The Early Years

Author: Harold Seymour

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 392

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Now available in paperback, Harold Seymour and Dorothy Seymour Mills' Baseball: The Early Years recounts the true story of how baseball came into being and how it developed into a highly organized business and social institution. The Early Years, traces the growth of baseball from the time of the first recorded ball game at Valley Forge during the revolution until the formation of the two present-day major leagues in 1903. By investigating previously unknown sources, the book uncovers the real story of how baseball evolved from a gentleman's amateur sport of "well-bred play followed by well-laden banquet tables" into a professional sport where big leagues operate under their own laws. Offering countless anecdotes and a wealth of new information, the authors explode many cherished myths, including the one which claims that Abner Doubleday "invented" baseball in 1839. They describe the influence of baseball on American business, manners, morals, social institutions, and even show business, as well as depicting the types of men who became the first professional ball players, club owners, and managers, including Spalding, McGraw, Comiskey, and Connie Mack. Note: On August 2, 2010, Oxford University Press made public that it would credit Dorothy Seymour Mills as co-author of the three baseball histories previously "authored" solely by her late husband, Harold Seymour. The Seymours collaborated on Baseball: The Early Years (1960), Baseball: The Golden Age (1971) and Baseball: The People's Game (1991).

Teaching Statistics Using Baseball

Author: Jim Albert

Publisher: MAA


Category: Education

Page: 288

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Albert (mathematics and statistics, Bowling Green State U.) developed this textbook to teach statistics in a way that will be familiar and interesting to students, particularly those satisfying their mathematics requirement and especially students with sports-related majors or interests. The text is

Baseball Math

Grandslam Activities and Projects for Grades 4-8

Author: Christopher Jennison

Publisher: Good Year Books


Category: Education

Page: 104

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Educational resource for teachers, parents and kids!

The Baseball Coaching Bible

Author: Jerry Kindall

Publisher: Human Kinetics


Category: Education

Page: 369

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Covers all aspects of coaching baseball including creating effective practive sessions, motivating players, and building a successful program.

A History of Australian Baseball

Time and Game

Author: Joe Clark

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 179

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Through extensive interviews and archival research, Joe Clark has uncovered the engaging details of Australian baseball’s unique, and often turbulent, 125-year history, and for the first time the dynamic story of Australian baseball is told. Initially accepted only grudgingly in the late nineteenth century as an off-season substitute for cricket, baseball in Australia steadily rose in prominence. Starting with neighborhood games played between improvised teams, the sport grew to include state and national leagues and a spirited international competition. Both the shortcomings and the triumphs of Australian baseball are revealed in A History of Australian Baseball: Time and Game, from an ill-fated late-nineteenth-century baseball tour of America and the political firestorm surrounding the formation of the Australian Baseball League in the 1990s, to the amazing defeat of the powerhouse Cuban team in the Intercontinental Cup of 1999.

Baseball Economics

Current Research

Author: John Fizel

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 228

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A collection reviewing the current economic nature of the baseball industry reflecting the dramatic changes occurring during the last several years.

Reel Baseball

Essays and Interviews on the National Pastime, Hollywood and American Culture

Author: Stephen C. Wood

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 326

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Not only are movies and baseball two of America's favorite pastimes, they are integral parts of our culture. Small wonder that the two frequently merge in Hollywood's use of baseball themes, jargon, and icons. This work on baseball in the movies is organized into four sections examining different aspects of the cultural intersection between film and baseball. In the first three sections--"Baseball in Baseball Films," "Babe Ruth and the Silver Screen," and "Baseball in Non-Baseball Films"--essays by scholars in various disciplines cover such topics as symbols, the role of family, baseball as a facilitator of violence, and the American mythos. The fourth section consists of interviews with directors (such as Ron Shelton and Penny Marshall), actors (Kevin Costner, James Belushi), and baseball personnel (broadcaster Vin Scully, coach Rod Dedeaux) who have worked in baseball films. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

Baseball in Chillicothe

Author: Mike Shannon

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing


Category: History

Page: 128

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The Chillicothe Paints play baseball the way it was meant to be played--talented young men chasing their dreams to play pro ball before sell-out crowds in small town America. A charter member of the Frontier League, the team has thrilled local fans at historic V.A. Stadium for over a decade. It was from Chillicothe that the Frontier League sent its first alumnus, pitcher Brian Tollberg, in 2001, up to the big leagues. And major league legends from Reds Country--Johhny Bench, Pete Rose, Marty Brennaman--have become a regular part of promotional evenings at the V.A., attracting a packed house every time. All this local baseball excitement has deep roots in Chillicothe, dating back to the city's entry into the Ohio State Association in 1884.

Baseball and the American Dream

Race, Class, Gender, and the National Pastime

Author: Robert Elias

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe


Category: Social Science

Page: 308

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One particular American sport arguably surpasses all others in reflecting U.S. society: the national pastime -- baseball. Roger Angell has suggested, "Baseball seems to have been invented solely for the purpose of explaining all other things in life". It has uniquely mirrored the trends within our culture and has been associated with "The American Dream" in all of its permutations. Baseball has been an arena in which the mightiest struggles of our society -- equal rights regardless of race, nationality, or gender -- have been played out. Editor Robert Elias has woven together a collection of essays of exceptional diversity to look at how baseball and the American Dream have connected through history to the present day, as well as providing a signpost to the future of baseball in American popular culture. Featuring articles by former players such as Orlando Cepeda and Dusty Baker (currently the manager for the San Francisco Giants), legendary journalists such as Leonard Koppett, Andrei Codrescu, and Roger Kahn, and contemporary scholars such as Jules Tygiel, Gai Berlage, and Samuel Regalado, this volume provides a unique and valuable perspective on baseball and its distinctive place in American culture.

