The Son of Man in Mark

A Study of the Background of the Term "Son of Man" and Its Use in St. Mark's Gospel

Author: Morna Dorothy Hooker



Category: Bible

Page: 230

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It is essential to understand the origin, meaning, and use of the term "Son of Man" if the Gospels are to be intelligently interpreted, but no phrase has in recent years caused so much scholarly debate and division of opinion. Dr Hooker studies the term and concepts associated with it in the Old Testament, in I Enoch, and in other inter-testamental literature, and then examines the Marcan occurrences in the context of the Gospel as a whole, finding a coherent pattern throughout, in term of which each occurrence has its proper relevance. The book thus offers a challenge to the present trend of interpretation which has recently been strengthened by the studies of A. J. B. Higgins and H. E. Tödt, but its conclusions are reached without conservative presuppositions, and with a thorough study of the evidence. The importance of this book for New Testament studies is assured. --

The Gospel of St. Mark

A Cycle of Ten Lectures

Author: Rudolf Steiner

Publisher: SteinerBooks


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Page: 211

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10 lectures, Basel, September 15-24, 1912 (CW 139) Steiner tells us that Mark was especially able to reveal Christ as a cosmic being of his greatness and power, because, after having been a pupil of Peter, he moved to Alexandria during a time when Jewish philosophy and theology was at it's peak. There he absorbed the best aspects and views of pagan gnosis. Mark was able to learn how humankind came arose from the spiritual world and how the luciferic and ahrimanic forces are taken into the human soul. Mark was able to accept everything that was told to him by pagan gnosis concerning our human origin out of the cosmos when our planet came into being. But he could also see, especially from his perspective in Egypt, the strong contrast between our original human destiny and what humankind had become during his time. This lecture cycle, like the Gospel itself, is a work of art in its own right. This book is a translation of the German edition Das Markus-Evangelium (GA 139).

St. Mark's Gospel

Author: Gordon Geddes

Publisher: Heinemann


Category: Bible

Page: 122

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This title covers many of the key topics taught in classrooms today.

St Marks Gospel and the Christian Faith

Author: Bob Bowie

Publisher: Nelson Thornes


Category: Religion

Page: 88

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This study guide contains the key information students need for 'The Christian Life and St Mark's Gospel' topic. It is packed with effective revision techniques, making it an invaluable resource for exam preparation.

Meeting St. Mark Today

Understanding the Man, His Mission, and His Message

Author: Daniel J. Harrington

Publisher: Loyola Press


Category: Religion

Page: 152

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A clear, concise, and respectful presentation of Mark’s Gospel—and what Jesus’ suffering means for us Daniel J. Harrington, SJ, is well known for his superb New Testament scholarship, but he is also highly regarded for his exceptional ability to bridge the gap between modern biblical scholarship and authentic Christian spirituality. In Meeting St. Mark Today, the final book in this series on the Gospels, Harrington has provided another straightforward, practical resource for lay Catholics who want a better understanding of this synoptic Gospel. The book begins with background information on the Evangelist and his Gospel. It moves quickly into a concise but complete narrative analysis of the Gospel, which clearly demonstrates the human side of Jesus. Part Three of the book explains how Mark’s Gospel provides answers to two essential questions: What did Jesus suffer?, and Why did Jesus suffer? It also proposes answers to the universal question, Why do people suffer? The book’s final section includes five meditations on suffering, based on lectionary readings from Year B (St. Mark) in the Sunday lectionary cycle. Each chapter concludes with questions for reflection and discussion, making Meeting St. Mark Today an ideal resource for individual Scripture study or group Bible study. The readings from Mark’s Gospel for all Sundays and Feasts in Cycle B are listed at the end of the book. Ultimately, Meeting St. Mark Today opens the theological treasure chest of this easily overlooked Gospel, enabling us to see how Jesus’ suffering and the mystery of the cross can reshape our faith and our lives.

The Gospel According to Saint Mark

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Standard Version, Catholic Edition

Author: Scott Hahn



Category: Religion

Page: 59

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Based on the Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition, this volume leads readers through a penetrating study of the Gospel of Mark, using the biblical text itself and the Church's own guidelines for understanding the Bible. Ample notes accompany each page, providing fresh insights and commentary by renowned Bible teachers Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch, as well as time-tested interpretations from the Fathers of the Church. These helpful study notes make explicit what St. Mark often assumes. Or they provide rich historical, cultural, geographical or theological information pertinent to the Gospel - information that bridges the distance between the biblical world and our own. The Ignatius Study Bible also includes Topical Essays, Word Studies and Charts. The Topical Essays explore the major themes of Mark's Gospel, often relating them to the doctrines of the Church. The Word Studies explain the background to important Bible terms, while the Charts summarize crucial biblical information "at a glance". Each page also includes an easy-to-use Cross-Reference Section that runs between the biblical text at the top of the page and the annotations at the bottom. Study Questions are provided for each chapter of the Gospel that can deepen your personal study of God's Holy Word. There is also an introductory essay covering questions of authorship, date, destination, structure and themes. An outline of Mark's Gospel and several maps are also included.

Gospel According to St. Mark

Author: Hooker

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Bible

Page: 424

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St Mark's Gospel is among the earliest records about Jesus of Nazareth. This commentary focuses primarily on the problem of understanding what Mark himself intended to convey to his readers when he set out to write the good news of Jesus Christ'. There is an examination of information in the gospel about the historical Jesus, about the early Christian community and about Mark's theological concerns. There is, also, consideration of the sources for the Gospel, of the tradition behind it and of interventions by editors. Professor Hooker's new commentary takes account of the many lasted twentieth-century Markan studies and comes with her own translation of the Gospel. References to Greek sources are included but do not require a knowledge of Greek.

