Behind the Lens

Dispatches from the Cinematographic Trenches

Author: Jay Holben

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 466

View: 307

Filmmaker Jay Holben has been battling in the production trenches for most of his life. For the past 17 years, he’s chronicled his adventures in the pages of American Cinematographer, Digital Video, Videography, and TV Technology. Now, in Behind the Lens: Dispatches from the Cinematic Trenches, he’s compiled nearly 100 of his best articles on everything from camera technology and lenses to tips and techniques for better lighting. Whether you’re making independent films, commercials, music videos, documentaries, television shows, event videos, or industrials, this full color collection provides the tools you need to take your work to the next level and succeed in the world of digital motion imaging. Featured topics include: *Tech, including the fundamentals of how digital images are formed and how they evolved to match the look of a film, as well as image compression and control *Optics, providing a thorough examination of lenses and lens interchangeability, depth of field, filters, flare, quality, MTF, and more *Cameras, instructing you in using exposure tools, ISO, white balance, infrared, and stabilizers *Lighting, featuring advice on using lighting sources and fixtures and how to tackle common lighting problems Additional tips and tricks cover improving audio, celestial photography, deciding if film school is right for you, and much more. For over a decade Jay Holben has worked as a director of photography in Los Angeles on features, commercials, television shows, and music videos. He is a former technical editor and frequent contributing writer for American Cinematographer, the current technical editor and columnist for Digital Video, and the lighting columnist for TV Technology. The author of A Shot in the Dark: A Creative DIY Guide to Digital Video Lighting on (Almost) No Budget, Holben is also on faculty for the Global Cinematography Institute. He is now an independent producer and director.

Nuke 101

Professional Compositing and Visual Effects

Author: Ron Ganbar

Publisher: Peachpit Press


Category: Computers

Page: 400

View: 469

This start-to-finish, complete guide to Nuke will give you the foundations on the state-of-the-art visual effects software used by professionals in the film and television industries. Along with the hard-won advice and techniques from expert compositor and teacher Ron Ganbar, each chapter covers a complete lesson in the fundamentals, with step-by-step instructions included so you can easily follow along and start using the program right away. The projects used throughout the book are based on real-world examples of professional productions and project files are included with each chapter so you can work through all the examples. After discovering how to use the tools and understanding the compositing workflow, you’ll learn about basic and advanced compositing techniques, color correction, RotoPaint, keying, and tracking, as well as more advanced topics such as CGI and the 3D engine. In addition, you’ll learn about: • Working with nodes and process trees • Using CGI passes in Nuke to control 3D render looks • Camera Tracking techniques to combine 2D and 3D elements • Camera Projection to turn a single frame into moving images • Gizmos and all about creating your own tools in Nuke • Stereoscopic compositing Ron Ganbar has been a compositor since 1996 and visual effects instructor since 2001. He currently works on a variety of projects as a gun for hire as compositor, consultant, VFX supervisor, and trainer. Ron was made a “Teacher’s Trainer” by Apple for Shake in 2005 and has written, taught, and evaluated courses for the National Film and Television School, Apple, Peachpit Press, Westminster University, and others. "As both a talented compositor (with years of in-the-trenches experience) and an excellent teacher, Ron Ganbar has the unique ability to make even the most difficult concepts crystal clear. If you want to get up and running with Nuke as quickly as possible then start by buying this book!" —Ron Brinkmann, author of The Art and Science of Digital Compositing

Between Black and White

Author: L V Gilchrist, Jr.; P M Williamson

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Self-Help

Page: 140

View: 859

Craving for a fulfilling, rewarding and gratifying life is overwhelming for George Grey. George Grey, a man in his forties, has come to a point in his life where he no longer can hide the disappointment he feels about his life. One Saturday after celebrating the life of a friend with his two closest childhood friends, he is confronted with the choice of maintaining the distasteful status quo of his life or facing the challenges of changing it.

