Art of the Helicopter

Author: John Watkinson

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 416

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The modern helicopter is a sophisticated device which merges a surprising number of technologies together. This wide range of disciplines is one of the fascinations of the helicopter, but it is also makes a complete understanding difficult. Those searching for an understanding of the helicopter will find The Art of the Helicopter invaluable. John Watkinson approaches every subject associated with the helicopter from first principles and builds up in a clearly explained logical sequence using plain English and clear diagrams, avoiding unnecessary mathematics. Technical terms and buzzwords are defined and acronyms are spelled out. Misnomers, myths and old wives tales (for there are plenty surrounding helicopters) are disposed of. Whilst the contents of the book are expressed in straightforward language there is no oversimplification and the content is based on established physics and accepted theory. The student of helicopter technology or aerodynamics will find here a concise introduction leading naturally to more advanced textbooks on the subject. * Designed to complement the instruction of PPL(H) flying training in order to assist helicopter pilots in-training to achieve their "wings". * Clear and simple diagrams aid verbal explanations to provide an easy to understand account of how helicopters are made, how they fly and how to fly them. * The only book to cover all the aspects of helicopter design, manufacture and performance in one volume.

How the Helicopter Changed Modern Warfar

Author: Walter Boyne

Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.


Category: History

Page: 384

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The helicopter was introduced to warfare during World War II. Since then, it has had a profound effect at both the tactical and strategic levels. This in-depth book by a military aviation expert examines the growth of the helicopter's importance in warfare and argues convincingly that severe flaws in the military procurement process have led to U.S. troops using antiquated helicopter designs in combat despite billions spent on research and development.

Vietnam War Helicopter Art

U.S. Army Rotor Aircraft

Author: John Brennan

Publisher: Stackpole Books


Category: History

Page: 208

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Hundreds of unique color photos showing how soldiers decorated their helicopters during the Vietnam War.

The Art of Digital Audio

Author: John Watkinson



Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 685

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Reviews of the 1st edition include:- 'Once in a while, someone writes a technical book which becomes the definitive work or industry bible. John Watkinson has done just that with The Art of Digital Audio' - New Scientist 'Mr Watkinson's work commands pride of place amongst the publications on digital audio techniques.' - EBU Review '... a must for all radio engineers interested in complete digital fluency.' - Radio World 'It must be difficult writing a sequel to the Bible. Let's face it, God hasn't got round to it yet, although John Watkinson has, and it only took him five years. In his preface to the new edition, Watkinson suggests, somewhat tongue in cheek, that if the First was the Bible, maybe we should refer to the Second Edition as the New Testament. It's not a bad idea, and one with which I have no arguments..' Studio Sound, March 1995 - Studio Sound, March 1995 'This is an introductory book, a theory book and a reference book all in one.' - Public Address/PLASA News, May 1995 'The first edition of this book is now regarded as a classic in its field.' - Lighting and Sound International, January 1996 Digital audio equipment is more widespread than it was five yars ago, and potential readers now have a greater range of backgrounds. This new edition begins with a chapter which is almost an introductory book in its own right and makes the remainder of the work accessible to all. At the other end of the spectrum more refernces than ever are included to permit serious study. What has not changed is the approach. Every subject is explained from first principles, because if the mechanism is undertsood it can be applied to many probolems. This is an introductory book, a theory book, an applications book and a reference book all rolled into one. Selected as one of the American Library Association's CHOICE magazine's outstanding academic books. Selected as one of the American Library Association's CHOICE magazine's outstanding academic books.

The Art of Business Warfare

Outmaneuvering Your Competition with Military Tactics

Author: David W. Leppanen

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 132

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Business and warfare have more in common that most people think. The Art of Business Warfare applies military techniques to the business world. It outlines how businesses can use the military principles preemption, dislocation, and disruption to outmaneuver their competition. In addition, before conducting an operation, the military has four primary areas it must address: personnel, intelligence, operations, and logistics. Companies must also manage these four areas. While The Art of Business Warfare won't show you how to call in artillery fire on your competition, it will show you how to coordinate you business departments and improve your business operations.

Art of Advocacy Series: Direct Examination

Author: Scott Baldwin

Publisher: LexisNexis


Category: Law

Page: 1526

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Using a variety of direct examinations from actual trials, this work analyzes: establishing loss of future earnings in work injury, medical malpractice, and products liability cases; keeping injury focused on impact of injury on plaintiff's life; establishing credibility of experts; controlling flow of questions and answers; providing liability by circumstantial evidence; and much more. First published in 1981. 1 Volume; updated with revisions.

Westland and the British Helicopter Industry, 1945-1960

Licensed Production versus Indigenous Innovation

Author: Matthew R.H. Uttley

Publisher: Routledge


Category: History

Page: 256

View: 610

This study explains how Westland dominated British helicopter production and why government funding and support failed to generate competitive "all-British" alternatives. In doing so, the book evaluates broader historiographic assumptions about the purported "failure" of british aircraft procurement during the early post-war period and considers the scope and limitations of licensed production as a government-mandated procurement strategy.