Baseball and Softball Fields

Design, Construction, Renovation, and Maintenance

Author: James C. Puhalla

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Architecture

Page: 240

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Create the flawless playing field your team and its fans deserve. This book covers it all, from stadium and field design to fences and drainage to amenities for spectators. In practical, non-technical language, the authors outline the most common problems you?re likely to encounter and provide solutions for each, including special considerations for all major North American climate zones. With contributions from Major League groundskeepers who share their experiences in managing state-of-the-art facilities, this guide is your ticket to a truly gorgeous field.

Baseball Hall of Shame 4

Author: Bruce Nash

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 212

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The Baseball Hall of Shame 4 contains more than 100 absurd, offbeat and hysterically funny stories proving that on the playing field and in the ballpark, truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Baseball in Richmond

Author: Ron Pomfrey

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing


Category: History

Page: 127

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From Daddy Boschen's first professional baseball "shoe shop team" to our current Richmond Braves, from the ballyards of the old fairgrounds of Monroe Park to the Diamond on the Boulevard, baseball in Richmond has flourished. Whether known as the Bluebirds, Bloody Shirts, Lawmakers, Crows, Johnnie Rebs, Colts, Vees, or Braves, each team brought fans through the turnstiles to cheer them to victory, and those fans always left the park with lasting baseball memories. Richmond's ball-gardens and cranks played host to the likes of Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Mickey Mantle, and Ted Williams, as well as homegrown stars, including Billy Nash, Ray Dandridge, Eddie Mooers, Tom West, and Granny Hamner.


Author: Richard George Knowles



Category: Baseball

Page: 132

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The Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture, 2001

Author: William M. Simons

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 378

View: 469

This is an anthology of 23 papers that were presented at the Thirteenth Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture, held June 6-8, 2001, and co-sponsored by the State University of New York at Oneonta and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Featuring keynote remarks from George Plimpton, author of Home Run: The Best Writing About Baseball's Most Exciting Moment, this Symposium examined such topics as baseball's myths, legends and tall tales. These essays, divided into sections titled "Mythic Heroes," "Media Mythology," "Myth and Mystery" and "Myths in Progress," go beyond the quick and easy judgments of the media and offer instead the longer, more informed views of scholars and researchers.

Obsessed With...Baseball

Test Your Knowledge of America's Pastime

Author: The Baseball Guys

Publisher: Chronicle Books


Category: Games & Activities

Page: 320

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Includes multiple choice questions about baseball. Embedded in the book is a special computerized quiz module that lets you compete against yourself or a friend.

Baseball in San Diego

From the Plaza to the Padres

Author: Bill Swank

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing


Category: History

Page: 128

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Baseball in San Diego: From the Plaza to the Padres, takes the reader on a seven-decade journey from Horton Plaza, the site of San Diego's first base ball game in 1871, to lower Broadway and the future home of Lane Field. Before the Pacific Coast League, San Diego had three Class D teams. One was the Bears, whose frustrated owner Dick Cooley complained, "I don't believe they'll make baseball pay here in a thousand years." With America's finest year-round climate, barnstorming and black baseball were popular attractions. Rube Foster's Chicago American Giants practically lived in San Diego in the winter of 1913. All the while, there were constant struggles between the forces of amateur and professional baseball for players, diamonds, and sports coverage.


Essays, 2002-2003

Author: Peter Carino

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 221

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Since 1995, the Indiana State University Conference on Baseball in Literature and American Culture has provided a venue for scholars to present their research on baseball as literary subject matter and cultural institution. Nineteen essays presented at the 2002 and 2003 ISU conferences are published in this work. The essays demonstrate that baseball continues to engage scholars like no other sport, despite the game's supposed loss of stature as the national game. "A Field of Questions: W.P. Kinsella comes to Ithaca," reveals Kinsella as baseball fan and baseball writer. "'You don't play the angles, you're a sap': John Sayles, Eliot Asinof, Baseball Labor, and Chicago in 1919" examines Sayles' Eight Men Out in the context of both Asinof's historical account of the fix and Sayles' earlier and openly labor-oriented film Maetwan. "Is Baseball an American Religion?" considers three codified, sociological definitions of religion and demonstrates that to claim baseball is an American religion requires more than just a strong attraction to the game. "Baseball Immortals: Character and Performance On and Off the Field" analyzes how character and performance impact fan and media perceptions as well as in terms of a player's candidacy for the Hall of Fame. These are just a few of the essays, which cover a broad range of topics and take a variety of approaches to those topics.

Fantasy Baseball and Mathematics

A Resource Guide for Teachers and Parents, Grades 5 and Up

Author: Dan Flockhart

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Education

Page: 202

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"The innovative math program based on real-life sports statistics" -- cover.

Baseball in Nashville

Author: Skip Nipper

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing


Category: History

Page: 127

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Nashville's first professional baseball team was organized in 1885, but the city's baseball roots can be traced to 1862, as Union soldiers camped along the Cumberland River taught the Northern game to the citizens. The Seraphs, Blues, Tigers, Americans, and Volunteers made their home in Athletic Park, later renamed Sulphur Dell by Grantland Rice during his tenure as a local sportswriter. Including the Negro League Elite Giants and a two-year existence by the Nashville Xpress in the 1990s, Baseball in Nashville traces those roots from the early teams to Herschel Greer Stadium and the Nashville Sounds' Pacific Coast League Championship in 2005.


Author: Lisa Wheeler

Publisher: Carolrhoda Books


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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Meat-eating dinosaurs face plant-eating dinosaurs in a baseball game.