Postcolonial Theory and the Arab-Israel Conflict

Author: Philip Carl Salzman

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Political Science

Page: 264

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Postcolonial theory is one of the main frameworks for thinking about the world and acting to change the world. Arising in academia and reshaping humanities and social sciences disciplines, postcolonial theory argues that our ideas about foreigners, ‘the other,’ particularly our negative ideas about them, are determined not by a true will to understand, but rather by our desire to conquer, dominate, and exploit them. According to postcolonial theory, the cause of poverty, tyranny, and misery in the world, and of failed societies around the world, is Euro-American imperialism and colonialism. Previously published as a special issue of Israel Affairs, this work examines and challenges postcolonial theory. In scholarly, research-based papers, the specialist authors examine various facets of postcolonial theory and application. First, the theoretical assumption and formulations of postcolonial theory are scrutinized and found dubious. Second, the deleterious impact on academic disciplines of postcolonial theory is demonstrated. Third, the distorted postcolonial view of history, its obsession with current events to the exclusion of the historical basis of events, is exposed and corrected. Fourth, an examination of Middle Eastern culture challenges the assumption that these societies have been shaped entirely, and victimized, by Western intrusion. Finally, exploring the Arab-Israel conflict, the one-sided case of postcolonial Arabism is explored and found to be faulty.

Trading in Wool Top Futures

Author: United States. Commodity Exchange Administration. Division of Economic Analysis



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Unequal Englishes

The Politics of Englishes Today

Author: R. Tupas

Publisher: Springer


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 267

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This book proposes, examines and unpacks the notion of unequal Englishes as a way to understand English today. Unlike many studies on the pluralization of English, the volume assumes that inequalities and Englishes are inextricably linked and must be understood and theorized together.

Muslim Christian Dialogue

Promise and Problems

Author: M. Darroll Bryant

Publisher: Paragon House Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 266

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Can there be dialogue between Muslims and Christians? Can we overcome the long history of antagonism between the two largest religious communities in the world, who occupy nearly sixty percent of believing humanity? In The Muslim-Christian Dialogue, 20 essays address these vital questions as they explore the promise and problems of dialogue between the two great traditions. Here Muslims and Christians speak of their faith with passion and insight as they seek to move beyond mutual antagonism and caricatures (the Muslim as terrorist, the Christian as crusader) toward mutual understanding.The essays cover a range of issues from the encounter of Islam and Christianity with modernity to Islam in Africa, from the role of women to the understanding of Jesus in Islam and Christianity, and the role of the Prophet Muhammad in Muslim piety. Rather than seeking to convert the other, these internationally known scholars and religious leaders contribute to mutual understanding between Christians and Muslims.

The Europa World of Learning 2008

Author: Taylor & Francis Group



Category: Education, Higher

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The 2006 edition of 'The World of Learning' has been thoroughly revised and updated to provide an accurate and comprehensive guide to the academic world throughout all continents.

New Serial Titles




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A union list of serials commencing publication after Dec. 31, 1949.

The Attar of History

Palestinian Narratives of Life Before 1948

Author: Rochelle Anne Davis





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