Arisen, Book Five - EXODUS

Author: Glynn James

Publisher: CreateSpace



Page: 516

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THE KENNEDY STARES INTO THE ABYSS The world's last floating nuclear supercarrier looks into the face of oblivion - as her thinned, exhausted, and beleaguered crew face the largest herd of dead ever recorded. Soon, the ship's five-acre flight deck will become the scene of a furious and desperate set-piece battle - like no combat any modern army has seen since Stalingrad. The ranks of the dead are infinite, and those of the living tiny, depleted, and running out of time... and of hope. THE ABANDONED RUN AHEAD OF THE STORM Surrounded, cut off, and left for dead, Wesley's band of sailors and survivors race ahead of the city-devouring swarm, desperate for a way off the land. Air strikes and shore bombardment threaten to vaporize them at any instant, the inlet onto which they flee is surrounded on all sides and filling up fast, and the least hesitation will get them all killed, infected, devoured - or all three at once. THE OPERATORS JUMP INTO MOUTH OF HELL Having already dodged a hundred deaths by inches, the operators of Alpha team and MARSOC now fly into two converging storms of unspeakable violence, and must parachute in and reinforce the Alamo - the hopeless and doomed defense of the carrier. A thousand things must go right for them to have a prayer of survival. But it's the job of the operators to succeed even when a million things go wrong... Ride the human spirit to its utmost limit - in the most terrifying and thrilling ARISEN book yet: ARISEN, BOOK FIVE - EXODUS.

50 Great Myths About Religions

Author: John Morreall

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Religion

Page: 256

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50 Great Myths about Religions is an intriguing,informative, and often humorous introduction to some of the longstanding myths that surround religious belief. This engaging bookwill get its readers thinking about how and why certain myths havearisen, and their continuing influence on our personal andcollective view of religion. Offers a lively, informative, and thought-provoking introduction to some of the common misbeliefs surroundingreligions Discusses myths about religious belief in general, as well asspecific ideas that surround Judaism, Christianity, Islam, atheism,and agnosticism Covers a wide range of myths, from ancient legends such as theBible forbidding pork being eaten because it causes illness, tomodern urban fables, such as Barack Obama being a Muslim Unpacks each myth in turn, explaining why it arose, how itspread, and why the beliefs that stem from it are questionable Includes a fascinating discussion about human nature, and themain characteristics that predispose us to create and circulatemyths to begin with Underpinned by a wide knowledge of academic research, it iswritten by two respected religion scholars and experiencedauthors

Eighth, Ninth, Tenth Books of Moses

Author: Henri Gamache

Publisher: Health Research Books



Page: 124

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1948 Together with the legend that was of Moses and 44 secret keys to universal power. Contents: Moses In Egypt, Moses and the Mountain, The Miracles of Moses in Pharaohs Court, The Magic of Moses Wrought Across the Red Sea, Moses Supreme Achievement, The Beginnings of Israel, The Biblical Theory, The Modern Theory, The Lost Books of Moses, What Lay Hidden in the Lost Books, Origins of Modern Mosaic Influences, The Influence of the Kabbalah and it Mosaic Origin, Curiosa or 44 Secret Keys to Universal Power.

The Big Book of Christian Apologetics

An A to Z Guide

Author: Norman L. Geisler

Publisher: Baker Books


Category: Religion

Page: 672

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The Big Book of Christian Apologetics is a comprehensive resource designed to equip motivated believers with information to help defend and explain their faith. Examining nearly every key issue, person, and concept related to Christian apologetics, this book clarifies difficult biblical passages, clearly explains various philosophical systems and concepts, examines contemporary issues and challenges, and offers classic apologetic arguments, all with the aim of giving readers the background to intelligently and persuasively talk about their Christian faith with skeptics. An expertly abridged version of the Baker Encyclopedia on Christian Apologetics, this resource brings leading apologist Norman L. Geisler's seminal work to the masses.


