Radicalism in Mediterranean France

Its Rise and Decline, 1848-1914

Author: Leo A. Loubère

Publisher: SUNY Press


Category: Radicalism

Page: 258

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Exploring the geographic area of southern France that has been largely neglected by historians, this book attempts to identify the forces producing change. Concentrating on an analysis of the Radical movement and the wine industry, the author combines four approaches to the study: those of history, electoral sociology, quantitative analysis, and human geography.

BEST OF AUDE 2019/2020 Petit Futé

Author: Dominique Auzias

Publisher: Le Petit Futé


Category: Travel

Page: 192

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Edition for English-speaking people looking for the best addresses and good deals. An essential guidebook to find an accommodation, a restaurant, to organize your visits, outings and shopping. A selection of addresses gathering the must-sees as the hidden treasures for a successful stay. Welcome to Aude. "Do you speak English ?" Le Petit Futé s'adresse aujourd'hui aux publics anglophones, britannique et américain bien sûr mais aussi tous les touristes utilisant l'anglais comme langue de communication (scandinaves, asiatiques ...). leur propose avec la collection « Best of » le meilleur d'une destination. Des guides essentiels pour trouver un hébergement, un restaurant, pour organiser ses visites, ses sorties et son shopping, accompagnés des indispensables cartes et conseils de voyage. Une sélection d'adresses rassemblant les immanquables comme les trésors cachés de chaque destination pour que le voyage ne soit que réussite et émerveillement. Retrouvez également les bonnes adresses et les bons plans du Petit Futé en anglais sur notre tout nouveau www.petitfute.uk.com, consultable partout dans le monde.

The World of Eleanor of Aquitaine

Literature and Society in Southern France Between the Eleventh and Thirteenth Centuries

Author: Marcus Graham Bull

Publisher: Boydell Press


Category: History

Page: 189

View: 237

A revisionist approach to Eleanor of Aquitaine and the political, social, cultural and religious world in which she lived.


A Weekly Record of Scientific Research




Category: Research


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Love And War In The Pyrenees

A Story Of Courage, Fear And Hope, 1939-1944

Author: Rosemary Bailey

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: History

Page: 352

View: 383

A vivid blend of history and travel and a sweeping story of collaboration and resistance, fear and heroism, pacifism and sacrifice all set against the backdrop of the Pyrenees. Over the fifteen years Rosemary has been living in the region, the more she realised she didn't know about the war; about the French during the Occupation, the real role of the Resistance, the level of collaboration, the concentration camps in the Pyrenees and the treatment of Jews and other refugees. It is still very much a veiled history and most of the archives remain firmly closed. LOVE AND WAR IN THE PYRENEES is a portrait of human tragedy, heroism and cruelty that will create a picture of the period from a contemporary angle, the history linked to sights that can still be visited, and brought to life by letters, interviews and encounters with people today, including the historians currently trying to investigate what really happened.

Environmental Condition of the Mediterranean Sea

European Community Countries

Author: F.B. de Walle

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Science

Page: 526

View: 974

This study investigates the extent of the pollution of the Mediterranean Sea with respect to the four bordering EC countries - spain, France, Italy, and Greece. The environmental pressures and economic impacts are examined and the institutional/legal framework is described together with all the necessary environmental expenditures. The book is written in such a way that separate chapters are devoted to each of the four countries, after an initial section summarizing the major commonalities. These chapters are organized in parallel formats so that it is possible to examine the same topic country by country. Good references are provided for the reader who is not familiar with the subject of Mediterranean pollution. For specialists, the book provides a useful overview of adjacent fields other than their own speciality: for policymakers, the chapters provide sufficient foundations for decision-making: for the investment planner and banks, it provides budget and investment needs; and for the private sector, it gives an insight into the possibilities for corporate applications of environmental technologies. Four specialists - Prof. V. Silano (Italy), Dr. M. Vassilopoulos (Greece), Dr. L.A. Romafia (France), and Mr. A. Estevan (Spain- contributed sustantially by evaluating the necessary information from national documents on environmental policies and strategies. The book was developed on the basis of an integrated environmental study financed by the European Investment Bank, to which we would like to express our sincere thanks.