Read Thai in 10 Days

Author: Bingo Lingo

Publisher: Arthit Juyaso




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With only a few hours a day for less than 2 weeks, you'll be able to decrypt the mystery of the curious Thai characters and start reading right away guaranteed. Read Thai In 10 Days is a comprehensive Thai learning course including sound files so you learn how to pronounce words correctly from the start.

Bingo Lingo

Supporting Literacy with Songs and Rhymes

Author: Helen MacGregor

Publisher: Andrew Brodie Publications


Category: Children's songs

Page: 64

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Bingo Lingo - the book which put the fun Into the literacy hour - is relaunching in a bright new edition. A sharp fresh design makes the content even more accessible and friendly. But the heart of the book remains a wonderfully clever collection of songs and rhymes with familiar tunes, all of which teach an aspect of literacy in a fun and memorable way. Completely new is a whole set of content links with the National Literacy Strategy. Quick clear links can be found on our music website.


Eyes Down, Look In! The Illustrated Guide to Bingo Lingo

Author: Anita Mangan



Category: Bingo

Page: 192

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Keno, Bingo, Lingo, Bingo, Lingo, Bingo, Online Bingo, National Bingo Night, Pinoy Bingo Night, Lotería, National Bingo Game

Author: Books LLC

Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series



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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 31. Chapters: Keno, Lingo, Online bingo, National Bingo Night, Pinoy Bingo Night, Loter a, National Bingo Game, List of British bingo nicknames, Bingo America, Scratchcard, Prize Bingo, Lottso!, Buzzword bingo, Bing Bing! Bingo, Roadkill bingo, EUBINGO, Bingo card, Screeno, Flimsies, Tombola. Excerpt: Lingo is an American television game show with multiple international adaptations. The first American version aired from 1987-1988 in syndication, and a second version of the show ran as an original series on GSN for six seasons from 2002-2007. A third version began airing on GSN on June 6, 2011. The game features two teams of two contestants each who attempt to guess five-letter words and place markers on a 5 5 numbered Lingo board, attempting to cover five spaces in a row in a fashion similar to bingo. The game is played between two teams of two contestants each. At the start of the game, each team is given a Lingo card with 25 spaces on it, and seven spaces on each card are automatically covered. The champion team's card contains even numbers and blue markers, and the opponents' contains odd numbers and red markers. The team in control (beginning with the challengers) is shown the first letter of a five-letter word randomly selected by the show's Amiga computer. One team member attempts to guess the word and spells their guess. A red square is then placed around letters from their guess that are in the correct position and a yellow circle is placed around letters that are in the word but not in the correct position. If the team in control guesses the word on the first try, they win a $1,000 bonus. Otherwise, the other team member takes a guess, then the first team member takes the third guess, and so on. If the team fails to identify the word within five guesses, fails to answer at any time within the five-second time limit, give...

Holy Bingo, the Lingo of Eden, JumpinÕ Jehosophat and the Land of Nod

A Dictionary of the Names, Expressions and Folklore of Christianity

Author: Les Harding

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 236

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Christianity abounds with fascinating, little-known trivia. Gas station attendants, for example, enjoy their own patron saint. So do stamp collectors, truss makers and sailors in the Bolivian navy. Jesus and Judas were common names in the biblical period, and Jesus of Nazareth had a brother named Judas. The forbidden fruit was more likely an apricot than an apple, and Delilah hired a barber to cut Sampson’s hair. This dictionary of miscellany combs the annals of Christian esoterica, offering the most intriguing facts that are often forgotten, overlooked or ignored. Departing from the standard subject matter, this work serves as an unruly companion to the typical Bible dictionary. Nearly 1500 entries range from Aaron’s beard (a popular name for Saint John’s wort) to zounds (an antiquated Christian swear word). Information is cross-referenced and includes numerous quotations.