Keys for Interpreting the Scriptures

Author: Dr. Paul G. Caram

Publisher: Zion Christian Publishers


Category: Religion


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In his easy to read study of hermeneutics, Dr. Caram clearly explains the “science of interpretation” so that any believer might be able to clearly understand the messages that are communicated to us through the sacred Scriptures. By following the principles of the Master Teacher, Dr. Caram has developed an excellent guide for both the Bible Scholar and layman to be able to learn to discover the hidden truths of the Word of God and by the Spirit of God gain a clear understanding of its interpretation for the Church and believer.

Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs

A Reference Guide to More Than 700 Topics Discussed by the Early Church Fathers

Author: David W. Bercot

Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 736

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Interest in the ways of the early church has never been more intense. What did early Christians believe about the divinity of Christ? What were the beliefs of those who sat at the feet of Jesus disciples? Now, for the first time, a unique dictionary has been developed to allow easy access to the ancient material and furnish ready answers to these questions and others like them. David W. Bercot has painstakingly combed the writings of these early church leaders and categorized the heart of their thinking into more than 700 theological, moral, and historical topics to create A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs. Wonderfully suited for devotional or thematic study as well as sermon illustration, this resource offers a window into the world of the early church and affords special opportunity to examine topically the thoughts of students of the original apostles, as well as other great lights in the life of the early church. Collects relevant comments on key Christian concepts from prominent figures such as Origen, Clement of Alexandria, Clement of Rome, and Hippolytus Includes key biblical verses associated with a given topic Offers brief definitions of unfamiliar terms or concepts, allowing easy access to the ancient material Provides a whos who of ante-Nicene Christianity to put in context the ancient Christian writers Discusses more than 700 key theological, moral, and historical topics Gives strategic cross-references to related topics Functions as a topical index to the writings of Ante-Nicene Fathers

Jewish Philosophy

An Historical Introduction

Author: Norbert Samuelson

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Religion

Page: 352

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Surveys the history of Jewish philosophy, from the formation of the Hebrew Scriptures. This book is intended for courses in Jewish philosophy, as well as for more general courses in religious thought, Judaism, and philosophy. It highlights the Hebrew Scriptures, the Midrash, medieval rabbinic commentaries, and modern works of Jewish theology.

Words That Changed History

Author: Dino J. Pedrone

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion

Page: 212

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In Words That Changed History, a father and son will take you on a journey of words that can affect lives. In this book, you will read fresh perspectives on some of the most familiar stories of the Bible, like the creation, the prodigal son, the second coming, and judgment day. For each of these narratives, the authors interpret how one word can alter your understanding of the text. Spit, coal, midrash, four-out-up, and Judas: read how these words can bring new life to ancient stories. The narratives of the Bible started conversations thousands of years ago; this book is an invitation to reconsider these words.

The Pentateuch

Introducing the Torah

Author: Thomas B. Dozeman

Publisher: Fortress Press


Category: Religion

Page: 764

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The Pentateuch is the heart of the Hebrew Bible and the foundational document of Judaism. It is also the focus of tremendous scholarly exploration and debate today regarding the complex history of its composition. This history will be explored along with analysis of the historical background and ancient Near Eastern parallels for its primeval history, its ancestry narratives, and laws, the theological purposes of its final redaction, and the diverse ways it is interpreted in communities today. In this textbook, Thomas B. Dozeman, one of the leading scholars of the Pentateuch today, introduces students to its contents and structure of each book, and orients them to the Pentateuch’s place in the Hebrew Bible and in the interpretive traditions of Judaism and Christianity. Dozeman deftly introduces the key interpretive questions and methods that shape contemporary scholarship and explains their consequences, inviting students into the invigorating work of interpretation today. Pedagogical features include images, maps, timelines, reading lists, and a glossary.

History of the Church

Author: Eusebius

Publisher: CUA Press


Category: Religion

Page: 509

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Translated into English from Rufinus's Latin translation; orignally written in Greek.