Bengal Cats and Kittens

Complete Owner's Guide to Bengal Cat and Kitten Care

Author: Taylor David

Publisher: Ubiquitous Publishing


Category: Pets

Page: 130

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"Bengal cats and Kittens" will intoduce you to the cat breed that is like no other in terms of their dog-like habits. If you are looking for a loyal companion that fetches, walks on a leash, often has a strong fondness for water, and is as beautiful as the Asian Leopard Cat it descended from orginally - then this might be the ideal cat for you. This full color, easy-to-read book also includes information on how the Bengal cat compares to other similar exotic breeds of cats that have "wild" ancestors from a few generations back such as the Chausie, Savannah Cat, and the Safari cat. There is up-to-date TICA information and legal considerations specifically for USA, Canada and the UK. Written by Taylor David who is an owner of bengals for over a decade, this book is guaranteed to answer your bengal questions on their unique personality, temperament, breeding, training, health, diet, life expectancy, buying, cost, and everything else you want know about bengal cats.

The Honest Bengal Cat Guide for Humans

Bengal Cat and Kitten Care

Author: Shirley O'Connor

Publisher: Roc Publishing




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My name is Shirley O'Connor, I have so much insider knowledge about beautiful Bengal cats - I am one, after all. Personally, I believe that the best way to get to know about anyone (or 'anycat') is to talk to them. So here you go, I've written a guide book just for you. The joys and hazards of living with a Bengal cat or kitten. It's been a great experience - being a Bengal, we're VERY clever (as well as charming). I've found it hard to stop writing actually, it's been such good fun, as you'll find out later in the book we can also struggle to stop talking. I've talked to my fiercely loyal (and sometimes territorial) friends and neighbours so I can make sure you have plenty of sensible information about our breed. I will share my experiences along with those of my other Bengal friends (names have been changed to protect privacy for some of my more reserved Bengal acquaintances). I've provided you with everything you need to know about Bengal kittens and cats, our behaviours, markings, our wild heritage and history, IQ, tricks, mind-sets, favourite games and a bit more about me. I'm so thrilled you're even considering letting us own you, we are beautiful and you won't regret it. Bengals are special.

How to Care for and Have More Fun with Your Bengal Kitten and Cat

Author: Vince Stead

Publisher: vince stead


Category: Pets

Page: 78

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Learn how to train and understand your Bengal kitten and cat with these pretty fun tips and suggestions! 1. The Characteristics of a Bengal Cat 2. How to Potty Train your Cat 3. Items You Should Never Let your Cat Eat 4. How to Trim your Cats Nails Properly 5. Some Fun Ways to Entertain your Cat 6. How to Clean your Cats Ears Correctly 7. What You Should Know about Cat Teeth 8. How to Make Sure your Cat is Eating a Healthy Amount of Food 9. The Different Kinds of Worms Cats can Get 10. How to Deworm your Cat 11. What to Expect When your Cat is Pregnant 12. Tricks you Can Teach your Cat 13. Why Cats Like to Climb Up Stuff 14. How to Make Home-Made Cat Food 15. Homemade Cat Toys you Can Make Yourself 16. When Should You Spay or Neuter Your Cat? 17. What you should know about Fleas & Ticks 18. What the Benefits of Micro chipping Your Dog Are to You 19. How Invisible Fencing Typically Works to Train and Protect Your Cat 20. Why do Cats Love Catnip so Much? 21. The Cat Grass Story 22. What to Do About Cat Urine 23. The Difference between Cat Spraying and Urinating

Albino Animals

Author: Kelly Milner Halls

Publisher: Millbrook Press


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 72

View: 531

Presents information on and photographs of albinism in organisms ranging from plants to humans, and includes references to named individuals such as Ghost Boy, the albino koala.

Savannah Cats and Kittens

Personality, Temperament, Breeding, Training, Health, Diet, Life Expectancy, Buying,

Author: Taylor David

Publisher: Windrunner Pets


Category: Nature

Page: 144

View: 563

Everything you need to know about Savannah Cats and their dog-like characteristics. Guaranteed to answer all your questions, this book is a must for anyone curious about this new breed of domestic hybrid cat and its roots from the African Serval Cat. Personality, temperament, breeding, training, health, diet, life expectancy, buying, cost, and more facts all included. A list of where these cats are legal is also provided - as well as toxic plants that you should watch out for. Differences between the Savannah Cat and other "wild" breeds of cats such as the Egyptian Mau, Bengal Cat, and discussions of early generation Savannahs and later generation Savannahs are also explained. This book is written in an easy to read and understandable style. In a humourous fashion, cat-lover and long time owner Taylor David shares knowledge and advice to answer all your questions about these fascinating cats.

Little Bill The Bengal Kitten

the black smoke kitten

Author: Karen Frisbie Lemaster

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 36

View: 302

In most families with natural born children (in this case kittens), everybody looks pretty much alike. But sometimes things just do not turn out that way, and some of us look very different than our brothers and sisters. Little Bill is shocked to discover that discover that he looks very different from his parents and brothers and sisters. Finally with encouragement from his mother, he learns appearance is not the most important thing in life. The book is about acceptance, diversity and kindness.

All about Cats and Kittens

Author: Emily Neye

Publisher: Putnam Juvenile


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 975

Feline fanciers will find everything they want to know about America's most popular pet, including information about different breeds, how cats raise their kittens, and how to care for a cat. Full color.

Guide to Owning a Bengal Cat

Author: Jean S. Mill

Publisher: Tfh Publications Incorporated


Category: Pets

Page: 64

View: 884

A guide to the history, feeding, grooming, exhibition, temperament, health, and breeding of Bengal cats.

Cats & Kittens Drawing & Activity Book

Learn to Draw 17 Different Cat Breeds

Author: Walter Foster Jr. Creative Team

Publisher: Walter Foster Jr


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 273

With the Cats & Kittens Drawing & Activity Book, learn how to draw 17 different breeds of cats and kittens by tracing, grid drawing, and step-by-step drawing! This interactive drawing and activity book features a variety of cats and kittens you can learn to draw, from Persians and Ragdolls to Bengals and British Shorthairs. Filled with fun facts, quizzes, and puzzles, the Cats & Kittens Drawing & Activity Book provides hours of feline entertainment! Inside, three different drawing methods are featured: tracing, grid drawing, and step-by-step drawing. Five tracing pages are included so you can trace. Then try the grid method—just copy the lines and shapes into the corresponding square on the blank practice grid provided. You will also learn the same step-by-step method used by professional artists: the basic shapes method. To draw cats like the pros do, just follow the illustrations that show how each step builds upon the last to create a finished piece of artwork. Look closely at the new lines in each step and draw the cat on the practice page provided after each basic shapes project. Find the technique that works the best for you, and draw your favorite cats and kittens over and over again! Plus, learn some fun facts about the different cat breeds as you learn to draw them. Activities include a cat breed word search, a sudoku, and a maze to help a playful kitten find its way to a toy mouse. With fascinating facts, fun activities, and practice pages encouraging you to get started directly in the pages of the book, Cats & Kittens Drawing & Activity Book is the purrrfect book for curious budding artists.