Between Black and White

From Evanston to Englewood to Everywhere

Author: Dr. Tony Bethel

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Social Science

Page: 150

View: 713

In 2042, the United States is projected to be no longer a predominantly white nation. What we must do in the interim is to have a dialogue with one another and learn to live with one another, somewhere between black and white. If we do not learn to live in peace, we only have to look at the past of the Balkans, Rwanda, Sudan, etc., as well as present-day Nigeria, Iraq, Syria, etc. Between Black and White is my personal journey and attempt to reconcile my past with the present. Ever hopeful for the future. Not just for myself, but my grandchild. “Give peace a chance” The choice is ours. RIP Trayvon Martin Oscar Grant Michael Brown Eric Garner

Between Black and White

Author: Marylou (Malou) Marston

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Poetry

Page: 86

View: 375

Between Black and White Meaning = confusion, uncertainty, doubt these are all areas between black and white take a walk. where love has left some of us in this area with poetry putting this place of the minds questions in poetic form you might recognize these places Between Black and White Volume 2 of Love Poems by Mary Lou “malou” Marston Author of: Slipped Stiletto

America in Black and White

One Nation, Indivisible

Author: Stephan Thernstrom

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Social Science

Page: 704

View: 983

In a book destined to become a classic, Stephan and Abigail Thernstrom present important new information about the positive changes that have been achieved and the measurable improvement in the lives of the majority of African-Americans. Supporting their conclusions with statistics on education, earnings, and housing, they argue that the perception of serious racial divisions in this country is outdated -- and dangerous.

Producing Great Sound for Film and Video

Author: Jay Rose

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 464

View: 988

"Make your film and video projects sound as good as they look with this popular guide. Learn practical, timesaving ways to get better recordings, solve problems with existing audio, create compelling tracks, and boost your filmmaking to the next level! In this fourth edition of Producing Great Sound for Film and Video, audio guru Jay Rose revises his popular text for a new generation of filmmakers. You'll find real world advice and practical guidelines for every aspect of your soundtrack: planning and budgeting, field and studio recording, editing, sound effects and music, audio repair and processing, and mixing. The combination of solid technical information and a clear, step-by-step approach has made this the go-to book for producers and film students for over a decade. This new edition includes: - Insights and from-the-trenches tips from film and video professionals - Advice on how to get the best results from new equipment including DSLRs and digital recorders - Downloadable diagnostics and audio examples you can edit on your own computer - Instruction for dealing with new regulations for wireless mics and broadcast loudness - Techniques that work with any software or hardware - An expanded "How Do I Fix This?" section to help you solve problems quickly - An all new companion website ( with audio and video tutorial files, demonstrations, and diagnostics Whether you're an aspiring filmmaker who wants rich soundtracks that entertain and move an audience, or an experienced professional looking for a reference guide, Producing Great Sound for Film and Video, Fourth Edition has the information you need"--

Black and White Photography

Author: Glenn Rand

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 340

View: 326

Black and White Photography, 2E provides readers with the how-to and reference information they need to learn to compose, develop, and exhibit their own first-rate photographs. An ideal resource for beginners, this edition features over 300 pages of detailed information supported by easy-to-understand diagrams and examples of some of the world's best black-and-white photographs. The logical, three-part organization-based on the authors' 20+ years of teaching experience-progresses from the most basic aspects of black-and-white photography through coverage of Zone System and other advanced techniques. All-new chapters on manipulative printing techniques and digital photographic technology ensure that readers are exposed to state-of-the-art techniques while en route to becoming skilled photographers.

Portrait Mastery in Black & White

Learn the Signature Style of a Legendary Photographer

Author: Tim Kelly

Publisher: Amherst Media


Category: Photography

Page: 128

View: 248

Tim Kelly is a Master Photographer whose portrait work has inspired people in the portrait photography industry since the 1980s. His work has a classic, polished quality that beautifully depicts the personality of each subject, with no gimmicks. His style is reliant on careful camera technique, flawless lighting, and an uncanny ability to coax the most flattering-possible pose from every man, woman, and child who steps in front of his camera. In this book, Tim Kelly presents 60 of his most impressive and diverse black & white portrait images of men, women, children, and groups. For each of the sixty images, readers will get a deconstructive look at every aspect of building the image, from the ground up. Kelly will discuss the creative concept behind his images and share the gear, exposure, lighting, and posing strategies he learned to create gorgeous black & white portraiture with an exquisite tonal range, beautiful, form-flattering highlights and shadows, and both refined and comfortable poses that invite the viewer to study the image frame. This book contains all of the information you need to create standout black & white portraiture–from conceptualization, to posing and lighting, to postproduction and printing options.