And That's the Way It Was

A True Story As Lived in "The Valley"

Author: M. Ed Florence Baltimore McDaniels

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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And That's the Way it Was is a legacy to her family (daughter, son, and three grandsons and many nieces and nephews) as told by Florence Baltimore McDaniels. The intent is to tell how a family that had little material things and wealth functioned and worked together to make a happy home. The family was poor but the children didn't realize that they were because they had the most important necessity-love. There were a lot of family-oriented activities, fun and games, and wholesome activities that stimulated a desire to learn and excel in everything that was done. Lessons learned are instilled in behaviors such as trustworthiness, obedience versus disobedience, doing one's part, sharing the responsibilities, caring for each other, and respecting one's parents and siblings. It is very important that every individual knows how to spend one's spare time. One should have a hobby or develop a skill to hone in on when alone or when you need time to one's self and to reflect on one's inner strength. Continue to take on new skills and acquire new knowledge that will enhance and stimulate the mind. Try to keep up with current events and be aware of how changes in government and community will affect you. When making decisions always try to make choices with which you can live. It's all right to take chances, but remember that you must live with the consequences. And remember that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes; but once we make a mistake, try not to repeat that same mistake again. An intelligent person learns from his/her mistakes. That is how we grow and gain self confidence.

And That's the Way It Was... By Dawn's Early Light

Author: Trent C. Young

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Fiction


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I have known for many years that this story must be told. It is an accounting of the facts as I remember them some thirty years later. It is not too difficult to remember though, for I have had these memories dictate my life and have for many of those years, yielded to the person and character I had become because of those events. This is the story of a covert operation in the Republic of South Vietnam after the war officially ended. A covert mission, which I was told, was one of both principle and one of great honor and... a mission with secrets I would take to the grave...

And That's the Way It Will Be

News and Information in a Digital World

Author: Christopher Harper

Publisher: NYU Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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While world history materials date back to prehistoric times, the field itself is relatively young. Indeed, when the first edition of Peter Stearns's best-selling World History in Documents was published in 1998, world history was poised for explosive growth, with the College Board approving the AP world history curriculum in 2000, and the exam shortly thereafter. At the university level, survey world history courses are increasingly required for history majors, and graduate programs in world history are multiplying in the U.S. and overseas. World events have changed as rapidly as the field of world history itself, making the long-awaited second edition of World History in Documents especially timely. In addition to including a new preface, focusing on current trends in the field, Stearns has updated forty percent of the textbook, paying particular attention to global processes throughout history. The book also covers key events that have altered world history since the publication of the first edition, including terrorism, global consumerism, and environmental issues.

That’S the Way It Is

Just Checking in

Author: Molly Stringer

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Memories flood my mind as I reminisce how my journey has been a lifetime of happenings that speak to my soul with lessons that can be applied to our daily lives. These memories are conjured up at odd and, sometimes, inconvenient times. As I sat in church last Sunday and the pastor began his message, my mind captured a thought of bygone days that spoke loud and clear to my mind, and I scrambled in my bag for a pen and paper to put my thoughts down. Brother Tim must have thought he had really said something profound, and he did, but I did not write that down. It is my hope that all who read my memories and the lessons that I glean from them will take them to heart and identify with them and feel happiness, insight, and perhaps laughter as they share my memories and truths.

That's the Way It Is

A History of Television News in America

Author: Charles L. Ponce de Leon

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Category: History

Page: 352

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When critics decry the current state of our public discourse, one reliably easy target is television news. It’s too dumbed-down, they say; it’s no longer news but entertainment, celebrity-obsessed and vapid. The critics may be right. But, as Charles L. Ponce de Leon explains in That’s the Way It Is, TV news has always walked a fine line between hard news and fluff. The familiar story of decline fails to acknowledge real changes in the media and Americans’ news-consuming habits, while also harking back to a golden age that, on closer examination, is revealed to be not so golden after all. Ponce de Leon traces the entire history of televised news, from the household names of the late 1940s and early ’50s, like Eric Sevareid, Edward R. Murrow, and Walter Cronkite, through the rise of cable, the political power of Fox News, and the satirical punch of Colbert and Stewart. He shows us an industry forever in transition, where newsmagazines and celebrity profiles vie with political news and serious investigations. The need for ratings success—and the lighter, human interest stories that can help bring it—Ponce de Leon makes clear, has always sat uneasily alongside a real desire to report hard news. Highlighting the contradictions and paradoxes at the heart of TV news, and telling a story rich in familiar figures and fascinating anecdotes, That’s the Way It Is will be the definitive account of how television has showed us our history as it happens.

Tony Turner - That's the Way it Was

Author: Tracy Turner



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The story of Tony Turner. News anchor for WYMT television who was tragically killed in a car crash in 2002. Written by his brother Tracy Turner, this book takes the reader from his humble beginnings as a young boy growing up in a small lumber mill community in Harlan County KY to his rising through the ranks of the broadcast industry. You'll laugh and cry as you begin to see the real "Tony Turner".

That's The Way It Is

Author: Sandra Lusk



Category: Fiction

Page: 364

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All of my life, I have heard the saying that people aren't who they pretend to be. I have found that in the rhelm of love, lust, lies and free will, we can all find our place. This is Maria's story and she finds her place in this rhelm and wants to rise above it. Can she find what she's looking for? Will she learn to love and trust?

That's the Way It ?Wuz? Back Then

Author: Aretha Dodson

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 122

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That's the Way It "Wuz" Back Then is an overview about a particular period and a particular people in history with limited recorded information about their experiences. The information, gathered from interviews with others and my own experiences, provides a brief depiction of the hardship and suffering of black families during the early twentieth century, segregated schools in the south, and the unrest experienced in the south during the desegregation of schools. The main purpose for writing this book is record bits and pieces of history concerning African Americans in Lonoke County, Arkansas, to be placed in the Lonoke County Library. In keeping with that purpose, That's the Way It "Wuz" Back Then has chapters that relate to the lives of people who persevered and overcame the difficulties placed upon them and became productive citizens in their communities. The book contains abstracts or clippings of the The Lonoke Democrat newspaper articles relate the physical, cultural, and spiritual existence of African Americans in Lonoke County, Arkansas, during the late nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries. The Lonoke Democrat newspaper articles demonstrate the experiences of people and their rich cultural identity and family. I wanted to sustain the language or speech of that period in time; therefore, limited editing of this section of the book was done. It is the cultural identity of our ancestors that we all long to reminisce in family gatherings.

God Knows the Way that I Take

Author: Pearlie Inez Ealey-Forrest

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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God Knows The Way That I Take The open road, Before me lay I reminiscence Along the way. Across my path, Shadows are cast, But the darkness Cannot last. Pearlie I. Ealey-Forrest God Knows the Way That I Take, and heard my parents’ Midnight Cry. He let me escape a Fatal Substance. Long Winding Road was hazardous and Emerging from the Cocoon was painful. I overcome Unpredictable Storms. My Amazing Mentors pointed me to God. Wisdom came through a Wake-up Call and standing In the Shadow of the Trees. Summoned by Death, I asked, Where Do We Go From Here? I Witnessed during a Special Assignment. A Little Red Light, led to a televison Program. During an interruption, I took the Long Journey Home and fulfilled a Deferred Dream.

Breaking Through the Stained Glass Ceiling

Women Religious Leaders in Their Own Words

Author: Maureen Fiedler

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.


Category: Religion

Page: 211

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This lively and inspiring collection of interviews features the voices of the most important women religious figures of our time, addressing the theme of women’s emerging leadership within a variety of faith traditions.