American Government

Power and Purpose

Author: Theodore J. Lowi

Publisher: W W Norton & Company Incorporated


Category: Political Science

Page: 597

View: 962

American Government does more than any other text to get students to think analytically about American politics and government. The successful Five Principles of Politics framework integrated throughout the full and core versions helps students make sense of the material they encounter in the course, and the political information they encounter in their daily lives. In this Tenth Edition, new Analyzing the Evidence units in each chapter use bold graphics to show how data and basic methodology illuminate key political phenomena, and a new online reader offers students easy access to readings from over 100 recent articles and foundational works cited in the text. This Tenth Core Edition does not includes the policy chapters of the Tenth Full Edition.

Keeping the Republic: Power and Citizenship in American Politics, 5th Brief Edition

Author: Christine Barbour

Publisher: CQ Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 501

View: 154

A consistent and compelling narrative is crucial to student engagement with any book. But sadly, so many brief editions are mere cut-and-paste versions of their comprehensive selves. Not the case with Keeping the RepublicÆs brief edition. Carefully condensed by Barbour and Wright, this text gives your students all the continuity and crucial content of the full version, just in a more concise, value-oriented package. And now, your students benefit from a new full-color interior design. Photos jump off the page and colorful charts, tables, and maps enhance studentsÆ data literacy. Repeatedly praised for engaging students to think critically about ôwho gets what and howö in American politics, Barbour and Wright show them how institutions and rules determine who wins and who loses in the political arena. The authors carefully craft each graphic, boxed feature, and vignette to develop studentsÆ analytic capabilities. By introducing them to the seminal work in the field and showing them how to employ the themes of power and citizenship, this proven text builds confidence in students who want to take an active part in their communities and governmentùso they play their part in keeping the republic.

Cengage Advantage Books: American Government and Politics Today, Brief Edition, 2008-2009

Author: Steffen Schmidt

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Political Science

Page: 456

View: 402

With new engaging features and a great low price as part of the Wadsworth Advantage Series, AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS TODAY: BRIEF EDITION, 2008-2009 helps students experience the excitement that comes from active, informed citizenship. Praised for its balanced and up-to-the-minute coverage, this bestselling book focuses on the fundamentals -- the constitutional, governmental, political, social, and economic structures and processes that are the core of American government. The text also includes coverage of policy and analysis issues, as well as three appendices. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Challenge of Democracy: American Government in a Global World, Brief Edition

Author: Kenneth Janda

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Political Science

Page: 464

View: 152

Based on the best-selling, full-length text THE CHALLENGE OF DEMOCRACY: GOVERNMENT IN AMERICA, Tenth Edition, this brief version maintains the same framework and motifs in a shorter format. The pedagogy is linked to two main themes: the conflicting values of freedom, order, and equality, and the majoritarianism versus pluralism debate. Extensively updated, this edition includes new examples, figures, data, and discussions about current issues. The authors have also added a balanced retrospective of the Bush presidency, as well as a focus on globalization and its implications and new comparative features that place the U.S. in a global context. The Seventh Edition also includes access to, an online learning environment designed specifically to engage students in the political process through a variety of media, including original videos, campaign commercials, writing excerpts, simulations, and additional sources. Additional media tools include the new In Our Own Words feature downloadable chapter overviews in MP3 format narrated by the authors and marginal references to the award-winning site, Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

American Government: Brief Edition

Author: James Wilson

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Political Science

Page: 432

View: 992

This popular brief edition text for the one-semester or one-quarter American Government course maintains the framework of Wilson's complete text, emphasizing the historical development of the American political system, who governs, and to what end. Completely up to date, AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, BRIEF, 9e offers new coverage of such key and emerging issues as creationism and the establishment clause, tactics from the 2008 presidential campaign, Congressional ethics, repercussions from the Valerie Plume scandal, national debt, the Social Security debate, military involvement in Iraq, and much more. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

American Government and Politics Today - Texas Edition, 2011-2012

Author: Steffen Schmidt

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Political Science

Page: 1072

View: 340

AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS TODAY, TEXAS EDITION, 2011-2012 encourages students to experience the excitement that comes with being an engaged and informed citizen. This text is known nationwide for its balanced, unbiased, and up-to-date coverage of constitutional, governmental, political, social, and economic structures and their processes. The addition of Texas authors Maxwell, Crain and Santos add ten more chapters to the Table of Contents, offers substantial coverage of Texas politics. The book’s theme remains the importance of being an active and informed citizen, and it provides tools for students to become involved the political process such as Politics with a Purpose features that show how a group or individual has impacted our political system and You Can Make a Difference features which highlight politically active young people and provide paths to participation. In a market where boxed features are beginning to overwhelm the core material, Schmidt’s streamlined presentation of content helps students stay focused on what is most important. In addition, Questions to Consider, which appear in the chapter opener to help students target their reading, are now revisited in the chapter summary. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Summary Report

Special Edition with the Environment Projections and the Government Projections and the Government's Global Model

Author: Gerald O. Barney

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 376

View: 362

The Global 2000 Report to the President of the U.S.: Entering the 21st Century, Volume I: The Summary Report focuses on the Global 2000 Study, particularly noting the issues on the environment, population, and natural resources. The book first offers information on the findings and conclusions of the study and environment projections. Topics include water, energy, and forestry projections and the environment; climate changes and the environment; and gross national product (GNP) projections and the environment. The manuscript then examines the “Government's Global Model,“ including the analysis of the foundation, interpretation of projections, and strengthening the foundation. The text examines the elements of the ""Government's Global Model."" These include population, GNP, climate, technology, food, fisheries, forestry, water, energy, and fuel minerals. The book also surveys some of the studies and task forces whose findings might be helpful to those trying to provide methods and instructions in support of decision-making for international efforts in population, resources, and the environment. The manuscript will surely serve readers interested in the study of international efforts on population, resources, and the environment.

Guide to U.S. Government Publications

Author: Donna Batten

Publisher: Gale Cengage


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 1758

View: 883

This comprehensive yet concise annual annotated reference source catalogs the important series, periodicals and reference tools published by U.S. government agencies. Over the years, the index section of the Guide to U.S. Government Publications has expanded to more than 40,000 entries. Agencies and titles are indexed, followed by a keyword title index for quick and easy referencing. No other single resource provides historical and current information on U.S. government publications in one place.

Health Care Politics, Policy and Services

A Social Justice Analysis, Second Edition

Author: Gunnar Almgren, MSW, PhD

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company


Category: Medical

Page: 416

View: 726

This new edition of the AJN Award-winning textbook analyzes the most current health care reforms and their effect on our health system from a social justice perspective. It addresses the reforms of the landmark health care reform bill passed in March, 2010, and provides students of health care policy with a framework within which they can understand and evaluate our health system. The text provides a comprehensive description and analysis of the historical evolution and organization of our health care system that is framed by a forthright social justice critique. In addition to extensive coverage of our health care system structures, finances, and performance on a variety of population health indicators, the text analyzes disparities in access to health and health care in America-by race, ethnicity, class, age, gender, and geography. Issues of special focus include long-term care policy, the bioethical dimensions of health care policy, the transformation of health to an economic commodity, the politics of health care policymaking, and the global context of health care disparities. New to the Second Edition: Contains numerous chapters that have been extensively revised or completely rewritten Explains the political goals of and barriers to each stage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's (PPACA) implementation plan Provides two distinct critiques of the PPACA Offers a social and political health care agenda based on a social justice perspective Features a teaching guide