's major texts in chronological sequence, relating them to his essays, to literary movements of the time and to key motifs from Polynesian culture. There is an extensive bibliography of works by and about Wendt.

Goldmine Record Album Price Guide

Author: Martin Popoff

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 688

View: 968

Whether you're cleaning out a closet, basement or attic full of records, or you're searching for hidden gems to build your collection, you can depend on Goldmine Record Album Price Guide to help you accurately identify and appraise your records in order to get the best price. • Knowledge is power, so power-up with Goldmine! • 70,000 vinyl LPs from 1948 to present • Hundreds of new artists • Detailed listings with current values • Various artist collections and original cast recordings from movies, televisions and Broadway • 400 photos • Updated state-of-the-market reports • New feature articles • Advice on buying and selling Goldmine Grading Guide - the industry standard

Dragging Away

Queer Abstraction in Contemporary Art

Author: Lex Morgan Lancaster

Publisher: Duke University Press


Category: Art

Page: 125

View: 973

In Dragging Away Lex Morgan Lancaster traces the formal and material innovations of contemporary queer and feminist artists, showing how they use abstraction as a queering tactic for social and political ends. Through a process Lancaster theorizes as a drag—dragging past aesthetics into the present and reworking them while pulling their work away from direct representation—these artists reimagine midcentury forms of abstraction and expose the violence of the tendency to reduce abstract form to a bodily sign or biographical symbolism. Lancaster outlines how the geometric enamel objects, grid paintings, vibrant color, and expansive installations of artists ranging from Ulrike Müller, Nancy Brooks Brody, and Lorna Simpson to Linda Besemer, Sheila Pepe, and Shinique Smith offer direct challenges to representational and categorical legibility. In so doing, Lancaster demonstrates that abstraction is not apolitical, neutral, or universal; it is a form of social praxis that actively contributes to queer, feminist, critical race, trans, and crip politics.

Hope at Sea

Possible Ecologies in Oceanic Literature

Author: Teresa Shewry

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 272

View: 251

As far back as Thomas More’s Utopia and Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis, the Pacific Ocean has inspired literary creations of promising worlds. Hope at Sea asks how literary writers have more recently conceived the future of ocean living. In doing so, it provides a new perspective on art and imagination in the face of enormous environmental change. Drawing together ecocriticism, theories of hope, and literary analysis, this book explores how literary writers evoke hope in engaging with environmental upheavals that are reshaping life in the Pacific Ocean. Teresa Shewry considers contemporary poetry, short stories, novels, art, and journalistic pieces from Australia, New Zealand, Hawai’i, and other ocean sites, examining their imaginative accounts of present life and future living in places where humans coexist with environmental loss: rivers that no longer reach the sea, dwindling populations of ocean life, the effects of nuclear weapons testing, and more. These works are connected by their views of a future that includes hope. Until now, hope has never been theorized in a direct, sustained way in ecocriticism. Hope at Sea makes an argument for hope as a lens for creative and critical confrontation with environmental disruptions and the resulting sense of loss. It also reflects on the critical approaches that hope as an analytic category opens up for the study of environmental literature. With hope as a critical perspective, Shewry develops a method for reading environmental literature: literary writers create new ways to apprehend existing environmental realities and craft stories about seas, forests, cities, and rivers that could be—not as literal plans but as ways of imagining promising lives in the present world and in the world to come.