Alexander's Apple Cart

Author: Terri Gates

Publisher: Bookbaby


Category: Pets

Page: 24

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Alexander's Apple Cart is a charmingly illustrated children's book written by a mother-daughter team during the pandemic of 2020. It has no theme, no message, and no lesson. It's just a fun account of a cat looking for his missing ears. Based on a real life earless cat named Alexander.

Sangre De Cristo

Author: Leonard Davies

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 291

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MONEY, GREED, BETRAYAL,CORRUPTION, AND FINALLY JUSTICE Alfred Curran is the sole heir to the Sangre de Cristo agricultural empire. When he returns to run it he realizes it is a corrupt feudal state. Before he can uncover the culprits he goes to Mexico where his car plunges over a cliff and he is left for dead. Peasants find his mutilated body and take him to clinic funded by drug money where the doctor in charge reconstructs his mutilated face. Curran has lost his memory and before he recovers it he and the doctor are arrested and thrown into the living hell of Los Altos Prison. When Curran recovers his memory and escapes from Los Altos he discovers that he has been framed for murder and that his wife and land have been stolen. He assumes a new identity and returns to the Sangre for revenge. He finds redemption and the woman he loves.

The Mistress of Alderley

A Novel of Suspense

Author: Robert Barnard

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 708

Robert Barnard, one of the great contemporary masters of classic mystery, returns with a brilliant new tale of passion and deception. Well-known actress Caroline Fawley has given up a successful stage and television career for love and life in the country. International business titan Marius Fleetwood can't marry her. He already has a wife, though he claims they are "just friends." But Marius has done something very special for Caroline: he has "bought" her Alderley, an elegant country home. If he should die, he's arranged to leave her enough money to maintain the extensive house and gardens. Of course, some inquisitive villagers would be happier if Caroline and Marius were respectably wed. People in small towns know all, and they will talk, especially about a glamorous actress. Caroline's adolescent children, Stella and Alexander, seem to accept Marius's weekend visits without distress. And older daughter Olivia, an opera singer on the rise, is too involved in her own career and romantic intrigues to express much interest in her mother's personal life. Caroline is happy and the world is good. Until one day when Caroline's life begins to fall apart. First, a mysterious young man backpacking his way through the countryside arrives at the door. He says his name is Peter Bagshaw, but Caroline sees instantly that he must be related to Marius; perhaps he's even his son. What else has Marius hidden from Caroline? Who is this man, Marius Fleetwood? Is everything about him a lie? When a murder occurs, detectives Mike Oddie and Charlie Peace must probe the lives of numerous suspects who had good reason to kill. As always in a Barnard mystery, the fun is in the details, the characters, the twists. With big houses, wealth, opera, and obsessive devotion as some of his ingredients, Robert Barnard gives us a witty, richly nuanced novel worthy of the crime-writing star that he is.

The Kentuckian in New-York

Or, the Adventures of Three Southerns

Author: William Alexander Caruthers



Category: City and town life

Page: 223

View: 177

That Third Guy

A Comedy from the Stalinist 1930s with Essays on Theater

Author: Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky

Publisher: University of Wisconsin Pres


Category: Drama

Page: 325

View: 811

The first English translation of Krzhizhanovsky's modernist essays on theater and of his play That Third Guy, a farce written at the onset of the Stalinist Terror. The plot builds on Alexander Pushkin's poem "Cleopatra," while parodying the themes of Eros and empire in the Cleopatra tales of Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw.

Walter White


Author: Kenneth Robert Janken

Publisher: UNC Press Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 477

View: 655

Walter White (1893-1955) was among the nation's preeminent champions of civil rights. With blond hair and blue eyes, he could "pass" as white even though he identified as African American, and his physical appearance allowed him to go undercover to invest

Kämpfe als Spiele

Dramaturgie als Ausdruck des Machtwillens und der Daseinsleere, der Lebensfülle und des Formniveaus

Author: Dietrich Jäger

Publisher: Königshausen & Neumann


Category: American drama

Page: 313

View: 237

The History and Technique of Lettering

Author: Alexander Nesbitt

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Art

Page: 324

View: 213

This comprehensive, well-illustrated volume ranges from the earliest pictographs and hieroglyphics to the work of 20th-century designers. Subjects include early writing forms; Roman lettering; runes and medieval hands; the Carolingian minuscule and derivative types; humanistic writing and derivative fonts; and much more. 89 complete alphabets and more than 165 additional specimens.

Comparative Literature East and West

Traditions and Trends

Author: Cornelia Niekus Moore

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 219

View: 686

This collection of papers inaugurates a new series which will present work from a two-year study at the U. of Hawaii. The research addresses commonalities and differences in topics and methodology, changing values, and the portrayal of the self in different cultures. No index. Annotation copyright B