German Women in Politics

Petra Kelly, Angela Merkel, Claudia Roth, Gabriele Zimmer, Renate Künast, Erika Steinbach, Annemarie Renger, Margot Honecker

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Angela Merkel

Author: Clifford W. Mills

Publisher: Infobase Publishing


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Born in West Germany but raised in East Germany, Angela Merkel has known both repression and freedom. With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Merkel started her meteoric rise to become Germany's first female chancellor and one of the world's most powerful women. This biography gives an account of a leader who's a tireless force for progress.

Angela Merkel

First Woman Chancellor of Germany

Author: Tonya Cupp

Publisher: Cavendish Square Publishing, LLC


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Angela Merkel is Germany’s first woman chancellor. Find out about her life before and after her entry into politics, from her childhood in communist East Germany all the way through her efforts to reverse the Eurozone Crisis.

Angela Merkel

Author: Stefan Kornelius

Publisher: Alma Books


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With the Eurozone engulfed in an unprecedented crisis, one political figure looms largest of all, Angela Merkel, the leader of its most powerful economy. While foreign affairs have become the central issues of her chancellorship in this crucial election year, the entire world is anxiously looking to Germany to play its part in Europe's rescue.This authorized biography sheds light on the person behind the politician - from her youthful days of hitchhiking in Tbilisi to being the guest of honour at a White House state dinner - and examines how a girl from East Germany rose to the highest echelons of European power. As well as explaining how Angela Merkel's world view was shaped and influenced by her background and ideology, Stefan Kornelius's lively account discusses her personal relations with international counterparts such as David Cameron, Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin, as well as her attitude towards the countries and cultures over which they rule.

Angela Merkel

A Chancellorship Forged in Crisis

Author: Alan Crawford

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


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Shortlisted for International Affairs Book of the Yearin the Paddy Power Political Book Awards 2014 Angela Merkel was already unique when she became German chancellor:the first female leader of Europe’s biggest economy, thefirst from former communist East Germany and the first born afterWorld War II. Since 2010, the debt crisis that spread from Greeceto the euro region and the world economy has propelled her tocenter-stage, making Merkel the dominant politician in the struggleto preserve Europe’s economic model and its single currency.Yet the Protestant pastor’s daughter is often viewed asenigmatic and hard-to-predict, a misreading that took hold as sheresisted global pressure for grand gestures to counter the crisis.Having turned the fall of the Berlin Wall to her advantage, Merkelis trying to get history on her side again after reaching thefundamental decision to save the euro, the crowning achievement ofpost-war European unity. Merkel has brought Europe to a crossroads.Germany’s economic might gives her unprecedented power to setthe direction for the European Union’s 500 million people.What’s at stake is whether she will persuade them to followthe German lead. Angela Merkel: A Chancellorship Forged in Crisis is thedefinitive new biography of the world’s most powerful woman.Delving into Merkel’s past, the authors explain the motivesbehind her drive to remake Europe for the age of globalization, hereconomic role models and the experiences under communism that colorher decisions. For the first time in English, Merkel is fullyplaced in her European context. Through exclusive interviews withleading policy makers and Merkel confidants, the book reveals thebehind-the-scenes drama of the crisis that came to dominate herchancellorship, her prickly relationship with the U.S. andadmiration for Eastern Europe. Written by two long-standing Merkelwatchers, the book documents how her decisions and vision –both works in progress – are shaping a pivotal moment inEuropean history.

Angela Merkel

Author: Claire Throp

Publisher: Raintree


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What makes Angela Merkel extraordinary? Read this book to find out. We explore her early life and education in post-war Germany. We then follow her road to professional and political accomplishments before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall, ending in her role as the first female Chancellor of Germany. Read about others' perspectives on her life, how her opportunities have been different to women in the past, and how she has broken boundaries.

Power and Society in the GDR, 1961-1979

The 'normalisation of Rule'?

Author: Mary Fulbrook

Publisher: Berghahn Books


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The Berlin Wall, for many people, epitomizes the communist German Democratic Republic, founded in 1949 in the Soviet-occupied zone of post-war Germany; other central features of life in the GDR appear to be under the threat of repression by Soviet tanks and surveillance by the secret security police, the Stasi. But is repression and surveillance really all there is to the GDRs history? How did people come to terms with their situation and make new lives behind the Wall? When the social history of the GDR in the 1960s and 1970s is explored, new patterns become evident. In a period characterised by consumer socialism, international recognition and dtente, a fragile stability emerged. Increased participation in the micro-structures of power, and conformity to the unwritten rules of an increasingly predictable system, suggest accommodation to dominant norms and conceptions. Contributors explore the ways in which lower-level functionaries and people at the grass roots contributed to the formation and transformation of the GDR from industry and agriculture, through popular sport and cultural life, to the passage of generations and varieties of social experience. The volume thus presents a more complex approach to the history of East Germany during its previously under-researched middle decades and sheds new light on the phenomenon of nostalgic memories since unification. And through the framework of the theoretical concept of normalisation, the book situates the history of the GDR within the wider context of post-war western and eastern European history.

Angela Merkel

Europe's Most Influential Leader

Author: Matt Qvortrup

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic



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Current Affairs 2014 useful for IAS, PCS, SSC, IBPS and all other examinations

Author: S N Jha

Publisher: Kalinjar Publications


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Current Affairs 2014 for Civil Services PCS and All Other Examination is a comprehensive book for candidates preparing for the Civil Services examinations. The book comprises of chapters on national issues, international issues, India and the world, economy, science and technology, and sports. In addition, the book consist of several multiple choice questions for thorough revision and final practice. This book is essential for those preparing for Civil Services mains and preliminary examinations.