Ashes to Incense: Emancipation from Jim Crow

The Story of the Rock Hill, South Carolina, Oratorians

Author: Sandi Ludwa

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Religion

Page: 232

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North against South, a civil war, prejudice, a Protestant South . . . Could Catholicism survive in this hostile environment? When Fr. Paul Hatch led a dozen young men to Rock Hill, South Carolina, he promised them nothing. He told them more Catholics existed in China than in South Carolina. Little did they know the obstacles they would face as Catholic Oratorians in this small Southern community. Jim Crow thrived, and some locals believed Catholics had tails. Faced with their own Pearl Harbor, the men must decide whether to continue their mission and tenets of St. Philip Neri or leave.

Did the Twenties Roar?

The Roaring 20s and Great Depression in America

Author: Sandi Ludwa




Page: 78

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"Did the Twenties Roar?" is a fascinating adventure through the 1920s and 1930s in America. This is a story of our country and the spirit of the American people. It begins with the end of World War I, the Great War. Americans were tired of picking up the newspapers and experiencing the constant news stories breeding fear. Deaths were overwhelming, not only from the War but from La Grippe, or the Spanish Flu. Doughboys came home wounded, with diseases, and tried to adjust to being civvies once again. Families had to make adjustments and people demanded more. We were tired and needed to move on. The twenties were upon us with prohibition, automobiles, flappers, and a search for fun and a good life. The twenties came and went and before America realized it, we were in a Depression -- a Great one. We struggled and somehow made it into the forties. World War II arrived and the economic depression was over. "Did the Twenties Roar?" is an adventure covering the two decades. It is both a light-hearted and dark story of events, people, and American determination to survive. Could these times happen again? Once you read this book, you will see the similarity with current events. We've witnessed the same issues during our lifetimes: disease, the Flu, political corruption, presidential ups and downs, yellow-press, recession and depression, good times rolling, and periods of prosperity. Look back and give the issues some thought and enjoy the experience reading about the Greatest Country in the World -- the United States of America.