Magic Words

A Dictionary

Author: Craig Conley

Publisher: Weiser Books


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 360

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Magic Words: A Dictionary is a one-of-a-kind resource for armchair linguists, pop-culture enthusiasts, Pagans, Wiccans, magicians, and trivia nuts alike. Brimming with the most intriguing magic words and phrases from around the world and illustrated throughout with magical symbols and icons, Magic Words is a dictionary like no other. More than seven-hundred essay style entries describe the origins of magical words as well as historical and popular variations and fascinating trivia. With sources ranging from ancient Medieval alchemists to modern stage magicians, necromancers, and wizards of legend to miracle workers throughout time, Magic Words is a must have for any scholar of magic, language, history, and culture.

Probability For Dummies

Author: Deborah J. Rumsey

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Mathematics

Page: 384

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Packed with practical tips and techniques for solving probability problems Increase your chances of acing that probability exam -- or winning at the casino! Whether you're hitting the books for a probability or statistics course or hitting the tables at a casino, working out probabilities can be problematic. This book helps you even the odds. Using easy-to-understand explanations and examples, it demystifies probability -- and even offers savvy tips to boost your chances of gambling success! Discover how to * Conquer combinations and permutations * Understand probability models from binomial to exponential * Make good decisions using probability * Play the odds in poker, roulette, and other games

UNBORED Adventure

70 Seriously Fun Activities for Kids and Their Families

Author: Joshua Glenn

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA


Category: Games & Activities

Page: 176

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UNBORED Adventure has all the smarts, innovation, and free-wheeling spirit of the original UNBORED and its 2014 spinoff, UNBORED Games, but with a fresh focus on encouraging kids to break out of their techno-passivity and explore the world around them--whether that's a backyard, a downtown, or a forest. Combining old-fashioned favorites with today's high-tech possibilities, the book offers a goldmine of creative, constructive activities that kids can do on their own or with their families. From camouflage techniques, survival skills, and cloudspotting advice to instructions on how to build an upcycled kite or raft, to using apps to navigate and explore, it's all here--along with comics that dive into the secret history of everything from bicycling to women explorers. A fun corrective to our over-anxious parenting culture, UNBORED Adventure encourages kids to become more independent and resilient, to solve problems and ask questions, and to engage with both their community and natural environment. The original UNBORED is already a much beloved, distinctly contemporary family brand. Along with UNBORED Games, UNBORED Adventure extends the franchise in a handy, flexibound format so that the whole family can enjoy themselves indoors, outdoors, online, and offline. *Los Angeles Magazine

How to be a Better Person

Author: Seb Hunter

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd


Category: Humor

Page: 300

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Why is it so difficult to find the time to help others? When Seb Hunter became aware of a nagging ache in the place where his soul ought to be, he embarked on a two year odyssey of volunteering - with hilarious results. He collects litter, teaches pensioners how to use the internet, works at Oxfam (where he meets Gladys, his septuagenarian nemesis), mans a steam train line, becomes a star DJ on hospital radio, visits prisoners, and runs a very long way for charity... But will his quest for self-improvement be successful? How to Be a Better Person is the tale of a cynic's attempt to become a better person by helping others. For nothing. It's a volunteering call-to-arms! Oh no it's not! Well it is, sort of...

Gone with the Whim

Leaving the Bible Belt for Sin City

Author: Stefany Holmes

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 326

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Moving from hospitable Atlanta to provocative Las Vegas, Stefany Holmes must find her way in a new town. In this collection of short essays, she details the everyday experiences and landmark explorations as they unfold before her. She occasionally reminisces about the South while embracing her unexpected and newfound life in The Entertainment Capital of the World. Stefany celebrates the differences between two distinct slices of Americana, illustrates relationship dynamics, weaves in painless Vegas history, and muses of other things interesting and irrelevant. Stefanys inspired approach to storytelling blends stream-of-consciousness thoughts with a unique style of observation. Through wry humor and witty candor, she delivers a fresh and spirited tour of Sin City. And whatever else she feels like sharing.