Aloha Wanderwell

The Border-smashing, Record-setting Life of the World's Youngest Explorer

Author: Christian Fink-Jensen



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In 1922, a 15-year-old girl, fed up with life in a French convent school, answered an ad for a travelling secretary. Tall, blonde, and swaggering with confidence, she might have passed for twenty. She also knew what she wanted: to become the first female to drive around the world. Her name was Aloha Wanderwell. Aloha's mission was foolhardy in the extreme. Drivable roads were scarce and cars were alien to much of the world. The Wanderwell Expedition created a specially modified Model T Ford for the journey that featured gun scabbards and a sloped back that could fold out to become a darkroom. All that remained was for Aloha to learn how to drive. Aloha became known around the globe. She was photographed in front of the Eiffel Tower, parked on the back of the Sphinx, firing mortars in China, shaking hands with Mussolini, and smiling at a tickertape parade in Detroit. By the age of 25, she had become a pilot, a film star, an ambassador for world peace, and the centrepiece of one of the biggest unsolved murder mysteries in California history. Her story defied belief, but it was true. Every bit of it. Except for her name. The American Aloha Wanderwell was, in reality, the Canadian Idris Hall. Drawing upon Aloha's diaries and travel logs, as well as films, photographs, newspaper accounts, and previously classified government documents, "Aloha Wanderwell" reveals the astonishing story of one of the greatest and most outrageous explorers of the 1920s."

Aloha Wanderwell " Call to Adventure"

True Tales of the Wanderwell Expedtion, First Women to Circle the World in an Automobile

Author: Aloha Wanderwell Baker

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub


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Official Website "The First Woman To Travel Around The World By Automobile!" 1922-1927 "The World's Most Widely Traveled Girl starting at 16 Years driving a Model T Ford !"This book in her own words while on the incredible road with The Wanderwell Expeditions, the couragous & remarkable ALOHA WANDERWELL BAKER tells the true story of her amazing 7 year journey around the world in a Model T Fords with the in the 1920, -1930 & 40's. Containing Aloha's 1939 memoir, "Call To Adventure," and with exclusive newly-commissioned essays, photos and supplemental materials from the author's estate, "Aloha Wanderwell: Call To Adventure" takes the reader along on her epic trek through Europe, the Middle East, India, Japan, China, the Soviet Union, the United States, Cuba, and Africa - a thrilling adventure made all the more astounding by the fact that Aloha herself was only 16 years old when she set out to see the world by car."Brains, Beauty & Breeches - World Tour Offer For Lucky Young Woman.... Wanted to join an expedition...Asia, Africa...."In 1922, Idris Galcia Hall was a 16 year old schoolgirl when she answered an ad placed in the Paris Herald by self-styled adventurer Walter Wanderwell. who was just starting out to break the world's long distance automobile record in an expedition jumpstarted by Henry Ford's support for a pair of Model Ts. She joined the expedition as Wanderwell's secretary, and, christened with a new stage name, Aloha Wanderwell, she soon found herself functioning as translator, driver, seamstress, all-around good will ambassador, and even actress, as she soon became the focal point for the filmed record of the trip. Along the way, she and Wanderwell fell in love and were married when the expedition reached California in 1925."Aloha Wanderwell: Call To Adventure" captures in vivid detail Aloha's own impressions of the long-forgotten Wanderwell Expedition...sweeping through Italy just as Mussolini and the Fascisti were consolidating their power... braving food riots and hostile mobs in Germany, a country then reeling from the harsh reparations demanded by the victorious allies of World War I...camping at the foot of the Great Sphinx in Egypt's Valley of the Kings... driving into Palestine, where the Jews were attempting to build a new nation... across the arid lands of India, towing the Model Ts across rivers by water buffalo. Aloha traversed the highlands of Portuguese East Africa, and nearly died of thirst in the Sudanese desert....disguised herself as a man and prayed in Mecca... filmed elephants in Indo-China, became a confidante of Chinese bandits, and was granted the title of "Honorary Colonel" in the Red Army of Siberia... and friends with Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, Humphrey Borgart, Valentino, among others during a visit to Hollywood. "Aloha Wanderwell: Call To Adventure" is a remarkable tale told by a Courageous, Stunning Remarkable Woman.