The Gospel According to St. John

An Introduction with Commentary and Notes on the Greek Text

Author: C. K. Barrett

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press


Category: Religion

Page: 660

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In this useful work, C. Kingsley Barrett offers an insightful commentary on the book of John. Barrett seeks to view John in light of a variety of contexts, including that in which it was written, and its implications for modern-day readers. The book includes detailed notes and commentary on each chapter of John's Gospel.

Interpretation of St. Mark's Gospel

Author: Richard C. Lenski

Publisher: Augsburg Fortress


Category: Religion

Page: 776

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This item is part of: Lenski New Testament: In Twenty Volumes. Pastors and students of the Bible who seek deep and detailed engagement with the text of the New Testament have long relied on R.C.H. Lenski's classic text now available again. Even though its historical-critical work has been surpassed, the strong narrative quality, accessibility, and "holy reverence for the Word of God" (Moody Monthly) of Lenski's work have allowed his commentary to continue as an excellent resource for serious study of the New Testament and sermon preparation.

Arguments from Order in Synoptic Source Criticism

A History and Critique

Author: David J. Neville

Publisher: Mercer University Press


Category: Religion

Page: 270

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This monograph provides a "comprehensive history of the various arguments focusing on the order of pericopes in the Gospels to ascertain their original sequence of composition." - Editor's Foreward.

Sacra Pagina: The Gospel of Mark

Author: John R. Donahue

Publisher: Liturgical Press


Category: Religion

Page: 520

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Now available in paperback! In The Gospel of Mark Fathers Donahue and Harrington use an approach that can be expressed by two terms currently used in literary criticism: intratextuality and intertextuality. This intratextual and intertextual reading of Mark's Gospel helps us to appreciate the literary character, its setting in life, and its distinctive approaches to the Old Testament, Jesus, and early Christian theology. Includes an updated bibliography as an appendix. Daniel J. Harrington, SJ, is a professor of New Testament at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and general editor of New Testament Abstracts. He is a past-president of the Catholic Biblical Association of America and is the author of The Gospel of Matthew and co-author of 1 Peter, Jude and 2 Peter in the Sacra Pagina series published by Liturgical Press. John Donahue, SJ, PhD, is the Raymond E. Brown Distinguished Professor Emeritus of New Testament Studies at St. Mary's Seminary and University in Baltimore. He is the author of Life in Abundance: Studies of John's Gospel in Tribute to Raymond E. Brown, S.S., and Hearing the Word of God: Reflections on the Sunday Readings, Year A published by Liturgical Press. "

The Son of Man Im Mark

A Study of the Background of the Term "Son of Man" and Its Use in St Mark's Gospel

Author: Morna de Hooker




Page: 200

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Kindling the Word

The Karmic Background of Marie Steiner-von Sivers

Author: Rahel Kern

Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing


Category: Anthroposophy

Page: 208

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From the moment that Marie von Sivers met Rudolf Steiner in 1902, their relationship became key to the development of Anthroposophy. Marie Steiner's immense contribution is well known in the fields of eurythmy, speech, and the arts, as well as in her management and publication of Steiner's literary estate--indeed, she assisted in almost every aspect of Rudolf Steiner's work. So why has she been so neglected by the anthroposophic movement? Driven by this central question, the authors of this penetrating study concluded that the karma and mission of Marie Steiner-von Sivers is vitally important to the present and future spiritual and cultural development of the West. They evaluate not only Marie's twenty-three-year partnership with Rudolf Steiner, but also her three previous incarnations--in the ancient Orphic Mysteries, as the Neoplatonist Hypatia, and as Albertus Magnus. The lives, acts, cultural legacies, and thought of these various personalities are addressed through a series of lucid essays, interspersed with studies on the missions of both Rudolf and Marie Steiner. These are supplemented with short extracts from literature that reverberate with the word, helping to reveal the intimately intertwined karmic missions of Marie Steiner-von Sivers and Rudolf Steiner, her work companion and soul partner.

The Fleeing Youth

Author: Richard Distasi




Page: 351

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It is commonly accepted that the mission of Christ was an act that was independent of any corresponding and requisite deed on the part of humanity. Though, in part, this is true this book asserts that the future spiritual evolution of humanity was dependent on human comprehension and understanding of the Event of Golgotha. Comprehension and understanding are defined in this work as one's capacity to spiritually follow Christ through His entire Passion, Death and resurrection. The Apostles were chosen for this very task but eventually failed at the critical hour.Golgotha,Esoteric Christianity,Young Man in Tomb, Birth of Jesus,Evolution of Christ,Richard Distasi

The Gospel of Mark

Author: Mary Healy

Publisher: Baker Academic


Category: Religion

Page: 348

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This volume inaugurates a series of accessibly written yet substantive commentaries for use in Catholic universities, seminaries, and parishes.

The Ransom Logion in Mark and Matthew

Its Reception and Its Significance for the Study of the Gospels

Author: J. Christopher Edwards

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck


Category: Religion

Page: 190

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Revised thesis (doctoral) - University of St. Andrews, 2011.

Mark, a Devotional Commentary

Meditations on the Gospel According to St. Mark

Author: Leo Zanchettin



Category: Religion

Page: 195

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This series contains each passage of Scripture from books of the Bible and practical commentaries that include faith-filled meditation. Drawing from solid Catholic scholarship, these commentaries inspire readers to grow in their love for Christ. Readers will find a new, rich meaning as they meet Jesus through the eyes of the writers of the New Testament.