Multicultural Family Art Therapy

Author: Christine Kerr

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Psychology

Page: 258

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How does the family art therapist understand the complexities of another’s cultural diversity? What are international family therapist’s perspectives on treatment? These questions and more are explored in Multicultural Family Art Therapy, a text that demonstrates how to practice psychotherapy within an ethnocultural and empathetic context. Each international author presents their clinical perspective and cultural family therapy narrative, thereby giving readers the structural framework they need to work successfully with clients with diverse ethnic backgrounds different from their own. A wide range of international contributors provide their perspectives on visual symbols and content from America, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Australia, Israel, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Trinidad, Central America, and Brazil. They also address a diversity of theoretical orientations, including attachment, solution-focused, narrative, parent-child, and brief art therapy, and write about issues such as indigenous populations, immigration, acculturation, identity formation, and cultural isolation. At the core of this new text is the realization that family art therapy should address not only the diversity of theory, but also the diversity of international practice.

The Wiley Handbook of Art Therapy

Author: David E. Gussak

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Psychology

Page: 906

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The Wiley Handbook of Art Therapy is a collection of original, internationally diverse essays, that provides unsurpassed breadth and depth of coverage of the subject. The most comprehensive art therapy book in the field, exploring a wide range of themes A unique collection of the current and innovative clinical, theoretical and research approaches in the field Cutting-edge in its content, the handbook includes the very latest trends in the subject, and in-depth accounts of the advances in the art therapy arena Edited by two highly renowned and respected academics in the field, with a stellar list of global contributors, including Judy Rubin, Vija Lusebrink, Selma Ciornai, Maria d' Ella and Jill Westwood Part of the Wiley Handbooks in Clinical Psychology series

Introduction to Art Therapy

Sources & Resources

Author: Judith A. Rubin

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Psychology

Page: 356

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Introduction to Art Therapy: Sources and Resources, is the thoroughly updated and revised second edition of Judith Rubin’s landmark 1999 text, the first to describe the history of art in both assessment and therapy, and to clarify the differences between artists or teachers who provide "therapeutic" art activities, psychologists or social workers who request drawings, and those who are trained as art therapists to do a kind of work which is similar, but qualitatively different. This new edition contains a DVD-ROM with over 400 still images and 250 edited video clips for much richer illustration than is possible with figures alone; an additional chapter describing the work that art therapists do; and new material on education with updated information on standards, ethics, and informing others. To further make the information accessible to practitioners, students, and teachers, the author has included a section on treatment planning and evaluation, an updated list of resources – selected professional associations and proceedings – references, expanded citations, and clinical vignettes and illustrations. Three key chapters describe and expand the work that art therapists do: "People We Help," deals with all ages; "Problems We Treat," focuses on different disorders and disabilities; and "Places We Practice," reflects the expansion of art therapy beyond its original home in psychiatry. The author’s own introduction to the therapeutic power of art – as a person, a worker, and a parent – will resonate with both experienced and novice readers alike. Most importantly, however, this book provides a definition of art therapy that contains its history, diversity, challenges, and accomplishments.

Handbook of Art Therapy, Second Edition

Author: Cathy A. Malchiodi

Publisher: Guilford Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 496

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Providing a complete overview of art therapy, from theory and research to practical applications, this is the definitive handbook in the field. Leading practitioners demonstrate the nuts and bolts of arts-based intervention with children, adults, families, couples, and groups dealing with a wide range of clinical issues. Rich with illustrative case material, the volume features 110 sample drawings and other artwork. The inclusion of diverse theoretical approaches and practice settings makes the Handbook eminently useful for all mental health professionals interested in using art in evaluation and treatment. New to This Edition *Incorporates the latest clinical applications, methods, and research. *Chapter on art materials and media (including uses of new technologies). *Chapters on intervening with domestic violence survivors, bereaved children, and military personnel. *Expanded coverage of neuroscience, cultural diversity, and ethics.

Art Therapy

A Bibliography, January 1940-June 1973

Author: National Institute of Mental Health (U.S.)



Category: Art therapy

Page: 148

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The bibliography on art therapy presents 1175 citations (1940-1973) drawn from searches of the medical indexes, computer systems of the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Mental Health, other bibliographies, Centre International de Documentation Concernant les Expressions Plastiques, and the American Journal of Art Therapy. References are listed alphabetically by author within 11 categories of art therapy: as a profession, with specifically diagnosed individuals (including psychotic, cognitively impaired and physically disabled persons), in institutions, in groups, with children and adolescents, in diagnosis and evaluation, case studies, techniques and methods, personality studies of artists, research, and miscellaneous (including films and bibliographies). Listings include information on author, title, source, pagination, date and sometimes a brief annotation. An author index is provided. (CL).

Anime Coloring Book

Japan and Hentai Inspired Art Therapy Meditative Adult Coloring Book

Author: Anime Coloring Books for Adults

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 130

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"Anime Coloring Book is absolutely a growing trend and consumers are really taking to the idea" We live in a sea of energy where color is working within us. It shines with in our divine self, and radiates upon us from the sun. Research and observation has shown us that specific colors bring balance to our physical and emotional systems. Chromotherapy can easily be used as an alternative to Chinese acupuncture, achieving the same results in unblocking meridians without the discomfort of needles used in acupuncture.

Art, Design, Photo

Annual Bibliography of Books, Catalogues and Articles on Modern Art, Graphic Design, Photography, Art Libraries

Author: Alexander Davis



Category: Art

Page: 256

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The Art Therapy Sourcebook

Author: Cathy A. Malchiodi

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

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Discusses artistic expression as a means for communicating issues, emotions, and conflicts, and offers guidelines for creating and interpreting art