Ford Model T

The Car That Put the World on Wheels

Author: Lindsay Brooke

Publisher: Motorbooks


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The story of Ford Motor Company’s Model T is the story that launched the American automobile industry--and America’s love affair with the car. When he introduced the Model T in 1908, even an eternal optimist like Henry Ford could not have predicted the far-reaching changes he was setting in motion. One hundred years later, this illustrated history looks back at the beloved Tin Lizzie. The book follows the Model T from design considerations (its ground clearance, for instance, had to allow for the abysmal state of U.S. roadways at the time) to its lasting legacy, and along the way describes the mechanical, manufacturing, and marketing innovations that the car’s production entailed. Author Lindsay Brooke also relates the adventures and misadventures that were part of owning and driving a Model T. He chronicles the changes the car’s unprecedented popularity wrought in the auto industry (including Ford’s introduction of the “$5 day”), and he tracks the Model T through popular culture, from its role in early motorsports to its resurgent popularity in the 1950s and 60s as a platform for T-bucket hot rods. Illustrated throughout with period art and evocative photography, this book celebrates as never before the car that epitomized the American automobile.

The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes

Author: Michael Newton

Publisher: Infobase Publishing


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Over 800 entries examine the facts, evidence, and leading theories of a variety of unsolved murders, robberies, kidnappings, serial killings, disappearances, and other crimes.

On Their Own Terms

True Stories of Trailblazing Women of Vancouver Island

Author: Haley Healey

Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Co


Category: History

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A fascinating collection of concise stories about seventeen courageous, independent, and diverse women who shaped the history of Vancouver Island. From the lush rainforest of Clayoquot Sound to the bustling city streets of Victoria, Vancouver Island has been home to an astounding number of inspiring women. On Their Own Terms: True Stories of Trailblazing Women of Vancouver Island celebrates the achievements of seventeen amazing heroines working in multiple fields, from world-famous artists to social activists to groundbreaking scientists and quietly defiant labourers. The diverse women in this engaging new collection include: pioneer and midwife Tuwa ‘hwiye Tusium Gollelim, Mary Ann Gyves; world-renowned algae botanist Josephine Tilden; undiscovered aviatrix Lilian Bland; Vancouver Island’s first African-Canadian teacher, Emma Stark; and entrepreneur and bounty hunter Ada Annie Rae-Arthur, better known as Cougar Annie. On Their Own Terms will delight and empower anyone looking for true stories of nineteenth- and twentieth-century women who confronted uncertainty, challenged gender norms, and excelled in their respective vocations. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an educator, a rebellious spirit, or an armchair adventurer, these incredible women who thrived on Vancouver Island will captivate you.

On This Day She

Putting Women Back Into History, One Day At A Time

Author: Tania Hershman

Publisher: John Blake


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The tried and tested 'On This Day in History' format has elevated the stories of many people and their impact on the wider world. However, of those considered noteworthy by the Establishment, just a fraction are women. But this is not the whole story - not by half. Our past is full of influential women, many of whom have been unfairly confined to the margins of history. Politicians, troublemakers, explorers, artists, writers, scientists and even the odd murderer; these women have shaped society around the globe. From Beyoncé to Doria Shafik, Queen Elizabeth I to Lillian Bilocca, On This Day She sets out to redress this imbalance and give voice to both those already deemed female icons, alongside others whom the history books have failed to include: the good, the bad and everything in between - this is a record of human existence at its most authentic.

Homicide Squad

Adventures of a Headquarters Old Timer

Author: Frederick Lewis Collins



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Call to Adventure!

Author: Aloha Baker

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications



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Rollicking travelogue, narrated by a woman who circled the globe three times during the 1920s and 30s by automobile, tells of encounters with the Siberian army, headhunters, bandits, and other colorful adventures.

Foreign Service Journal




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Catalog of Copyright Entries

Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office



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The American Scene

Author: Edwin Conger Hill



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The Shanghai Story of a Century

Author: Jianzhong Wu

Publisher: Wu Zhou Chuan Bo Chu Ban She/ Tsai Fong Books


Category: Shanghai (China)

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News is what We Make it

A Running Story of the Working Press

Author: Kenneth Norman Stewart



Category: Journalists

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A ""personal historian"" of every phase of journalism, the author reviews his progress from detachment, to conviction, to action, as a newspaperman whose discovery of self, responsibilities, led him to recognize his stake in society and the right to speak out. So here is a thoughtful, evaluative, record of headlines and deadlines, and the men and women who make them. This country over, newspaper and magazine experience, work in Europe, teaching, and a Nieman Fellow at Harvard, now with the News Division of O.W.I., the author observes the turning points and trends of the news world since 1918, erects a sounding board for what happened, for the shaping of thought and action in those times. This is not the sensational newspaperman, spotlighting top events, but the student of journalism presenting his findings over the years. More for the classroom, the historian, than the casual reader but nevertheless a fine-penned picture of the fourth estate in its papers, men and quarter century events. -- Kirkus Review.

Motor West

Automotive Trade Leader in America's Leading Market




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